Girls Aloud - Love Is The Key Lyrics

Always hear you singing
I can't stand that song
You like my hair brunette
But I like it blonde
You lie in the sunshine
But it makes me sweat
You save all your money
While, I get into debt

Not the kinda guy to catch my eye
Now we're picking out the towels and curtains
Never thought you'd be the lucky guy
Now it's the only thing I know for certain
Used to go for guys who made me cry
Never seemed to find the rhyme or reason
If you love somebody don't ask why
Cute but mystifies

Oh when they say love's the key
At the end of the road
It don't matter to me
Work at the man hang it on hold
The answer is love
And no reasons why
It knows where you've been
Oh cause you and me just seem to fit right

A mocha-choco-late
You're more an Espresso shot
Life and soul of the party
It's safe to say you're not
I lean towards fiction
But you deal with fact
Don't mind the friction
Cause opposites attract

Not the kinda guy to catch my eye
Now we're picking out the towels and curtains
Never thought you'd be the lucky guy
Now it's the only thing I know for certain
Used to go for guys who made me cry
Never seemed to find the rhyme or reason
If you love somebody don't ask why
Cute but mystifies

[Chorus (x2)]

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Girls Aloud Love Is The Key Comments
  1. simplemindsforever

    kimba and her constipated lips

  2. simplemindsforever

    kimba and her constipated mouth

  3. Edman25

    The best part is, they were genuine when they were performing together, they weren't lip syncing, that's what I love about groups

  4. millie kate

    cheryl at 2:35 😂

  5. Catiti Hueso

    Adoro a G.A. Y las he descubierto hace 4 meses, lo único q no me gusta mucho son las Coreografíascai siempre era igual y da pena porque :Kimba, Nicola, Nadine y SOBRETODO Chery*l Daban para màs. No sé quién fue antes si G. A. o PCD, pero hay cosas q hacían igual el dedo en la boca, la pierna recogida por detràs. Da igual ya. Adoro Kimba y Chezza

  6. Poison Ivy

    Nadine is perfect!

  7. Jacob Harris

    2:13- 2:36 I love that part :')

  8. Josi Ramos

    Kimba, Chezza and Nic <3

  9. Adriana Ferreira

    Kimberley owned the song!

  10. Ariadne Lydia

    NICOLA! <3

  11. Delisa Burrell

    Love is the key to being apart of something in general so god bless and speed.

  12. Diana fayyumi

    CHERYL! That face....

  13. Teresa Chai KF

    Love the dancing. Five lovely girls and now five lovely làdies and still as beautiful as ever!

  14. moresmilesplease

    Anybody else notice the "Single Ladies" referrence at 3:53-4:10?! Loved it


    In reference, Beyoncé "Copied" that move from The Late Choreographer Bob Fosse from The Play/Movie Sweet Charity called The Rich Man's Frug.

  15. moresmilesplease

    SO FUNNY! I realized that=D

  16. Ju Pace

    Nuhdeen is the Queen.

  17. amy louise

    these girls always give 110% love it!!

  18. Gabby Dahlberg

    CANNOT WAIT for their new tourrr!

  19. Jaime Andrés González Tapia

    Nicola 3:27 :Lol

  20. Emmy

    God Kimba and chezza r amazing!!!!!!!!! Luv u chim<3<3<3

  21. Skyrax

    lol 1:10 why are they using American money?

  22. LilCherylsSoldier

    ino yeah man i cant wait counting down the days till wor chezza's tour and counting days till the band is 10 years old :'D so proud of them <3 xx

  23. highlandlad007

    Yes, Royal Variety Performance later 2012, then touring in 2013! First, Chezza's tour in Oct. :)

  24. Jess Ní Núaláin

    I cant in words decribe how much all girls in this proformance of this cute song are amazing especially cheryl she just seems to come alive...

  25. cheesemangall

    Nicola is a red head Marilyn here.


    She is definitely the odd one out in the group in terms of hairstyles

  26. Fish Stream

    Not long now I hope :)

  27. DryHandVirtual

    Good question. For example my fav is Cheryl too, I like her the most from 2002, but if there weren't four other girls, this band wouldn't be as good as is now. I think each girl is different and unique and without any of them, Girls Aloud wouldn't be exist.


    I agree 100%. I always watched these Popstar Groups Eden's Crush (US), Scene 23 (Co-Ed US), as well as Sugar Jones (Canada) and most of them didn't make it. Also, Nicole Scherzinger didn't make it big time even after becoming a Pussycat Doll. They each compliment each other and that's why they had such great chemistry with each other.

  28. DryHandVirtual


  29. Joey Zen

    Better than Spice Girls I must say!

  30. Hang Vu

    I'm dying because of Cheryl's winks

  31. LilCherylsSoldier


  32. Basil II Macedonia

    They are the best girl group ever!!

  33. DutifulAxolotl

    wow they always do some awesome dance routines :D

  34. 17macska

    Nikola is a sensual woman!

  35. tamyresq

    cheryl's facial expressions <3

  36. Arianeful

    the choreography is soo nice!! it's on point!

  37. Tiffany C


  38. LilCherylsSoldier

    god even when cheryl winks its gorgeous how lucky is she :D even cheryl's mam is beautiful so she defo does get her beaty from her mam xx

  39. viktorija

    love cheryl

  40. Kayleigh Natasha

    LOL @ Cheryl @ 2:24

  41. Bibi Passos

    The wink *0*

  42. mosse matters

    100 likes, 0 dislikes (nice)

  43. Bibi Passos

    2:35 LOOOOOL! *-*

  44. Tiffany C

    OMG 0:22 Cheryl so cute.... I LOVE CHIM (cheryl+Kim)

  45. Pablo Cosme

    Cheryl is real beuty !!!, she's great !!!

  46. Jesus Cole

    love chezza

  47. grzesmol

    Nadine is my favourite, she is fantastic, Cheryl is fucking bitch i hate her.

  48. loveit0923

    @GirlsAloudFan454 haha you're funny xD

  49. etreduardo

    @rcsmit Yeah, it seems like. However, that's strange because I think this tour started before Beyoncé's Single Ladies had been released. Strange...

  50. Dnerysdragons

    love cheryl

  51. Jonboy176

    kimberley wrote the Lucky guy, tiles and curtains chorus, love her in this song, she should write more

  52. FlameMirage


  53. mosse matters

    I'm mocha chocolaté, you're more espresso shot. I'm live and soul of the party, it's safe to say you're not. Cheyl's HOT!

  54. Ellice Atkinson

    the guy that dances with cheryl is my brother !

  55. Sweet Honey Bee 8

    haha 2.35

  56. rcsmit

    3.47 inspired by Single Ladies??

  57. auntie histamine

    Kimba's my friggen fave.

  58. Leanne Aloud

    i no i luv tht song

  59. Leanne Aloud

    love this song
    watchin this brings bk sooo many good memories

  60. Pablo Delgadillo

    I loveee how this video starts,when they are shaking their booties with that cool beat.

  61. avadakedavra62442

    Thank you for posting this :')