Glen Campbell - Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife Lyrics

She looks in the mirror and stares at the wrinkles that weren't there yesterday
And thinks of the young man that she almost married
What would he think if he saw her this way
She picks up her apron in little girl fashion as something comes into her mind
Then slowly starts dancing remembering her girlhood
And all of the boys she had waiting in line
Ah such are the dreams of the everyday housewife
You see everywhere anytime of the day
And everyday housewife who gave up the good time for me

The photograph album she takes from the closet and slowly turns the page
And carefully picks up the crumbling flower
The first one he gave her now withered with age
She closes her eyes and touches the housedress that suddenly disappears
And just for a moment she's wearing the gown
That broke all their minds back so many years
Ah such are the dreams...
Ah such are the dreams...
Ah such are the dreams...

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Glen Campbell Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife Comments
  1. Halbert C. Casey

    Makes me think deeply of my wife, mother, and grandmother's who gave all for their husbands and families. A song with substance!

  2. Ricky Conner

    I love his vocals on this.

  3. Kathryn A

    "...who gave up the good life for me." Being a housewife is the good life.

  4. Ricky Conner

    He was so smooth on this song.

  5. Laurie Kruse

    I love this song and I loved those innocent times of the 60's and the 70's.

  6. DEAN Thomas

    I grew up listening to this, superb

  7. Arthur Seltzman

    Anybody wanna cry to another Glen Campbell song? Try Yesterday When I Was Young

  8. Robert Gage

    AMEN to the comments below....great song......great singer......lots of memories.
    And yes,..,.....great mom who took care of us.

  9. Lisa Herrera

    I heard this song on petty coat junction. Listening to Steve sing it to Bobby Joe. 2019. Aww

  10. Kelly Hudson

    I was a kid when this song came out. I loved it; still do. But it also made me sad. And helped me make decisions about my life. I made sure I never had to depend on anyone , never got pregnant, always worked to support myself. So I’ve had a life of freedom from being tied down, or trapped. I had a lot of fun, made good friends, didn’t settle down until my mid thirties.
    But I must say, it can be lonely with just the two of us.

  11. steve love

    How sad that some women don't even get to dream......

  12. Nigel Cross

    Glenn Campbell, icon, thanks Glenn, for countless classic songs. xx

  13. June Smith

    It fbgrhjkmfev nol

  14. Henry Garcia

    How considerite of glenn campbell, to dedicate a song, of the hardest working occupation on the planet earth!....god bless you, glenn cambell, and may you rest in peace!

  15. timetravler

    Cruising with my buddies back in those days, this song would come on the radio. I thought it was a beautiful, poignant, wistful song. But never let them know because it wasn't a 'cool' song. Now when I hear it, I think of the girl I almost married. I loved the song and her. 😔

  16. James California

    🎶A song to be played at weddings... 😏

  17. Gabriel

    glen Campbell was the best.

  18. Charlie OBrien

    There are a lot of recordings of this tune. But man, Nobody could put the soul and the spirit into it like Glen. His vocals were always a great mix of somber and hopeful all at once.

  19. Myra Juarez

    beautiful song ! thanks for everything Mr Campbell

  20. 2990rick

    as I sit here and look back with fond memories from our past music.........I wonder how today's music will be remembered,,,when looking back.............. I just can't imagine it could be the same..........the music from this era was absolutely contagious .... I don't think it can be surpassed

    Steven Attanasso

    That is what My parents said about Our music (I'm 64) ...... When this generation grows up & looks back They will say the same thing ..... There are always beautiful songs out there , I think it has a lot to do with the fact that You , and I , were YOUNG ...... Whoever said "Youth is wasted on the Young" knew what They were talking about ..... You can't really appreciate "The Magic Wand of Youth" until You grow old ..... If I could go back , I would probably make all the same mistakes over again ...... "The more things change , the more They remain the same" ( Another Smart Dude )

    James California

    😕 I believe the "music" of today will most likely be forgotten

  21. Linda Easley

    My favorite Glenn Campbell song . Always reminds me of my mom when I listen to it .
    She was 36 and had a house full of kids when this song came out

    Steven Attanasso

    God Bless .....

  22. Kim *

    Here 3-8-2019 Kim *
    Glen Was The Best Talent *

  23. secertcharm

    This song creates a music video in your mind.....

  24. Karen Yates


  25. RJC 6

    This never ages, here in 2018.

  26. Jay

    Imagine playing this on any college campus today. Oh the screams!

