Girls Aloud - Fields Of Gold Lyrics

You'll remember me when the west wind moves
Upon the fields of barley
You'll forget the sun in his jealous sky
As we walk in fields of gold
So she took her love
For to gaze awhile
Upon the fields of barley
In his arms she fell as her hair came down
Among the fields of gold
Will you stay with me, will you be my love
Among the fields of barley
We'll forget the sun in his jealous sky
As we lie in fields of gold

See the west wind move like a lover so
Upon the fields of barley
Feel her body rise when you kiss her mouth
Among the fields of gold

I never made promises lightly
And there have been some that I've broken
But I swear in the days still left
We'll walk in fields of gold
We'll walk in fields of gold

Many years have passed since those summer days
Among the fields of barley
See the children run as the sun goes down
Among the fields of gold
You'll remember me when the west wind moves
Upon the fields of barley
You can tell the sun in his jealous sky
When we walked in fields of gold
Only we walked in fields of gold (oh)
When we walked in fields of gold

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Girls Aloud Fields Of Gold Comments
  1. R Covet

    She is the only one out of girls aloud who can actually sing

  2. Welcome to the Machine

    God I want to eat that puss

  3. Jay Dee

    Very insincere. Sad. Go listen to, well, anyone else.

  4. Mart diva1979

    She Looks beautiful and sounds beautiful best singer in GA Nadine Sarah and nicola xx

  5. laminage

    I would have loved for her to have been on a US Soap Opera as a Distant Relative of one of The Irish Families. Whether it's The Brady Family on Days Of Our Lives (1965-Present) The Reardons (Guiding Light 1937-2009) or even The Ryan's on Ryan's Hope (1975-1984). She did Sting proud.

  6. Kevin Breitman

    I like Nadine’s voice but to be fair, that’s a little bit of a slight. Cheryl is good too. They’re just different.

  7. Sweet Summer

    She should have gone solo. She is too good for those other girls, Cheryl Kimberly nicola can't sing and are jealous

  8. Kevin Breitman

    Far superior to Auto Tunes Cheryl.

  9. Mart diva1979

    She made GIRLS ALOUD she is amazing
    Beautiful voice

  10. Nathanael Parker

    Late 2018 anyone? ❤️

  11. Karmal Karn


  12. Caitlín Ní Cheallaigh



  13. peter sommerville


  14. Brad S

    the talented one

  15. peter sommerville


  16. CategoryIsBlack

    Love her or hate her ... BUT Nadine has always flawlessly sing (Louis Walsh also recently confirmed that). She and Sarah, deserve more audience : i just love their personality and the fact that they're not bitchy or pushy at all (...)

  17. SheffieldBeagles

    Four words (and a single punctuation mark): in your face, Chavvy-Chezza 

  18. Mary Denise

    Amazing voice she should have done better than she has...

  19. Jovan Eric

    She was only 17! Wow!

  20. blondedbythelight703

    She actually can be pretty cool when she wants to be.

  21. Mario Politi


  22. Sophie Wilson

    I cry everytime <


    Sophie u are looking so cool lets talk each other

  23. Sophie Wilson

    I cry everytime <

  24. On the move

    Queen Nadine slaying even before she was famous.

  25. Danielle Keeler

    this gives me goosebumps

  26. puddingtastic

    So gorgeous. Can't stop crying to her voice. :'/ <3

  27. Bellerous Xo

    Her voice is beautiful.

  28. shellyred1985

    No Cheryl married a footballer thats the difference.

  29. vonkvetch

    This is the moment Nadine booked her place in Girls Aloud. Fabulous performance. Had it been available as a single I would have bought it straight away. Great job Nadine!

  30. JackeME

    This is why I love Nadine.

  31. robertziraldo

    Nadine is perfection

  32. pierre00

    Nadine is a complete classic diva. But she's not there yet. She needs to dig a little bit in her emotions to be a little bit more vulnerable whenever she's singing... But she'll get what she deserves eventually! She'll be bigger than Cheryl when her time comes.

  33. daniel power

    this is gorgiousness

  34. daniel power

    i think that nadine has loads of stage presence i adore her and her singing! she should be an international superstar. shes amazing and deserves the best success

  35. Maya Shah

    not really in regards to singing ability.

  36. Sheril Coal

    But Nadine is stunningly beautiful, so your statement contradicts itself. Cheryl has a personality, that is the difference.

  37. Freda Goling

    So sad she didn't have x factor behind her, she was very silly to try to go it alone with no manager, Nadine should have been bigger than cheryl, cheryl cant sing but she had x factor.

