Girls Aloud - Turn To Stone Lyrics

Don't turn away
Keep me holding on
Don't turn away

Just don't leave me now

You're moving in circles
Looking for the love that I thought we made
While I stand alone
Say you wanna be certain
Certain that this feeling will never fade
But I need to know

[Chorus (x2)]

Replaying the moments
Looking for the light that I thought we made
Did we let it go?
And all the kisses you've stolen
With every whisper and word you said
I just need to know

[Chorus (x4)]

Did we let go
Nobody but you babe
Standing in the way of the love we made
And the hand you hold

[Chorus (x4)]

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Girls Aloud Turn To Stone Comments
  1. Moon Girl

    one of my fave GA songs.. especially when travelling at night

  2. You don’t recognise this name

    The chimola song

  3. Alê Lima


  4. Luan Araujo

    This song had it all to be a hit single