  27. Bubba Still

    I read somewhere,or maybe I heard it on the radio,that this song was originally written/intended for Marty Robbins (as a nearly 50 year fan of Marty's I can hear in the song structure/ phrasing that that might have been the case).For whatever reason Marty passed on doing  it,but Glen did it magnificently!

  28. Douglas Ayers

    brilliant country song

  29. Thresa Schmitt

    I just cooked all day and no one wanted to eat.I am so sad I know this song is just how I feel.

    Steven Attanasso

    Is it too late to come over ?
    I will bring dessert .....

    ImNotMad ButUR

    Steven Attanasso Let’s just take Thresa out for dinner. And a movie too. Sounds like she needs it.

    Down with those pots and pans, Thresa, you’ve got plans!

    Steven Attanasso

    @ImNotMad ButUR You know , You are absolutely correct ..... Better yet , dinner and a retro 60/70's music concert !!

    ImNotMad ButUR

    Steven Attanasso Sounds perfect! I’ll call us a taxi and get the lady some flowers to wear ~~~~~

    Steven Attanasso

    @ImNotMad ButUR "Uber" ..... I bet She STILL looks great in a "Miniskirt" ......

  30. Clyde Berry

    It’s such a joy to hear this song. It was lingering in back of mind for the past 40 years where all I could recall was a nice melody. I’m so glad that I found again.

  31. maz jones

    Loved him from the age of 17 😘

  32. Raymond Haley

    This among others,glen campbell hits are my all time favorites

  33. Rick Weiss

    Ive never cared for feminism or feminazis but i have 2 young neices, one who said when i grow up i want to be a famous horse trainer and the other one wants to be an Olympic gold gymnast. I told both of them don't let any man say you can't do it because you can!!! And i'm very proud of my 2 neices and i would put my life on the line before they ever succumbed to oppressive husbands.

  34. Gerald Adams

    I was only 7 when this timeless classic came out, and remember very vividly of my Mom dancing to this song as I came home from school...:)

  35. alex camichel

    i remember going to sleep when i was a kid to yhis you ust knew everone had had there fill of life and then i felt safe

  36. mary cristina

    Love his beautiful voice and meaningful songs

  37. Gary Rumer

    That song brings back so many memories.

  38. Kay Mcguire

    Wow memories

  39. tom g mother passed a year ago at 101+....the night before I was with her....she said good night and that she "loved" me and she'd see me the next day....last words said to a family member.  I was more than fortunate.

  40. michael jones

    i miss you mom so much im sorry for the hell that you went through when i was a child.

  41. joe Frontierro

    Glenn Campell ,one of the best.Great song,

  42. George Hopper

    Sixty thumbs down? Are you kidding Me? Must be Justin Bieber fans?!?!?!

  43. RJC 6

    Sunday mornings, mum and dads music on, loved it then, love it more now. Memories last forever xx

  44. Candace Serviss

    What a great song so true..

  45. Shoji Goto

    such a talent and presence. miss your singing . Shoji

  46. Maria White

    Timeless tune for all moms.
    And ladies. Thank you Glen

  47. Chairman Meow

    Any housewife want to call me for a nice evening please?

  48. Jerry Christman

    Thanks Glen for all those great songs. You'll be sorely missed.

  49. John Stevens

    I remember listening to this classic song on AM 55 KOY radio in Phoenix many years ago. Thanks for posting.

  50. Ann English

    When I was 7 years old, my mom used to play this song. We both loved it. For the commenter who said it is a sad song and that women didn't have lives back then, don't be sad. It's a choice that many women make to this day, to be stay-at-home moms, while others would like to but can't for financial reasons. Some try to do it all - it isn't easy! The "everyday housewife" can have more than cooking and housecleaning in their lives. :)

    Mike Wynne

    Yeah - back then, women had plenty of free time to host visits from the mailman, the UPS guy, the Pool-boy, the butcher, the kid from across the street that mowed the lawn, his buddies...

  51. PereginTook52

    There must be a song for the everyday husband. I always loved this song; we can all relate: man or woman.

  52. Candace Serviss

    Such a great song..

  53. Hippy Wizard

    Time keeps marching on and getting old comes without announcement.  Glenn was one of a kind, natural talent.

    Evan Lingwall

    Hippy Wizard Time Marches On is a great song by Mr Tracy Lawrence! Anyhow your words are completely correct! Glen was one of a kind

  54. Maria White

    I never tire of this tune it's lovely and Glen, an Angel.

  55. Vicki Hornsby

    I loved it as a teenager. Now it means so much more.

