Glen Hansard - Threading Water Lyrics

Threading water
Making it through
Thanking the lord
For the gift of you

Falling behind some
And catching up
Finding our own pace
Yeah, that's good enough

Back for the weekend
Back with no doubts
I'm in now and I'm not backing out


Threading water
Carrying wood
Got more than I hoped for
With this unending good

My writer and poet
My seer of true
I can see further when I'm with you
And you're working the lines up
Thinning them down
Rolling the words round in your mouth


Threading water
Giving thanks and praise
Thanking the gods
For the rest of my days

A time now for reaping
A time to reflect
A time now I know we won't forget

And here's to not knowing
Faith with no proof
I can see further when I'm with you

Threading water

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