Glen Hansard - Race To The Bottom Lyrics

Sliding along by the Seine, it's May Day
This song's in my head once again
It's a long way down to the bottom we've been racing

Coughing my lungs up on Rue des Irlandais
Becoming a risk to myself
It's a long way down to the bottom and we're racing

The radio silence and the anarchists
Are gathering names, dates and lists for burning
It's a long way down to the bottom that we've been racing

Oh, how you move me, but truly
Oh, how you set my heart aglow

I'm shadowing in with the crowds unnoticed
Somebody painted an 'X' on my back
It's a long way down to the bottom and we're racing

Piss on the streets after dark in Paris
Even on dear Joan of Arc, she knows
It's a long way down to the bottom and we've been racing

Even the gods as they gaze down on us
Know that there's no one to be saved among us
They keep turning away, turning away
We're singing along with the righteous people
The bullets will rain down from the mosques and steeples
They keep turning away, turning away

A taste for the wine and a woman's forgiveness
Her man's in decline; oh, it's a nasty business
It's a long way down to the bottom that we've been racing

Our blood is no thicker than this water, my brother
You'll find out soon, one way or the other
It's a long way down to the bottom that we've been racing

Even the clouds that send the rains down on us
See a horizon that goes way beyond us
They keep drifting away, drifting away
While down in the dark in the tick tock alleys
Time's running out and there's still bills to tally
We keep chipping away, chipping away

Sliding along with the bouquinistes
Baldwin and Brecht and the distance between us
It's a long way down to the bottom that we've been racing

I'm rising up strong like a snake that's charmed
A handsome Parisienne on my arm
It's a long way down to the bottom that we've been racing

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Glen Hansard Race To The Bottom Comments
  1. Collaterlly Damaged

    this is a really good song. Unique and fulfilling in itself. Love it. ❤

  2. Gavin Tobin

    Very Gavin Friday...🤔

  3. asher namchyo

    Sir, I love your music. Thank you so much for existing. Love from Sikkim. I wish I was born in Ireland and was your neighbor.

  4. Diego Mora

    Great I like it

  5. sean o'haimheirgin

    Beautiful! ❤️

  6. Homan Birounvand


  7. FøR we_are_for_

    Great song! If you like Glen Hansard listen to this

  8. PorgyTirebiter MC

    I kinda like it.
    Like if Glen channeled Leonard Cohen

  9. Gohar Grigoryan

    Glen is the poet of my heart <3
    He is my childhood.
    I listen to his songs and think... what else could make me become quite and chaotic at the same time.He is a genius.
    Love Glen, from Armenia.

  10. 12crows1

    Glen Hansard, Satyr!

  11. S O

    what happened to the verse below and the sailor? I liked them too! 😘

    If you want to know which way his loyalties are running 

    Keep an eye on the money

    It’s a long way down to the bottom and we’ve been racing

    A handsome “Sailor” on my arm

  12. Ewa

    Love it !!!

  13. Nicole

    interesting to think that some people find this album lacking passion, i find it quite deep and thought provoking...

  14. HitGirl20


  15. Liam Noonan


  16. crazypianistshe

    I am not a native speaker, anyone help me- is that song political?

    Cailyn Yocom

    crazypianistshe My interpretation of the song is not political at all, it’s really just about the declining conditions of this world. That may include the state of politics, but I don’t think this song is political. Of course, I didn’t write it.

  17. Emmanuel Sosa

    Glen Hansard siempre con sigue ponerme feliz.
    Cuando salió el álbum esta canción fue una de las que me puso los pelos de punta, me encerraba en mi cuarto, le subía todo el volumen y cerraba los ojos; a media canción me daba cuenta que ya estaba parado en el centro del cuarto haciendo locuras, (tipo rito) esta canción me pone extremadamente loco. No me queda mas que agradecerle a todo el equipo de Glen y ANTI - por hacer posible todo esto. Mis corazón es suyo. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  18. De paus van de Lilith Kerk

    Glad to have found this.

  19. EzequielJevy

    It is a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll. Wonderful as always Glen. I liked the song in the album, liked the video too.
    Greetings from Argentina, where we're waiting for you

  20. Caio Maffei

    i´m a brazilian fan living in cork, come here glen

  21. Manuel Garcia

    It sounds like Tom Waits

  22. Lucien - Music

    This is great!

  23. Cailyn Yocom

    Wow, the negativity on this video is insane. This album is absolutely brilliant, it feels more like Glen than ever. Not “lackluster.” Some people can’t deal with an artist taking any kind of different direction from previous sound.


    Totally agree!

  24. Douglas Ferrie

    Love you Glen but these past 2 albums have been lack luster. Not saying you shouldn’t make what you want but just release the work under a side project.

    But... WTF do I know? Your the one with fans all over the world and sold out tours.

    I hope nothing but the best for you and your career.

  25. mistery-ed

    Any video with a Citreon in it is cool with me.

  26. faintygirl

    😬 I think Glen was scraping the bottom of the barrel with this song 😬. The video clip, this song and the lyrics are all bad.

    Glen is an amazingly talented musician and songwriter. Such a shame to see him release a song and clip like this...

  27. The Essence Identity

    Chill track and video overall. Reminds me of the old Italian Mafia days 🎰😎

  28. MrGenedancingmachine

    It amazes me how outspan gets taken seriously

  29. steven rutland

    Glens played a blinder!