Glen Campbell - True Grit Lyrics

One day, little girl, the sadness will leave your face
As soon as you've won the fight to get justice done
Someday little girl you'll wonder what life's about
But other's have known few battles are won alone
So, you'll look around to find
Someone who's kind, someone who is fearless like you
The pain of it will ease a bit
When you find a man with true grit

One day you will rise and you won't believe your eyes
You'll wake up and see
A world that is fine and free
Though summer seems far away
You will find the sun one day

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Glen Campbell True Grit Comments
  1. Karen Saville

    When I was 5 and being abused by my mentally ill mother I thought Glen was singing this song for me. I wanted to marry him,he seemed safe. He is special to me 👼 beautiful man,bless him 🙏💕

  2. Crashme222

    I miss these genuine performances! <3

  3. James Henderson

    He couldn't do the high notes any more due to all the smoking and drinking.

  4. AprilsWednesday

    My all time favourite movie. My dad also met John Wayne. In Germany. Glenn Campbell is so amazing!

  5. CFSVA14 None

    Oh for the days when an artist was backed up by an orchestra. You just don't see it anymore. Beautiful song and great movie!

  6. Debby M

    Love this! 💙


    Mr Campbell FANTASTIC Actor and Music RIP forever immortalised in song and the greatest movie Jhon Wayne FOREVER.  OSCAR TRUE GRIT THANK YOU

  8. jeffy Meighan

    God Bless you Mr Campbell you are a legend RIP

  9. Survivrs

    I LOVE how Glen tells stories, especially this one. He led one hell of a life, a very full life, and like just about all of us, he had his own demons but he came out from them with Kim's help. It was nice to get the old Glen back. I remember the damn tabloids in the 70's over Mac Davis's ex getting married to him, it didn't last long and then there was Tanya Tucker, drugs and alcohol. I've never taken a recreational drug, but I drank my share of alcohol in my teens and early 20's but I grew out of most of my stupidity eventually and have been blessed to have an amazing husband, we've raised 2 sons, and now we get to enjoy 2 wonderful little granddaughters. Thank you SO MUCH for the many videos you have shared with those of us who first saw and heard him on our b&w tv's in the late 60's and early 70's. Wichita Lineman was my first favorite song of his, but when Rhinestone Cowboy hit the charts, I played it over and over and over. I never cared for Southern Nights, but I also loved Country Boy. I have quite a few of his songs on my ipod finally, and because they are soothing, I will often go to sleep with headphones on, set to play only his songs. I don't think I've ever made it through the 2nd song before falling asleep. I guess that's what we call "white noise". Comforting.

    Glen Campbell Forever

    You're welcome. I'm so glad you're enjoying all of my Glen Campbell videos.

    In case you haven't got enough of Glen here are a few more videos at the playlist "Glen Campbell (1936-2017) - A Tribute"...

    I'm so sorry that this playlist only contains 459 videos. :-) This should keep you busy watching Glen Campbell videos for awhile.


    @Glen Campbell Forever I may have seen them already, but I tend to watch favorites over and over again, so thank you very much for the links!!!!

  10. Janetta McGee

    What a sweet, cute story about his first meeting John Wayne. I just got home for the movies after seeing True Grit for the 50th anniversary. Just as good now as when I first saw it at the drive-in when I was a kid. It was a real thrill to see it (and The Duke) on the big screen again. I don't agree with Glen, I think that his acting was fairly good.

  11. J A

    Don’t know how a song can sound so great? Just add Glen Campbell and a orchestra.

  12. Joshie

    Awww Glen you bring tears to my eyes why is life so cruel to take your talent from you like it did. RIP Glen there was not a song in the world that you couldn’t sing and your guitar playing was phenomenal. 🕊🕊🕊🕊💔💔💔💔

  13. V. E.

    Very sad to have watched this fine gentleman slowly emaciate and whither away. I used to have his entire collection on vinyl and would start my days w/ "Rhinestone Cowboy," followed up w/ "True Grit," to help pick me up before having to endure another day of taunting in school. I may have never graduated high school if not for Glen Campbell, as I probably would have been expelled multiple times for fighting. For some, Middle school was the best two years of their lives. For others, it was the spring board to a more mature mentality and the realization that you were more than what the other kids said about you. RIP Glen.

  14. Bill Bright

    Well La Beouf, you’re quite a horse shooter.