  38. Kat Graham

    she is amazing!:) she is definitely the best singer in girls aloud but she didn't get as much success as she deserved! cheryl cole is an average singer but she was only so popular because of x factor and will i am but i love them all!:)

  39. emmanisms

    she shoud go back to this type of music... nadine is a gem!

  40. sam janes

    @fmbg89 ha-i checked it out. how can anybody can doors wrong!!!

  41. mraidanlalewis

    @MegaSmileywiley and marrying a footballer

  42. Maya Shah

    @jason0898 I never said she wasn't good looking. Don't be dim because Cheryl has had a better career than nadine, but that was not because she had the best voice, it was because of her looks. Don't try and tell me it was because cheryl has an amazing voice like nadine. -_-

  43. Jason Rob

    @MegaSmileywiley dont be so bloody stupid Nadine is just as good looking

  44. tebowisgay

    she would get her back dores smashed in

  45. Pascale Hiemstra

    watch this version : KC4rndEeGWM = search it on youtube

  46. Eóin 2014

    this is the best performance ever on any reality tv show.

  47. Karrina

    cant believe her album didnt do well , shes way better than cheryl. so many tone deaf people these days lol

  48. Queen Victoria


  49. AnimeRoxLife

    Nadine has amazing voice and cheryls out of tune alot of the time :/

  50. Jessica Helen

    STOP comparing Cheryl and Nadine. They are different people with different voices. So just stop.

  51. losophina

    THE VOICE in Girls Aloud

  52. Emma Katie

    I hate how most of the comments here are putting down Cheryl. Nadine wouldn't want that, guys. Can't we just appreciate Nadine's gorgeous voice without putting down one of her band mates?

    maureen mc menamin

    Nadine. Can sing that goes with out saying.

  53. Tombo1230

    IMHO this is a reasonably good version of this song from Girls alouds best singer. There are much better versions out there, for instance Eva Cassidays rendition wipes the floor with this. The reason I think this, is that Eva sang from the heart, but this feels like a taught performance and I don't think Nadine is feeling the song IMHO. I'm sure others will see it differently, especially G.A. fans.

  54. Emma Katie

    @DearbhlaMcG I think Nadine and Cheryl are equal. And for the record, Cheryl was told she would be fired if she didn't take them, so she took them, and then she was fired anyways.

  55. RivJohnson101

    nice, but pity they have to overblow songs and ruin them on these talent shows. its not needed, just sing the song and it would have been much better.

  56. Dearbhla Mc Geoghegan

    Nadine got a lot of bad press because of her newly found (apparant) accent with a hint of Americianisms? Which I DONT agree with ... However, Cheryl is now taking elocution lessons (just like Nadine was informed to) .... and I sincerly hope that Mrs Princess Nations Sweetheart Cheryl get's as much bad press as lovely Nadine did! Nadine is the true star in my eyes, her performances are simply incredible and I will back her to the bone. She's a superstar in her own right!!!!

  57. SheffieldBeagles

    @catherinek94 Disagree. Think Nadine is brillo pads.

  58. SheffieldBeagles

    If the world was fair & rewarded people for talent alone, we'd be asking "Cheryl WHO?". Nadine has 1m% more talent than Tweedy but what's talent got to do with it when you've got ITV Primetime?

  59. Ellie O'Donnell


  60. FrankHankProductions

    @boybandbowes she had an album.. it flopped. no fans, no personality. simple as.

  61. martina mckeown

    Nadine is the best,good Derry girl.:)

  62. Jess Ní Núaláin

    i love girls aloud chezzas always bee my fav but i just cant stop liste n2 tis

  63. Deer Slayer

    Nadine Coyle 608,876 hits. Eva Cassidy, died 13 yrs ago 3,540552 hits. Aye, you certainly can her the voice of an Angel, and it's not Coyle.

  64. fizzell sizzell

    Amazing Voice!!!!!!!!!

  65. Alex Kaser

    shes the only singer in girls aloud.

  66. Lynnch1

    @niamhybbz You dont give the English language justice. Learn to spell idiot.

  67. Yair Medina


  68. ellykatexo

    I actually love this so much.Nadine has such raw talent♥♥♥

  69. Maya Shah

    cheryl is actually rubbish compared to Nadinee ... just shows how far you can get with you looks ...

  70. MrTomNightingale

    An utter disgrace she was allowed to do that. Why do I say that? You may find it helpful to listen to Eva Cassidy's version.

  71. xbecxxx

    I don't get why singers smoke as it can damage their voice. Will young smokes and quite a few others do.

