Glen Hansard - The Closing Door Lyrics

The closing door
The end of people
His likes no more
Go tell it on the steeple
The river runs
At a fever
Just like a drum
With no meter

The closing door
The blue-eyed raven
Will sing no more
Above the congregation
Like Noah's dove
With his burden
Above the mighty flood
Won't be returning

To the closing door

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Glen Hansard The Closing Door Comments
  1. -_- Boi.

    I would love for this to be converted to midi onto the Synthesia platform

  2. Neil Z

    Hauntingly Beautiful, Awesome All Around.

  3. Karol Kasprowiak

    why is it so short?

  4. Simon Lee

    After decades of not hearing your voice, this song is engrained in me.

  5. Gianni Coinu

    Tira aria alla Hugo Race...

  6. Mohamed Tolba

    Very impressive

  7. Eian PM

    looks like Newton's house

  8. Christian Becker

    Phantastischer Song. Ein audiovisuelles Meisterwerk

  9. Armin Norouzi

    Is that sound of KAMANCHEH? Am I hearing right?

    Abigail Reeves

    Armin Norouzi it is!

    Pouya Gorji

    I was unsure whether it was the Kamancheh or a hurdy-gurdy . Then the bloody Ney blasted in.

  10. Aaltsje Ypeij

    The closing door
    The end of people
    His likes no more
    Go tell it in the steeple
    The river runs
    Out of fever
    Just like a drum
    With no meter
    The closing door
    The blue eyed raven
    You'll send no more
    Above the congregation
    Like Noah's dove
    Where there's burden
    Above the mighty flood
    Won't be returning
    Oh, oh
    To the closing door ❤️❤️❤️


    looks like he's talking about the catholic church, dissing it, " You'll send no more
    Above the congregation", and at the same time tipping his hat to Judaism - " Like Noah's dove"

    Ashutosh Kumar Singh

  11. Vani Sky

    I like it, but the voice was lost indeed

  12. dark paradise

    The music + the animation +the lyrics omfg this is what we call art

    Sta Tom

  13. Dom Herbin

    Le graphisme me rappelle celui des "hommes volants" de Jean-Michel Folon 👍
    Très poétique 🎩

    Vani Sky

    Peut-être Magritte aussi?

  14. Carlos Eduardo Campos


  15. Alex Ander

    Great Art ...

  16. pushedbacktosquare 1

    Great work of art

  17. Maiara Martins

    Come to Brazil!!! We love you here since Once.

  18. paganmaestro

    This album's production annoys me, unfortunately. Glen's voice gets lost in it.

    Kevin Johnson

    Have you tried listening to it with headphones? That's what Glen recommended upon first listen.


    @Kevin Johnson Yes, I have. I'll hang on until the next album. There are others to listen to in the meantime.

    Kevin Johnson

    @paganmaestro weird. I can hear him just fine.


    @Kevin JohnsonI like to hear all of his voice, not just the front half. Different strokes. Glad you're enjoying the album. So-so here.

  19. Aries Music


  20. hazan gupse taşcı

    Otuzudur Temmuzun

  21. John Wilson

    Brilliant. All it lacked was a guitar solo from David Gilmour.

  22. Zahir Prb

    ney instrumental!

  23. gramsey joyce

    Nice visuals and all that but this song is a bit weak

  24. MitsukiAG

    First seconds: instant love!!

    Mu Real

    it's called hypnosis! :)

  25. Kami Plays

    Wow, I’m related to him 🤯

  26. 62PKC

    Wow. What an amazing video animation - perfect for the song. Love Glen Hansard’s world music influences in this one.

  27. Skywalktrice I AM

    found some keys today

  28. Bimon Solivar

    I absolutely love the oriental vibe - pure magic!


    Eastern European and Middle Eastern are the regions you're thinking of.

  29. Jonathan Hall

    Bring back the voice. Stop whispering.

    Bimon Solivar

    I like both!

  30. Chengzhi Zhang

    where can I buy the vinyl? the store the link leads to doesn't have this one.

  31. MeanMcCoy 33

    You've always created beautiful music, and I always look forward to being moved by it....

  32. DeepBluntMan ___

    So nice!

  33. littlecal

    Glen can do no wrong.

  34. Aktham AbulHusn

    I was happy to be at Glen's concert in Berlin this year (and last year as well) to present the new album. I had already heard and LOVED this song in particular. And in the concert, as Glen told the story behind the song and how did he come up with it, I had to love it even more. It was a fantastic concert with a fantastic band. I loved each and every second of it <3 looking forward to the coming concerts in Berlin :D

  35. Homan Birounvand

    Takes my breath away. A masterpiece overwhelmingly meaningful. Thank You Mr Hansard.

  36. Homan Birounvand


  37. Danny CR



    *KOOL ...*

  39. יהונתן V

    Thank you Glen

  40. TERROR

    Nice song

  41. Stephen James Smith

    Magic! X

  42. Kataritenabela sciscix

    spectacular video maker !! pure cinematic ART and MUSIC

  43. Rhythm Rug

    This Is So beautiful and inspiring. Thank You for creating this!!!! 🙏🏽🌅🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  44. Kataritenabela sciscix

    what a beauty !!!!!!!!

  45. David Greiner

    Definitely digging this

  46. Sameh Hamdan


  47. Sudarshan Singh Ashiya