  56. raymond kaczmarek

    RIP Glen

  57. Randy Hudgins

    What a life you had Glen! RIP.

  58. David Lawrence

    Love this song!

  59. Allen Mealey

    RIP to the All Time Legend :(

  60. walt kaiser

    I was in Germany when this came out, loved it then and love it now.. truer words were never spoken. Thanks Judy for making the choice you made.

  61. mimi rich

    not witty or sarcastic not blessed to know any

  62. mimi rich

    what I mean to say was that a song would not be written about a housewife because there aren't any left

  63. spartacusvikinga

    Great song. I love my everyday housewife so much. Love you Karen Reeve.xxxxxxx

  64. Bob Rodriguez

    One of my favorites of his. He'll be missed.

  65. Milton Moore

    Too bad it took
    the demise of
    Glen Campbell
    for the world to
    basically find
    out who Chris Gantry is, who
    composed the
    melody and wrote
    the lyrics for this
    song. He wrote
    over 1,000, but if
    this had been his
    sole effort, it would more than
    have justified his
    existence on this
    planet. ( Songwriters are
    the most unheralded and
    least acclaimed of
    all artists.) Chris
    Gantry (Christopher Cedzich) was born
    December 29, I942
    in Queens, New York. He is 74 years-old and still
    active. Contained
    within his tribute
    to Glen which can
    he remarked: "He
    used every bit of
    his God-given gift."

    ImNotMad ButUR

    Milton Moore Thank you for standing up for those (quite literally) unsung heroes. Song writing is an art, it takes some scribbled napkins (often from a Waffle House) that get lost in jacket pockets, found later, laid down - somewhere, (where was that?) and a good song hook is working through but gets stuck until the time that you find that crumpled up napkin that thankfully doesn’t have enough grease on it and you can still read everything you scribbled and didn’t cross out, And voila, a song is born, that really good one that makes up for the pretty good ones you wrote trying to birth this one huge hit. Then again there’s the Midas guys, can’t write a bad song if they tried. But it has to get to the right singer, which can take some hits and misses. In the meantime, sitting and just watching people is a rich source, prime for great songs. And they never even know it! The magic of good songwriters, they should be front and center so people who just looooooove their favorite artist’s new song can throw some loooooove to the one who penned the lyrics.

    Or are those days (unfortunately) about done in by now? Let’s hope not.

  66. Milton Moore

    The one Glenn
    Campbell song
    that gives me
    chills. Whenever
    I hear a song of
    this magnitude,
    and this was far
    and away Chris
    Gantry's most
    popular and best
    selling composition, I
    always think it
    was a case of God
    saying: "Boing, you're it!"
    For an article written by Skip
    Anderson for NASHVILLE SCENE
    in 2014, Mr. Anderson quoted
    Chris Gantry: "I had an epiphany at a young age that songwriting is
    a Godly gift, and if
    rightly viewed as
    something HE did
    instead of something I did, the two of us could form a co-
    writing partnership, as long as I let HIM
    be the captain of
    the ship, and I the
    first mate."
    Skip Anderson
    added: "The world's best songwriters, according to Chris
    Gantry, know not to tinker with lyrics and melodies whispered into
    their ears by angels." Sergei
    Vassilievitch Rachmaninoff perhaps put it best
    when he said: "I
    owe to God the gifts given to me,
    to God alone; without Him, I am

  67. mimi rich

    a song like this could not be written today rest in peace dear glen

    Milton Moore

    If God, who holds the copyrights on
    great songs, as well as all the
    bird calls, wants to inspire
    another songwriter to
    compose a song as good as this to be written, I can assure you
    it is GOING TO

    Milton Moore

    Dear Mimi:
    Now that you explained what you were thinking,
    but didn't completely say,
    I understand that
    you were making
    a witty sarcastic
    remark, since housewives don't
    have the same high regard in today's world as
    they emjoyed in
    past generations,
    and are not so
    likely to be the
    subject of a nostalgic, tender,
    and sympathetic song such as this
    gem written and
    composed by Chris Gantry. But
    they will always be
    held in the highest esteem by the core and essence
    of all Godly societies.

  68. radney720

    My favorite Glen Campbell song.  You will be missed.  Thank you for all the beautiful music,

  69. Barry Donovan

    This was my favorite GC song at age 12. I didn't know about 6/8 time then or cool chords then, but played my version on my sisters old upright piano. My mom raised 5 kids and worked 10 hour days until she dropped way too early. Always struck a chord with me. God bless Glen.

