Girls Aloud - History Lyrics

I watch you, while you're asleep
The one time I ever feel at ease
I got you, I know your game
It don't mean that I know how to play

What's wrong? We didn't fight
Just wish I could climb inside your ?trusted? mind
Where do you really go?
If someone has the answer, could you let me?

And through all our history
The man is a mystery
He takes what he wants from me
And leaves what he don't alone
Well, I'd rather walk away
Pretend that it's all OK
Than ask Mr. Cool to stay
The man is in a world alone

It's over now, I've thrown the towel, can't work it out
Tried so hard, but in the end, there's too much doubt
And I was on my knees when he left me at the door
Strugglin' to pick my broken heart off the floor
A heart so cold, the truth unfolds, I can't say no
Why can't I turn my back and just let it go?
Done all I can to understand why it wasn't right
But I'm the one who cries in the night

So I won't be back
Standing as your trophy
Just like you own me
At least I know that
I've given my everything
Down to this song I sing

But your cold heart's no friend of mine
You're thrillin' me, you're killin' me
And I've been waiting all this time
And I...
I can't change this sorry song
You're makin' me, you're breakin' me
Confusion, it goes on and on
Hell, I should be gone

And through all our history
The man is a mystery
He takes what he wants from me
And leaves what he don't alone
Well, I'd rather walk away
Pretend that it's all OK
Than ask Mr. Cool to stay
The man is in a world alone

I don't want another
You work me like no other
You make it hard for me to
Somebody rescue me

And your cold heart's no friend of mine
You're thrillin' me, you're killin' me
And I've been waiting all this time
And I...
I can't change this sorry song
You're makin' me, you're breakin' me
Confusion, it goes on and on
Hell, I should be gone

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Girls Aloud History Comments
  1. smck 2016

    Nadines build up to the chorus 😍

  2. Simon Gothard

    Sarah Harding. Wow, she was stunning.

  3. Ronald Paul Evans

    Guys trust dont have an affair I did and am wrecked

  4. Ronald Paul Evans

    I had a passionate affaire 6 years and although its 0ver its history its not because I just cant get her out of my mind

  5. steamyboy69

    To this day, I giggle because Kimberley looks pissed at the waiter (even staring him down) for taking her coffee cups LOL look at 0:15

  6. Martina Byrne

    Just saw this music video on television. Loved Girl Aloud miss them. Love this song reminds of my childhood xx

  7. Too Boo

    Hungs Macedonia

  8. Javiera Barría

    Around 2005 and 2008, in the USA existed TRASH like the Pussycat Dolls (I say this because they only "screamed sex", no creativity at all), and in the UK there was Girls Aloud, who made great music. So bad GA weren't that successful outside the UK :(

  9. Elliott Shaw

    The section between 1:47 and 2:08 perfectly showcases why Nicola was the best singer in this band. Pure pop perfection! #TeamNicola 💪🏻

  10. jazmine perry

    the best song of theirs but the least views.. odd 🤔

  11. ruthroses1

    cheryl's part is the best

  12. Roman KFM

    This song helped me through my buddies passing with oxycotin.

  13. Purple Rose

    Nadine and Nicola= the true vocalists of the band. Neither is my favourite, btw- but I think it indisputable. ^-^

  14. JustAGirl MGN

    I'm born in 2005, in France, so so sad their songs never been more famous in France 😓

  15. Patsy Judd

    Nadine and her backing singers

  16. Peter Sydes

    go Donald!

  17. Allen M. Quinn

    Love this song. Very underrated. One of their strongest ballads.

  18. Peter Sydes

    the storm is upon us.

  19. Zugalu

    wait wait wait... is this girls aloud's song?!

  20. Nathan Tisdale

    This song still hasn't got 1 million views! What is wrong with the world! I'll still be watching in 2019 etc

  21. tyrone daharu

    I miss them so much....can u do a reunion. ?like take that or spice girls?.love u girls

  22. Peter Sydes


  23. Peter Sydes

    This is my favourite Girls aloud song

  24. otnat2094

    Wow, every room that they're in must be incredibly drafty, considering that they are indoors for most of the vid, and their hair is CONSTANTLY being blown by some unseen breeze coming from somewhere.

