Girls Aloud - Rolling Back The Rivers In Time Lyrics

I always admitted pity
cause i was getting lonely
Oh oh, I was lonely
a'baby without you.

I always had hid it,
pity needed you to hold me.
Oh boy, you should have known me,
I didn't know how to.

Gone are the days of magic
those times were cool.
I tried to make love not hate.
What was I to do?
Oh, the beats were playing,
we danced all night.
We were kissing
till dark turned to light.

Rolling back the rivers in time.
Can't wait. Got to see his face somewhere.
Holding back the minutes gone by.
Someday, got to see his face oh yeah.

There's a feeling in my soul
that sets my heart alive.
I tell you there's a feeling in my soul
that tells me that you're all mine.

There's an arrow in my heart
just hit at seventeen.
I tell you there's a shadow in my heart
that tells of what could have been.


Doesn't really matter
I felt nothing better at all.
Sending him a letter
I know I won't regret it all.
Doesn't really matter
a miracle could happen for sure.
I'd rather wait for ever
baby never have it at all.

[Chorus (x2)]

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Girls Aloud Rolling Back The Rivers In Time Comments
  1. Shelley Williams

    And then scream a top of his lungs Alan did

  2. Shelley Williams

    Alan was crying and then his sister started to cry

  3. Jo McC


  4. Stacey Young

    I love this song.

  5. Timothy Egoroff

    This is fantastic, I don't understand how "BesposBito?" could even compare to this?

  6. J St

    Sarah & Nadine the real voices behind Girls aloud.

    okay max

    definitely not sarah

    Jo McC

    Definitely Sarah

    Franco David

    @Jo McC Nicola & Nadine

  7. Norman Revelton

    I hope they could come to Philippines for a concerts ... Many Filipino Loves Girls Aloud . they are very pretty and so lovely. 😍😍😍

  8. Poison Ivy


  9. laminage

    These guys were a "Late Discovery" for me. I was just channel surfing and I found them. I've always been fascinated by POPSTARS Groups (Eden's Crush, Scene 23 US), Sugar Jones (Canada) and now these guys. They are absolutely amazing. They lived down their Reality TV Image and showed they were legitimate.


    Oh here's another fun fact. Nadine Coyle used to date Jesse Metcalfe (Ex-John Desperate Housewives, Ex-Christopher Ewing Dallas) whose TV Cousin John Ross Ewing III was in The US Popstars Group Scene 23.

  10. Martí

    i love the live version of this song!!! i discovered girls aloud a year ago and i`m a huge fan of them!!

    Catiti Hueso

    I did 4 months ago and I keep saying that I do not know what I would be doing in the World that I did not know and I missed these INCREDIBLE girls (at that moment, women now) but, at least you are You Tube

    Kiera Gavegan

    They were women, here, too. They're in their 20s in this concert.


    @Catiti Hueso Me too i found them not that long ago and I'm sad that that i missed them


    better Spice Girls

  11. Jonboy176

    My favourite Girls Aloud track .. can't believe it wasn't a single ! i miss them ...

  12. Anthony Reyes

    this should have been an official single/ this song! <3



  14. godaz7777

    nice use of [stage magic] on this track....


    I presume you mean like the "stage magic" that Thin Lizzy used on one of the biggest selling "live" rock albums of all time, where they kept the kick drum and rerecorded everything else in the studio. I'd always expect some studio processing for official live material but this doesn't sound rerecorded.

  15. Hannah Pryde

    love this also really shows off there voices <3

  16. trudie wingfield

    They are the women I want to be x

  17. ShatzeeSammy1992

    Nicola looks kinda like Marylin Monroe

  18. Diana fayyumi

    Nicola OWNED this song! Her vocals are better than Nadine's.. Ever since Nadine started smokin her voice has gotten worse.. Sure she still can sing but she was SOOO much better before.. Nicola's voice is strong and pure and i love her vibrato! Nadine's voice sounds strain and lower nowadays.. She used to have an awesome voice...

    Poison Ivy

    Diana fayyumi Nadine is better.

  19. JackeME

    they're all very amazing but Nadine is just wow! i love her

  20. Daniel Kyle

    NADINES vocals amazing love Xx

  21. Maripi1499

    hermosa canción

  22. Lucas Cole

    Alouder till the world ends!!! <3

  23. Augusta Vigelyte

    I'm here for all of the Girls. GA forever <3

  24. Lesley1000

    In the auditions, nadine and nicola and sarah had the strongest voices. kimberley was sweet and you could tell cheryl was really ambitious. of course, the favorite to get in at that point (well at the final 10 stage) was javine and everyone was amazed when she didnt make it

  25. Lesley1000

    Its not always about the voice.....even if your a singer!

  26. Some Random

    Lol yeah, she said in an interview once that she had heard about CHIM and she has even seen some of the fanfics, (or at least heard about them), she knows exactly what chim is.

    I think it's cute that they think it's cute...

  27. clubOrange

    I love how Sarah calls herself big mouth.

  28. Fede Rico

    Oh c'mon how can you say Nicola is just ok and the other 4 girls CRAP? Nicola has a great voice and great technique imo, Sarah is good and so are cheryl and Kmberley. I don't personally like Sarah's voice but I cannot say she is crap cos it's just not true.

