Girls Aloud - Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me Lyrics

Standing over the basin
I've been washing my face in
Jet black mascara racing
Down my cheeks 'til I taste it
Staring at my reflection
Every slight imperfection
Staring back at me
Naked as a girl can be

And who would have thought that I'd be so content in my own skin?

Right now the whole world could call me ugly
So what?
To you I'm not
You don't love me 'cause I'm beautiful
Oh no
I'm beautiful 'cause you love me

I can tell you the deepest
And darkest of my secrets
Knowing that you will keep it
And it won't change our feelings
Every mark on my body
You know every inch of me
All the parts that I
Used to hate you glorify

There's a new meaning to freedom when I'm with you

Right now the whole world could call me ugly
So what?
To you I'm not
You don't love me 'cause I'm beautiful
Oh no
I'm beautiful 'cause you love me

Beautiful 'cause you love me

There's a new meaning to freedom when I'm with you

Right now the whole world could call me ugly
So what?
To you I'm not
You don't love me 'cause I'm beautiful
Oh no
I'm beautiful 'cause you love me

Beautiful 'cause you love me

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Girls Aloud Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me Comments

    So beautiful song ♥️🤗

  2. Ithil Greenleaf

    Honestly, the last 2 songs they put out before disbanding was the best throughout their whole discography.
    Instead of disbanding they should have stayed as a band and released new music every few years, while simultaneously working on their own stuff.
    They could have had so many good hits by now tbh.

  3. //Ala //

    Nadine at 2:55 😍

  4. Lindsey T

    Nicola looks stunning here, honestly don't understand how people called her ugly xx

  5. Declan Paxton

    Nicola made the song 1❤😘😅👍🙊👌

    Gowreeshthespicegirl Gymfan


  6. Declan Paxton


  7. oncemorewithfeelslol

    Cheryl is so in love with herself, I don't know how people warm to her??

    //Ala //

    oncemorewithfeelslol same

  8. Haus Of Klebtonia

    2:55 Nadine laughing that she Cut Cheryl’s Brake line

  9. K M

    I love Nicola

  10. Heather Sutcliffe

    Wow iv never heard this song till now

  11. Sophia Keo

    Who’s here after I’m a celebrity?!
    Came here to see 02:55 😂

  12. smck 2016

    This wasnt worthy enough to be a single. Wasnt even produced by Xenomania.

  13. Chiara Oliver

    omg was this filmed in holyrood house?!?

  14. star

    Nicola crying... baby girl<3

  15. Steve Simkins

    Lols pretty girls talking about being ugly


    actually nicola who sings the chorus was called ugly for YEARS by the press. the others are all beautiful though

    Gowreeshthespicegirl Gymfan

    @RidersinBlack she's ugly and jealous brar

    //Ala //

    RidersinBlack Nicola is beautiful


    @//Ala // yes she is! I phrased that badly lol. Shes beautiful but she went through the struggle of being bullied by her looks for years when she was in her awkward phase.

    //Ala //

    RidersinBlack Oh sorry I misunderstood you

  16. steamyboy69

    I don’t know why the guardian weekend website called this song ‘dreary’ but I think it’s one of the most beautiful songs ever written and only Girls Aloud can sing it with so much class. When I‘m sad , i go to the bathroom of my crappy apartment and i lip sing with the song while removing make up and imagining some hot guy saving me from my misery into his big arms hahHaha i am so dramatic.

  17. Caroline Moses

    Nadine never made this song alone ! They all did and They sang this very well ... pity they split up I agree.

  18. Stephen6 Whitehead

    The more i see cheryl,the more i realise why in my eyes she's one of THE HOTTEST WOMEN ON THIS PLANET.

  19. Gabriel Luiz

    Don't let this song die!! Brazil here in 2019 <3

  20. m. mache

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  21. Luke Dalton

    I love them so much ❤️

  22. englandportugal91


  23. Ashley Garnar

    Nicola owned this. This song was made for her and she’s come so far. She came from being one of the weaker singers and being called the ugly one in the group. Now she’s one of the prettiest girls in the group and is probably the best singer along w/ Nadine. She rly deserved the lead on this song. I love them all though💘💘

  24. Samantha Jane

    Yay! Nicola! Kimberley! Getting good vocal time!