  25. laminage

    God aren't British Bookstores and Cafes amazing. You can put me in one and I'd be so happy.

  26. laminage

    It has kind of a Burt Bacharach Vibe to it. It's kind of sad to know that all five aren't on speaking terms. I wish that US Self Help Guru Iyanla Vanzant would talk to them. She is straight A Gangsta! She chopped down a Young Lady who deluded herself into believing that because she was with Taryll Jackson (Michael's Nephew) who was briefly successful in 3T she should live the glamorous life and she didn't. She could talk to Cheryl and remind her that when she first met Liam Payne she was 24 and he was 14. It was like her meeting David at 15 and he was 24 all over again in reverse. She's trying to fix now what she couldn't fix then. Also remind them that The Show Made Them not the other way around and that they should be very grateful for what they had achieved. Put them in a Room like a Dance Hall Studio and have them look at every Girl Group from the 1950's to now and remind them that most didn't get a Happy Ending. Homelessness, Addiction, Bankruptcy, and Death. So many from the 1960's lost someone. Nedra Talley The Ronettes, Florence Ballard The Supremes, Wanda Young & Gladys Horton The Marvelettes, Only One Shangri-La is alive which is Mary Ganser. You didn't suffer the humiliation of selling 15 Million Records, burning your Boyfriend's House Down and declaring Bankruptcy and look at what happened to Rozonda & Tionne. They can't even get a Record Deal now. Also you at least got "paid" and became millionaires. Look at what happened to The Shirelles, they had to wait 20 Years to get "Paid". En Vogue took out large cash advances on their Recordings and paid the price later on and since they didn't write their songs, they don't get Royalties. Look at The Braxtons, only Toni did well in Pop/R & B with "Unbreak My Heart" which went to Number One for 10 Weeks something that Diana Ross didn't do as a Solo Artist. Tamar did moderately well but not as big and was on a Chat Show all hosted by Black Women and when she left they got an Emmy Award (The US's Highest Honor). The Pointer Sisters don't get paid because they didn't write "Jump" or any of their other Songs, Sister June became a Cocaine Addict, ended up broke and homeless, and was in the closet for a long time. If they knew you existed how would they feel knowing you're selling out stadiums while they are a Holiday Inn Act (quite a Step down from the 1980's) where their songs were on The Radio all of the time. So put your differences aside and now how lucky you are and that The Next Girl Group who comes along is going to have some big shoes to fill.

  27. jenny taylor

    Nicola kills it (in a good way!)

  28. Tiffanie Bowers

    My song

  29. Clazza 01

    Winder what happened to Girls Aloud? (aside from Cheryl)

    Amelia Harris

    Claire 01
    Cheryl - obviously went on to a solo career and has some amazing songs which I love, has had bear and is soon to release some more songs.
    Kimberley - performed in musicals in the west end, has had a solo career, has two boys and has now released a kids clothing brand.
    Nadine - lives between London and LA, has a daughter and has a solo career.
    Nicola - has a solo career, has been on a few fashion TV shows and through the years has worked with the government to help with subjects like PSHCE, stalking, tanning beds for under 18s.
    Sarah - had a solo career, moved to the country and has been acting in shows like Coronation street.
    Thats also for anyone who was curious x

  30. Jose Enrike Nieto Sanchez

    i thinkthis is by far my fav song

  31. Aliyah Burnette

    I love this song one of my favorites from chemistry.

  32. Richard

    They're so beautiful in this, I just wanna take them home and make sweet sweet love to them

  33. Joanne Denney

    That ending shot of Sarah walking outside in the Paris sunshine, lovely X

  34. Leon Detheridge

    Can you remember me

  35. Garrerth Reed

    Nadine then to now wow.

  36. Garrerth Reed

    Always appreciated.