  72. AcousticUplift

    I remember taping this per4mance and watching it so many times. That end ad-lib, phew! She has got such a lovely soulful voice. I always thought she was wasted on GA material and I don't think her solo single does her justice either.

  73. RachelCF2

    @KrisDoherty - Honestly, I have expressed an opinion, I don't like this song sung by her, seriously is it that offensive to you that someone doesn't agree with you? Get a life and let others live theirs! Swearing is offensive to some people, opinions on songs should not be. By the way if we are talking about a lack of intelligence, your grammar isn't helping your case.

  74. MilenaESS

    1 word- WOW

  75. KrisDoherty

    @RachelCF2 swearing does not show a lack of vocabulary nor does a lack of vocabulary show a lack of intelligence. You have proven your intelligence. Well done. You completely shot yourself in the foot. You're entitled to your opinion but your wrong.

  76. xbecxxx

    so annoyed that her album sales are not doing better. she produced and co wrote all 13 songs of the album. What did cole do she gets her voice to be auto tuned so it sounds better and she only co-wrote 2. And then gets other singers like Will.Iam to feature on the album so it will do better.

  77. TommyGDub

    UGH! Brits, GO BUY HER DEBUT ALBUM!!! Listen to that voice!! She's the only one of GA that deserves a solo career.

  78. Sabrina Jones

    @boybandbowes ummm, she's signed to tesco's record label and she's a bitch...that's why

  79. xbecxxx

    Cheryl Cole can only dream of being able to sing like this. All Cole does is mime but gets to number one. Whereas Nadine only chooses to sing live on TV but yet gets criticised. Cole go and learn to sing.

  80. YuzuTea812

    She has a beautiful voice, but why did she completely change the melody of the song?

  81. numba1danman

    @yesyesohyay10 well im sorry your wrong, taking just one single and album...spirit and bleeding love leona has sold 17 million records. so that leaves 3 million to make up from echo, happy, better in time, moment like this, run, forgive me, i will be and i got you.
    her RECORD sales are between 25- 30 million.

  82. ufewl

    she has a great voice, so rich such warmth.
    leona has a cold voice.

  83. because88

    She can sing! I'm quite shocked.

  84. numba1danman

    @yesyesohyay10 ohh reaaaly? well fyi..bleeding love sold just under 10 million worldwide, her debut album spirit has sold over 7 million copies...thats already 17 million, then u have better in time - 2.5 million, run .1.4 mil, forgive me 500k, happy 2 mil, echo 2.5 mil, momenty in time 1.3 mil. leona has sold between 25- 30 million records...put that in your pipe bitch!

  85. Franz Kafka


  86. Erin Deery

    @numba1danman are you joking ? are the deaf ? seriosuley man wise up ! nadine coyle is fucking amazing like to see you or any other female singer sing like that im sure some of them could pull it off but im pretty sure nadine would pone alexandra and leonas little arse :) gone listen to her and your saying shes shit honestly ... ? you need a slap

  87. mgblue

    i am very energetics.. love singing and preforming..
    i do it often..
    im getting a good reception so far...
    and could get a record deal any time soon
    good luck with that...loser

  88. mgblue

    @andwhat93 i know she has better vocal ability but theres no emotion in her voice, she got an amazing gift when she was born but i think whoever picked her to give that gift to picked an empty vessel, id rather watch nadine than leona, leona is boring, if leona tried to sing fields of gold she would give you a pitch perfect version and you will say wow amazing but nadine will make you cry thats the difference oh and learn how to spell you mong

  89. numba1danman

    @mrcwalk apart frm she has no vocal range and very pitcy unlike leona lewis who is considered the best female singer of her generation....and leona has sold 30 million records, i voted for nadine...but c'mon....even shitty alexandra burke is a better singer

  90. mgblue

    @andwhat93 but she has more emotion in her voice that only leona could dream of, leona is an amazing singer but she has the personality of a wet fish licking a wet rock on a wet day

  91. shescalledirina

    What was this girl doing wasting her talent in a girl band?

  92. Patrick Barber

    @andwhat93 thats a matter of opinion, i didn't realise i'd provoke comments from retards.

  93. mgblue

    omg this is the only performance i remember from this show, amazing

  94. Phillip Mauafua

    canned applause.

  95. boybandbowes

    i am so sick of the world wanking over cheryl cole, she can't sing for shit. nadine is amazing but how often do u ever see or hear anything about her

  96. Paul Collins

    She Definatley Has The Best Natural Voice, She Is Better Natural Than AutoTuned She Is The Best Singer In Girls Aloud.

  97. Lewis Smith

    stunning. i love nadine

  98. Dragostea

    Omg this is wonderful!! And honestly this song is not easy!!