  25. Stephen Key

    2.57-2.59 I don't know whether crying makes nicola look sad or even more beautiful

  26. Stephen Key

    The drop at the beginning reminds me of a classic fm album cover 🤣🤣🤣

  27. _-_ girlVicious


  28. arty stifan

    I have never see women like cheryl she so beautiful

  29. Bravery

    and Nadine hasnt sang a line, wtf was going on, this trio took over at the end hate them, team Nadine

    //Ala //

    Bravery she sang the ‘my baby’ bit in the background, I think she should have got more though, but in all of their other songs she had the most, she’s my favourite though

  30. Jiri Zimovcak

    The song flopped because Nadine was like:” I am not doing it”

  31. JLW 1006

    I was never a huge fan of this as a ‘final’ single. They’re known for the big pop sound, so this was a disappointing ‘end’. And ever since Nadine brought to light her distaste for the message of ‘someone making you feel beautiful’, I hate it even more. It’s a very pretty video tho.

  32. m. mache

    Girls prinsseces I can see this old songs but incredible can be heard eny time remarkable scripts Absolutely stunning will be great if you can Idd to it bit dance it will make great test of music love it for thus song I'm going to give you strong judgement three times 7.3 billions loves Like it congratulations by mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?

  33. Astro pra mim é deus


  34. xthegilmoregirlx

    Masterpiece. Love u Chezza ❤️

  35. Poison Ivy

    The song didn't go that well because Nadine herself refuse to sing a part of it. Honestly Nadine was the VOICE of GA. The prettiest of them all. Best voice, end of story. 💁

  36. L Lambert

    this song was a terrible choice for a single... it should have been on the metro

  37. Jazzy Dee

    #girlsaloud's best song and #NicolaRoberts shining moment

  38. laminage

    I wish I had a Song like that when I was growing up in the 1980's. I was bullied for being a Dark Skinned Black by my Cousins who were fair skinned and had the boys interested in them. Later they admitted they were mean because they were jealous that I was the "Favorite" Grandchild and one was upset because her parents couldn't raise her because they were teenagers when she was born. I had my Father and she didn't. They got their payback with disastrous marriages, divorces, and Men whom my Family couldn't stand. God don't like ugly and they are paying in spades right now.

  39. xthegilmoregirlx

    I adore Cheryl more than words

  40. M00N W4T3R

    I don't hate you because you're fat, you're fat because I hate you

  41. 류K-Pop fan Hey! K-Pop fanatics Sera

    THIS THING IS TOO S A D! this made various people cry

  42. 류K-Pop fan Hey! K-Pop fanatics Sera

    plus it’s too sad!

  43. 류K-Pop fan Hey! K-Pop fanatics Sera

    what da hull, why was Beautiful Cause U Love me released? I absolutely hate that track, I wish that On The Metro was released instead. that would have been more fitting and up beatz RATHER THAN BEAUTIFUL COS U LOVE ME!
    I wish they HAD NØT RELEASED THIS!

    류K-Pop fan Hey! K-Pop fanatics Sera

    Dear Jesus Christopher, I wish that Girls Aloud did NOT release Beautiful Cos U Love me,

  44. Anton Medvedev

    What a song! ❤

  45. Blast Thunder

    Never seen as woman as stunning as Cheryl

  46. Dan Bana

    I wonder if they will get back together now cheryls career is hitting the skids.

  47. Marta Jestem

    so wonderful song

  48. Kingslayer

    I love this song but I am actually ugly. This girl is 100 types of gorgeous.

  49. mickyjoe97

    Would gladly trade Spice Girls' reunion for a Girls Aloud one instead

  50. Rein LeeB


  51. Anirudh Khanna

    December 2018?

  52. Daisy Huang Vuelvas

    Miss them 😔💎

  53. Thomas Goodall

    still makes me cry, love this song, mainly because there is hardly no nadine!

  54. Joop van buerink

    zo good joop van buerink

  55. D Roberts

    Nicola wrote this , how amazing


    I really connect with this and these Girls Aloud. There is not replacements yet. DONT SAY LITTLE MIX. A HAREEM OF WITCHES

  57. Jordan Carrington

    Sounds alright & the video too.

  58. Serena Hussain

    I don’t care about spice girls reunion I just want a girls aloud reunion. I actually never knew about this song it’s really good and Nicola and Kimberly have great voices, Cheryl also is just so much better vocally in a band and with these serious slower songs.

  59. Dominique Dupont

    Girls aloud featuring Nadine Coyle was an amazing band.

  60. Theruealoud

    Sarah ❤️

  61. harmoney love

    please come back girls. we still love you and would love for you to flood the charts again. i think it woould be so great though if you came back and did dance/pop music. love you. your songs give me soooo many happy memories xoxo

  62. Miguel Alves

    They ended with such an atrocious song

  63. Ryan Malik

    when they're all stunning, nicola is finally being what she deserves to be and this song is one of their best ballad ever they decided to disband?! on the metro would have been the best GA closing act! I still consider this as their second to last single.