  37. James Ward

    So much better than One directions whole lotta history

  38. Lazare Lazaro

    Ha! Nadine can hold a whole chorus on her own. As usual.

  39. Pir Oukay

    Nicola really OWNS motorcyclists that she smashes into with her Cayenne.

  40. markieGgirl

    Nicola is far the better singer!

  41. Abhishek Sinharay

    cheryl is really very talented and also quite simple had she not been indulged with ashley cole she would have been topmost famous now also

  42. Richie T

    is the blonde chick sarah ?? is she ok now after the whole cancer thing ??? im not afraid to say it as a geezer... ... i love this song :)

    Ludvig Patterson

    Richie T She is, very much alive.

  43. Kayleigh Natasha

    For some reason the chorus reminds me of One Direction's song History

    Callum Heggie

    also JLS' the chorus of 'love you more' sounds like copied from DR Hook/911's a little bit more


    Not really. ‘ A Whole Lotta History’ by Girls Aloud is haunting and more heartfelt. And this video is more beautiful with heartbreak written all over it.

  44. Long Xiangyu

    the last part is the best.

  45. HeyIts LeeHere

    Omg I love this but 360p tho -.- Sarah's parts tho tbh she is quite underrated

  46. P Hampton

    Ten years ago nooooooooooooooo.

  47. Girls Aloud 4870

    This makes me cry

  48. Ella Jackson

    I love this song, it's beautiful. They are all gorgeous and I absolutely adore Kimberley's smile :)

  49. Phillip-Anthony Rodriguez

    I love Girls Aloud. They weren't afraid to be kind of silly sometimes, yet they when they were serious, it worked (most of the time).

    Boy Aloud

    Very true

  50. MetalAlchemist8105

    My favorite girl band after Atomic Kitten

  51. Ben Smith

    Cheryl 😍

  52. Jack Young

    This song is so Cheryl relevant right now...

    samantha owen

    Jack Young s yes I agree with you there

  53. Mertzehia Howell

    "You and me gotta whole lotta history we could be the greatest thing the world has ever seen"-History by one direction

    Song title for this song "Whole lotta history" DUN DUN DUN

    Jonathan G

    +Mertzehia Howell If you sing the hook of 1D over this chorus it works too lol. Hmmm


    except this song is 11 years old!

    Jess W

    This song is 11 years old 😂😂 Defo didn’t copy 1D 😂

    Liam B

    AND Liam Payne’s with Cheryl Cole 🤔


    I think the supposition is that the songwriters for One Direction may have taken influence from the songwriters for Girls Aloud. There was probably overlap tbh.

  54. Black Phillip

    Beautiful redhead.

    Guy Palmer

    Her name is Nicola Roberts.


    Thank God somebody acknowledges this. It's a pity she didn't realise just how beautiful she was at the time.

    Manu Díaz

    She's also my favourite, and never understood that ugly label people put on her. OMG, I would kill for a chick like this!

  55. Carlos MacAwhachle

    Cheryl is cute; Kimberley is hot ... but Sarah is sex on legs ...!!!

  56. Kelvyn Silva

    Nicola really OWNS this song. Her part after the first chorus always give me chills.

    Purple Rose

    +Kelvyn Silva Dang! You're right. I've never been a fan of her but her part's ~really~ good. ;)


    I know the same thing goes to "The Loving Kind" and "Call the Shots". I think it is because her voice and Nadine's (as the lead) are so contrasting. When she comes in, it gives another new dimension to the song.