  15. Nik Del

    And another great solo by TJ!

  16. ZER0 13420

    My gosh what happened to good music and real musicians. I was born in the wrong era... 😔

  17. AprilsWednesday

    My dad met John Wayne in Germany. He loved meeting him. He was a good man! I will always put on a western on Saturday am! But only if its John Wayne! Lol

  18. Squee Dow

    Glen, you beautiful, talented, wonderful man! Today is your birthday (4-22-18), and it's the first one you are spending with our Creator! It won't be long until all of us whose names are in the Lamb's Book of Life will be gathered in His presence for all eternity.

    John 3 : 16-21

  19. A Rober


  20. David Starr

    Never gonna see an all American guy like this again. Glen Campbell will be sorely missed, but his music will live on forever.

  21. whp61

    You and your music live on in YouTube thank god. RIP Glen.

  22. angels4bobseger

    This is precious ! Rest in peace Glen Campbell !

  23. Rinzlers Revenge

    He can dismiss it all he wants..he was truly great as Le Beouf...greatest thing he ever did.

    Squee Dow

    @Brian B

    How funny. I really didn't care for his performance, and I wasn't even that wild about the movie. But I didn't care that he didn't have acting chops because he was such a brilliant musician. I adore the song. No one could ever measure up to Glen's rendition of it.

    He was born to be a musician. He's the perfect embodiment of a musician. He can play (OMG, can he play?!), he can sing and he can entertain. Also, it doesn't hurt a bit that he's just delicious to look at. He was never comfortable acting, and was never happier than when he was making music.

  24. D. Neil McKay

    I love this story and this song. Farewell Glen, and say hello to Duke for the rest of us.

    Emily Mitchell

    Two great men.

  25. whp61

    My favourite Glen Campbel song. RIP Glen.

  26. Queen Lynette 50

    R.I.P forever immortalised in song and the greatest movie ever made xXx

  27. Heath Lawrence

    God bless you Glen Campbell.

  28. Gary Hase

    R.I.P. Glen R.I.P. .........So sad


    Jhon Wayne FOREVER. Mr Campbell FANTASTIC Actor and Music. OSCAR TRUE GRIT THANK YOU

  30. Survivrs

    Maybe it had something to do with the story of John Wayne needing to get Glen's autograph for his young daughter, but I have to wonder if there weren't a couple of very small moments where the earliest signs of Alzheimer's were coming through. Not easy enough to see for someone who hasn't lived through it with a loved one, but by the time I was 25, we knew there was something going on with mom but we kept blaming it on her difficulty hearing. It was another 20 years before she passed away, and it was a relief. She would have been so embarrassed at things she said and did in her last 5 years. It was incredibly hard for me to go see her because she couldn't even say something that made sense. I keep thinking I will wake up one day and the biggest news will be Glen's death. My heart breaks for his family, especially his youngest daughter Ashley because as the youngest daughter myself, I don't think I could have kept on such a rock solid front like she did on his farewell tour and their time in the Senate (or House of Rep.) I don't remember which it was even though I've watched the documentary so many times. I worry that I am facing Alzheimer's as well.

  31. Diana Salyer


    Diana Salyer


    Glen Campbell Forever

    You're welcome

    Nancy Davis



    Diana, I'm sorry for your loss!! Taken far too soon!!

    Glen Campbell Forever

    @Survivrs Thank you for your heartfelt comment. I'm sure Diana appreciates your thoughts.

  32. Mike C.

    Absolutely the best....Dang!

    Glen Campbell Forever

    In my opinion this is Glen's best concert.

    john Magill

    That's saying something. He had a lot of great performances. I never got to see him live. For one reason or another. He was never where I was at. And when he was I was on duty or deployed somewhere. One of my few regrets in life is not being able to see him live on stage.


    Without question Mike. Always sang in key too. Just great.

  33. Pam Hospodarsky

    Thank you for this selection from the concert.  Glen is a brilliant singer with perfect harmony.  This song holds a great promise for the ladies who vigilantly wait for true grit.  I love his voice when he does Friends.  I met Glen in Heinz Hall, Pittsburgh, and I know both of our voices were high as a Georgia pine - what a funny honest man he is.  God continue to bless Glen and his family and the United States of America - our homeland of True Grit..........

    Glen Campbell Forever

    You're welcome. Here are some scenes from the film "True Grit"...

  34. Diana Salyer