  64. Andy O

  65. Zugalu

    this song is so nice and so sad and so everything I'm crying rn

  66. Catiti Hueso

    Precioso Vídeo, todas parecen Ángeles <3<3<3 Beautiful Video, they all look like Angels <3 <3 <3

  67. HeyEmmy

    don't you dare close that door

  68. oncemorewithfeelslol

    I feel like this would have been more successful if they were more active the year before it was released? The backing music makes me feel sad:(

  69. Adam Billiald

    2018 anyone? 🙌

  70. 10048375

    Nicole looks blake lively

  71. Gayham

    they should have released on the metro as the last single...this bombed.

  72. Jay Tasia

    came back to this because Nadine said she didn't like this and i agree, need to remind everyone how terrible of a choice this was to be made a single, their FINAL single at that!!

    Jardeson Barbosa

    Because she finally didn't get the lead?


    Yeah,like she was the only one who could actually sing, why didnt she step up for herself, so not fair, those girls band full of bitches


    Just lovely. I still think this should have been a Sugababes song.

  74. Dan

    Kind of ironic, Nadine didn’t get a solo in this, their very last single

    Samantha Jane

    Dan ironic also that they chose to break up without Nadine’s input. Just as they had a chance to have an equal voice

    Leona Stewart

    Nadine said she didn’t want to sing because she didn’t like the message of the song

  75. Tabgach Giyamhu

    i feel like nicola is holding her tears and resentment at 2:23 2:24

  76. stephanie lindsay

    I really liked Kimberly's part in this song, her voice has a beautiful tone. Pity you didn't hear it more.


    She has a rich lower register, must sing alto/mezzo.

  77. Maycon Payne

    I had to come here after watching Fifth Harmony's Don't Say You Love Me

    deimantecht ღ

    same the doors at the end of the video reminded me of this

  78. Jake Miller

    Nadine is the worst..

    Aidan Loughran

    Jake Miller slight jealously in this comment. All girls aloud fans with a brain will tell you that Nadine held the band together with her vocals.

  79. laminage

    When the Door Closed, it was like they were closing a Door on One Chapter in their lives and saying Hello to a New Chapter. So much has happened in these past Six Years. They stayed together for Ten Years longer than any Group in The Popstars Franchise that celebrates it's 20th Anniversary and came out of it with "Bank" which is saying alot.

  80. Tabla 256

    My favorite song till now! Thank you ❤️

  81. micandro nella

    why this flopped?

    Aidan Loughran

    micandro nella because Nadine never got a line

  82. Shannon Starke

    Still listening in 2018 😍😍💖

  83. Imogen Dibble

    I love this song and I’m so happy nicola got the lead. She absolutely owned it. And Kimberley. They both were so underrated. Nicola more so finally they got to sing with Nadine stepping down a bit. Incredible single. One of my favs

  84. Robbie Coulson

    Needs more Nadine

  85. Ellie Nicolé


  86. Ellie Nicolé

    I miss them so much😪❤️❤️❤️❤️

  87. laminage

    You know looking back, this Song could have been next to Beautiful by Christina Aguilera (Written By Linda Perry Wife Of Sarah Gilbert US Talk Show Host), a Song that could have been big in America.

  88. Sinead O Neill

    I can see Nicola Roberts teary eyes in this video. I read something one time where she said she was bullied because she had been called ugly by losers. Well, she is absolutely stunning!!!! I wish she would realise that those people were probably miserable and jealous of her. She's my fav in the group and NICOLA ROBERTS IS STUNNING IN EVERY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    G Crew 18

    I agree😀.

    Stephen6 Whitehead

    There all stunning,but CHERYL.FANTASY TIME.

  89. Charchar2492 Natalie

    Beautiful song



  91. Adonislan Alves

    I want this girls back!

  92. taylorendedherself On ig

    Even their video quality is bad poor slut

  93. xthegilmoregirlx

    They sound amazing!!! Bring them back! Add up my Cheryl fan accounts @chezzas.soldier on Instagram and @fangirlsoldier1 on Twitter

  94. Willem Hermann

    It's really pathetic, how this song somehow managed to take a dump on the musical legacy of GA. Remember how they decided against releasing "Stay Another Day" a their debut, because it was too paint-by-numbers and saccharine? And ten years later, four of them decided against Xenomania and for this crappy cheese-fest to be released, just because they did not want Nadine to sing the lead...

    Salvatore Gnecchi

    I love you.

    Aidan Loughran

    Willem Hermann well said. Only for Nadine girls aloud would not have lasted

  95. Steve Gray

    Only thing i dont like about this song is Nadine doesnt get much vocal on it and shes way the best singer in the group.