    ImNotMad ButUR

    Barry Donovan God bless your mother ~~~~

  70. J R Peterson

    beautiful ...... Glen was awesome! RIP

  71. Andrew Peters

    I remember sitting in my Dads car listening to this when I was young thought it was lame at the time but I love it now RIP Glen you were a Great one

  72. Milton Moore

    Came to this video
    to pay my respects on the the event of
    his passing. I never cared for his
    voice, but did like
    this one song enough to make an exception, and
    bought the 45rpm
    single upon its
    release. I like it up
    to the point of the
    finale, when he keeps pitching his
    voice higher and
    higher, straining
    and weakening it
    which is a mistake
    many vocalists
    make when recording a song
    that concludes with a fade-out. Also, the song is
    too short. The
    arrangers should
    have written an
    orchestral bridge
    in the middle of the song, as many
    arrangers are wont to do, to
    lengthen and heighten the musical experience.
    Now that Glen
    Cambell is out
    of the crucible,
    I hope he went to
    a better world.

  73. EnosEverything

    R.I.P. Glen.

  74. F Garrett


  75. Steve Harborne

    So prophetic and a little sad whether male or female it's nice to think back to your younger days,nice one Mr Campbell

  76. Becky Essig

    I have never heard this... until today. I'm stuck. Beautiful.

    Milton Moore

    This shall be a
    day for you to

  77. Olga Moody

    RIP and thank you for the great songs

  78. periwinkleblue2

    *R.I.P. Glen Campbell*

  79. stephen hartding

    RIP Glen thanks for the music.

  80. amalfi348

    Rest In Peace, our Dear and Great "Music Maker"... forever young, forever our "Rhinestone Cowboy!"

  81. dan monaghan

    Despite the number of good recordings Glenn made, this is my favorite. It is too bad he passed today.
    Adios amigo

    Milton Moore

    The value you
    place on this marvelous recording seems to be the
    consensus opinion. It was
    Glen Campbell's
    "MacArthur Park," as well as
    the composer's.

  82. Michele Doage

    I love this song. RIP Glen.

  83. Gloria Green

    Great song by a great singer. Glen passed away today 08/08/2017, may he Rest In Peace.

  84. Beth

    1968, I was 10 years old with a big imagination. I would put on my Mom's apron, like in the song, & spin around the living room & sing along. I'd imagine I was a housewife that was imagining she wearing a beautiful ball gown.

  85. Scott Branch

    I just did a search on "what is your favorite Glen Campbell song" . There was a poll online, and this song was not even listed as a choice. What? That's crazy. By far, my favorite Glen Campbell song. RIP Glen. You will be missed.

    Milton Moore

    The accurate polls
    are found on you
    tube comment pages. Observe
    everyone chiming
    in on how much
    they preferred this
    Glen Campbell song above all his
    others, including
    me, and I am not
    even a "fan!" But
    I know greatness
    when I hear it. One's heart knows
    it most of all. It
    is touching to read of so many of us
    agreeing upon this. Polls are as
    phony as the politics that go
    with them. (Ebony magazine just came out with an
    issue devoted to
    the 50 greatest
    black vocalists of
    all time, and Johnny Mathis,
    Brook Benton,
    and "Fats" Domino
    were not included!)

    ImNotMad ButUR

    Milton Moore No Brooks Benton, no Fats Domino?? What’s wrong with those people? Inquiring minds are going to be demanding to know what’s up with this deal!!

  86. Marcus Carter

    My favorite Glenn Campbell. Miss you buddy.

  87. Rose Bate

    Have always loved this song.All the more poignant tonight on hearing that the amazing Glen has left this world RIP Glen Campbell :(

  88. Deb Britton

    Rest in peace Mr. Campbell. This was my very favorite song. You will be missed.

  89. Al Gardner

    R.I.P. Glen. Great Chris Gantry song, and nobody could do it better. One exception: Stayed at Gantry's Tenn B&B and he played it on guitar for us.

  90. Toni Cordova

    Rest In Peace, Mr. Campbell. You brought joy to millions with your songs.

  91. Hetty Haden

    Rest in peace, Glen Campbell. You enlivened the life of this everyday housewife

  92. Madelow56

    guaranteed to jerk the tears out of my eyes. every single time

  93. Wrinkly1

    I've just heard the sad news of Glen's death.

  94. C. Middleton

    RIP Mr. Campbell, you gave us so much wonderful music, each attached to a memory,

  95. Bertram Ashe

    RIP Glen...

  96. Dave & Bev Peffer

    RIP you talented man.

  97. john fallen

    RIP Glen...