    J LP

    her vocals are so sweet in this

    Jonty Banks

    Kelvyn Silva Disagree. Nadine as usual is the strongest vocalist & a Girl's Aloud song without her singing lead vocal wouldn't be a girls aloud song. Nicola has a sweet voice &I love her vocal in this but she doesn't hold a candle to Nadine's vocal & power 💖

  57. Ivon Roberts

    This is actually a rely nice song :) It's cool, and unique

  58. maria78831

    nicola is so sweet

  59. LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch

    I'm talkin' 'bout the hole called my "coochie"
    Oh can't you see boy that I don't have a weenie?
    I'm squatin' on the bowl in the potty
    I can't stand up when I need to pee, baby

  60. Twirtle83

    I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't but you've cost me so much love, so finally I just decided to go, I know I've had enough ... 💔

  61. Mhei Tee

    I love kimba's smile while looking at chery @(2:32) and when cheryl noticed it,she also smile back at her. And sarah cant help but to look at them and smile. I love CHIM so much :)

  62. Devio42

    I absolutely love the short blonde haired one. I love her part at the end. I don't know her name though

    Keithy P

    She's Sarah Harding.

    Jz Re

    That's Mama Sarah

  63. Aamna J

    Cheryl is sexy in this video who agrees💗😘😍💗


    Yeh Cheryl an Nadine their both sexy...

    Girls Aloud 4870

    +justin7036 if you think they are now then look at Sexy! No No No...

    G Crew 18

    Me absolutely😀.

    Blast Thunder

    Aamna J she’s sexy is every video

  64. tfoste05

    Does anyone know the name of this mix?
    I have the chemistry album and I could swear it was touched up a tiny bit
    But maybe I'm hearing things...
    Great song though


    @***** Thank you kindly!
    Btw, killer Kylie song..! 

  65. honoshikun

    This song has a vague 50s/60s pop feel mixed in with a 90s style ballad. It's very nice!

  66. dog19292

    Because of the miracle of "Girls Aloud: Off the Record" I know that Chezza actually had "I had no idea what these people are saying!" Wrote on the book because the shoot was in Paris XD

    Claudia Marujo

    I saw that too!

  67. Ellie Schneider

    I LOVE YOU CHERYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  68. Willlll1m

    one of my fav girls aloud songs!!! Nicolas part is the best bit

    Cordelia Wiltshire

    I completely agree. She has a really nice voice.

  69. Dead Ball Situation

    Sarah Harding = perfect girlfriend


    +zander469 not quite...

  70. Fraser Smith

    I miss them so much. :(

  71. Future Briton

    Shut up you racist hater.

  72. Natalia Orrego

    this song is so freakin awesome <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  73. emcdmusic


  74. dog19292

    Am I the only one who thinks towards the end of the song theyre talking about their time together as a group?

  75. Ariadne Lydia

    It was in France

  76. Ariadne Lydia

    Nicola <3


    Beautiful song one of my faves

  78. nulixmx

    Does anybody know the address of the café???

  79. toni harbour

    plscheck out my covers, thank u xx

  80. Emma Wings

    Nicola hates her makeup in this video, on DVD Off the Record she said the video did not like because it looked horrible: (instead the girls did not enjoy much of his video installation by the fact that Nicola retired very recording mad ...

  81. Abi trott

    Nicola's voice is gorgeous <3

  82. Cassandra Bitz


  83. Tirayu Watkins Songdacha

    i love sarah's part at the end of the song. so impressive : )

  84. ap72sentinal

    she loves black cock

  85. Madi kayla

    i always laugh while watching Cheryls part because the back stage where she wrote in the book "I don't know what these people are saying" because they were shooting in France >_<

  86. Ben Edery

    I got to agree!

  87. JackeME

    I really love this song

  88. v a l e n t i n a

    I think, Nicola is the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen (just my opinion)

  89. Jolene Robb

    Love this so much, why so little views??

  90. Emma Neale

    Reminds me of me and my ex bf Joe ....

  91. Michael Gomez Hidalgo

    Amazing song and beautiful video...very different for Girls Aloud!

  92. Jessica Wilkinson

    icant elieve theyve split they re amazing

  93. samia cc

    cheryyyyyyl cheryl cheryl cheryl cheryl cheryl <3 <3

  94. Girls Aloud

    this is such a special song. A WHOLE LOTTA HISTORY FOR GA!!!!!!!

  95. Miz Rahman


  96. toni smith

    Sophie like this song and I see on Sunday I love hem so much boyfriend xxx
    :-( lol miss you too boyfriend,