  29. megxmoo

    Love nadine, she doesn't get enough credit , in MY opinion she is the best by far

  30. Paulo Gealogo

    I really miss this girls this video made me cry

  31. highlandlad007

    Did you see Cheryl notice the banner "CHIMNation World Domination' at 0.31, and blow it a kiss? LOL

    She knows what CHIM means alright. :)

  32. balloe

    They sound so good together =D

  33. Justin H

    OMG, Nadine's legs =.= it's a goddess's legs

  34. DutifulAxolotl

    ROFL chimination! 0:30

  35. Miguel Pardo

    love u Nicola :3

  36. Sally Al-Roubaie

    Beautiful song

  37. Kyra Kaya

    nicola is cute when she smiles

  38. Kyra Kaya

    i LOVE nicolas performance on this particular tour

  39. Willem Hermann

    nadine's legs........ OMG <3

  40. POPY91

    @stargirl732 hahahahahah unbelievable

  41. CherylSoldier15

    @stargirl732 That's your banner?! LEGEND! Every time i watch this i'm like, 'Omg that girls banner, i love it!' haha! :D

  42. mspratz

    @Jonboy176 Good point! 80's though.... 70's was pretty crap too! Brief respite in the 90's All the 44 year old men in the audience were compelled to go so they can look after their 12 year old kids!!!!

  43. mspratz

    unbelievable! how many people actually paid to listen to that utter crap!! cheers Johnny Marr for leading me here!! lol


    George Orwell said there are two places the public should never see: the kitchen of a good restaurant and the laundry of a hospital. I'd add the recording studio of their favourite rock acts to that list. Kurt Cobain refused to double track his vocal, because it was "cheating," until Butch Vig told him his hero, John Lennon, did it, as did almost every rock act in the history of rock. That's when Kurt's silly pretensions of credibility went out the window and he just made a good record.

  44. Tiffany C

    HAHAHA 00:30 Chimination luv chim

  45. Bibi Passos

    3:15 - 3:42 *0*

  46. Bibi Passos

    Chim = Cheryl + Kimberly. Right?
    Btw I love cheryl *-*

  47. Laura

    i don't know why but whenever cheryl sings i can't help but go "AWWWWW :D" it's just such a cute noise <3

  48. AnnabelleXD

    Australia and a Chim poster. I'm officially proud to be an Aussie Chim shipper.

    Dencod Raikkonen

    AnnabelleXD you like bitchy mean girls lol.

  49. Melanie Pinto dos Anjos

    Nicola should definetely lead more songs

  50. David P

    Nicola is amazing everytime!

  51. David P

    @dubmoyet agreed!

  52. hablerz

    @MusicalVariety Its hard to find for some reason most of their stuff doesnt come up in a regular search of their name.

  53. Liam Healy

    The woman with her stubborn face and crossed arms should have been kicked out.

  54. FlameMirage


  55. ProblemChild

    What's great about GA's fanbase is that there's actually a mixed audience that attends their concert. Usually when it comes to boy/girl bands, the majority of the audience are all girls.

  56. Jonboy176

    @andreXDXDXD this is my favourite G.A song too, only god and some lunatic at polydor know why it wasnt a single

  57. petie71

    Easily my favourite GA song. x

  58. Mona

    @stargirl732 *chimination world domination but better* that's so clever!!! <3333 chim, is that really yours??? Ur so lucky to be featured in the dvd, but u deserve it with that ;) Chezza haters should watch this, it proves she CAN sing!!!!

  59. atiqah jamsari

    cheryl <3

  60. Pablo Delgadillo

    My thoughts exactly...
    She is truly amazing "Its Magic" and "I say a prayer for you" are both wonderful melodies..and her voice is AMAZING live

  61. familyguykino

    @mojitoXroyalty she really is the best singer

  62. erasmus4pt

    i agree

  63. erasmus4pt

    Nadine's the voice of girls aloud, let's be realistic. Cheryl's totally overrated, Sarah sucked big time. i do like Nicola though...

  64. Sarah The Screenwriter

    Duh, No Girls Aloud to conquer the World!

  65. xoxosummermai

    i also love this love GA haha!

  66. Roy Sheehan

    Can't believe this video only has like 6,195 views... WTF! GA are the bomb!

  67. Eddson Rincón

    OMG!!! I would like than the Girls Aloud could see that they have a lot of mexican fans and could full the "Auditorio Nacional" in 1 night!!!!!

    Mexico loves Girls Aloud <3

  68. Pablo Delgadillo

    @EddLovesMadonna I would ttravel to mexico to go see them...since its closer than the UK.

  69. Mario Alonso Sandoval Castellanos

    Agree we want to see them =) GA to Mexico

  70. Eddson Rincón

    Mexico wait for Girls Aloud!

    There are a lot of fans to could full a Forum or an auditorium !!!!


  71. Roy Sheehan

    I know that this isn't the nicest thing, but, I don't really like Sarah's hair during this tour! =( I didn't like Nicola's either during the Tangled Up tour. I love Nadine, everything about her is great! Same with Cheryl and Kimberley!

  72. Emma see

    sarah harding voice is awful!

  73. Lexie Di Chellis

    Big mouth is in the house hahaha sarah <3

  74. Tuty Casais

    They need to come from Brazil we love much them
    GA 4EVER

  75. LizMisia

    this songs really beautiful

  76. oxnad

    I love the Chim banner in the beginning<3

  77. Pablo Delgadillo

    I love Nicola Roberts<3

  78. stargirl732

    lol i didn't believe ppl wen they told me haha n thanks :D xx

  79. stargirl732

    my chim banner :D :D :D :D lol x

  80. RozLaChimmer

    chim banner at the beginning xD (Y)