Ginuwine - Same Ol' G Lyrics

[verse I]
the only time i drink a 40 is when i wanna drink a 40
and usually when i wear a suit
i leave with not one but two
i'm not trying to hurt nobody
you only live once they told me
you can't be mad at me
i can just be "G"

even though i got my own c.d.
maybe even on t.v.
there ain't no changing me
i can only be me me me
even though i might be on t.v.
cause i got my own c.d.
all you will ever see
same ol' "G"

[Verse II]
i used to be the main one clubbin
but now i choose to stay at home
most of my friends still thuggin
this time the "G"s full grown
i'm thinking 'bout my future latley
whatever that may be
but now it's clear to me
i can just be "G"


hello ya'll
yeah this that Timbaland coming to ya one mo 'gain
you see, people say that we're changing
but really it's the people around us that are changing
you see, we aint tryna hurt nobody
people tryna hurt us
but you know what
i'ma keep being me
that's all i can do in this life time (check it)

day after day
i continue to be
me oh me
that's all i can be
oooh day after day
i continue to be me oh me
(that)same ol' "G"

[chorus: till fade]

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Ginuwine Same Ol' G Comments
  1. Fiona Green

    Ginuwine dam fine ass hell


    Immortal song

  3. Bryan Oruene

    Timbaland is so underrated... Until this very day and I don't know why.. Man's a living legend..

  4. Lovely CoCo

    Ginuwine is aaliyah crew

  5. flip844

    He killed that dance move at 1:21

  6. Nakia Lowe

    1:50_2:07 PREACH

  7. Mel B

    Is that the group Mista sitting at the table??

    Beautifully Sag 111

    Yup 😁

    Mel B

    @Beautifully Sag 111 I kinda figured that I just couldn't fully tell because it was going by so fast...I went to school with them so you would think I would know it was them lol!!

  8. Joanne Bermani

    Ginuwine true artist

  9. Monique Gibson

    Ginuine cud move like usher and Chris brown any day bcuz he is like 15years older than them and still had and have the moves just as good and he's original and much better looking and has a better body!... He's not looked upon as anything or anyone as far as the elites are concerned bcuz he didn't sell out!!!..his own did him wrong so wrong like timbaland who refused to promote his albums and robbed him out of his money that he earned selling the first two albums bcuz of jealousy and greed!!!

  10. Amy Geist


  11. Amy Geist


  12. John Doe85

    Why he never became a superstar

  13. Shae S.

    2019 🤟🏾

  14. Maria

    😍 @ 0:30

  15. DeVante Hurst

    Broooooo when that beat dropped at @1:22 Mane timberland 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Classic ass music dope ass producer

  16. Tee Are

    1:10 MC Hammer pants...
    😁 il ove it

  17. Tee Are

    Devante swing created this camp

  18. Obi Wan

    Love this song

  19. Ryles83

    Damn I miss this time in life. I wish I had a time machine.

  20. Carol-Lorie Smith


  21. MarquezKromVEVO


  22. Chris Rosado

    one of the greatst timbo beats of all time

  23. RedRedMCmusic

    Me oh me Timothy LOL missy Elliot said that too me me me Timothy lol


    The hop spacewalk was tight in them red Air Max boy

  25. Jeff Froment

    This song should have at least 100 million views instead of the 1.1 million views it has now. SMH come on people get this song some views.

    Carl Myrick

    Facts bro

  26. ibexy

    Memoriiiies! Heard this in a restaurant yesterday. Had to find it again. The good old days!

  27. ljvjr2011

    Day after day, I continue 2 be...same ol G. 💯

  28. Harolyn Taylor

    I could only be me

  29. Emanuel Mendez

    Still bumping this, forever. 2020 and beyond. 👏🏾👏🏾

  30. Coach Dan

    Real music

  31. solo Empire

    Who still listening Dis in 2019

  32. Shiann Bennett

    Ginuwine is fine like good wine!!!🔥🔥🔥

  33. Patricia Riley

    This my shit haven't heard it in a min where my 1991 bbys at🤗🤗🤩😍

  34. bee boo

    Without Ginuwine there is absolutely NO Jeremiah !!

  35. Kane Parker


  36. Rochell Barbara

    He was so fineeeee

    Ms.Irene Hughes

    Still is and my name is Rochelle too🥰🔥

    Rochell Barbara

    MzBossLady33 Saunders 🙌🏾❤️💋 you’re right about that Rochelle 👏🏾

    Ms.Irene Hughes

    @Rochell Barbara ❤❤❤

  37. SuperShine AllDay

    Nobody dance like G

  38. Miss Is

    So fine, both

  39. Raychel Smith

    Ginuwone is such a beautiful man.

  40. Latoya Griffin

    The second song for which I bought the "Dr. Dolittle" Soundtrack...first was "Are that Somebody."

  41. Gee Garcia

    My name is Giovanni but no one calls me that unless I'm in a legal setting or a first day at a job, everyone including my entire family has called me Gee since I was 5 years old and when this song came out when It was 12/13 years old, I thought I was so awesome. It felt like I had my own little song. Also helped that the track is absolute fire.

  42. Bill Clay

    Out of all the producers showing up in the songs. Timbaland was the most annoying with Puffy following close behind. It wasnt just him sounding like he is phoning in his comments but its the timing.Too dam much. Like the end of this song he just steady talking "i can only be me," 'timothy" Dam shut up so I can hear him sing or atleast focus on the beat. He steady talking.

  43. Chris Wright

    1:20... memories man!!!

  44. New Waves Production

    Love This song

  45. LuvTHCD


  46. Faith Beserra

    idon t what I said

  47. Baby Doll

    I remember me and my bestie screaming while watching this back in the day 😂😍😘

  48. perrier gaz

    Ginuwine playoff 13’s we used to call those

  49. Jack Lyons

    Pioneer 😍😍⛪⛪⛪

  50. Kendra Dabor

    he was tryna be michael jackson

    He even wore one glove

  51. Twin G


  52. Raquel Bates

    Look at his foot work by the car Crazy 😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩😘😘 so FINE

  53. Lookout Now

    Damn!!! 21 years ago already😤😤😤

  54. kizza sauda

    Will always be in love with dis song

  55. Easy Breezy

    My niqqaz callin me sentimental 🤣. Wtf? Thats Real music.

  56. Arthur Williams

    Its October 2019 this is still🔥🔥🔥🔥 HOT throwback!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  57. MnCAlapati415

    Song reminds me of my 67' Cutlass Supreme. It was the only song that would play in my car at the time.

  58. Nicholas Kilama

    These kids will never know the real *RnB* I missed seeing you when you came to Uganda +256

    Mathis Ame

    The kids of which generation

  59. DetroitRed03

    He was sooooo fine

  60. Ryan Jill

    Im not trying to hurt nobody you only live once same ole g

  61. Maranda Smith

    So mf fine

  62. ahmad koran

    Timbo and g, they cnt miss💯💯

  63. Wayne Hendricks

    1:20 my dude killed it

  64. Emmanuel Nd Carterman

    Same old feeling ..Great

  65. Stephanie Pool

    Ginuwine is still out here looking good àsf

  66. Sherita Davis

    One of my faves off this album🔥🔥 Timbaland kept the dope beats

  67. Hurricane 924

    Sigh, so damn fine..

  68. jsdzx

    @ 1:20 was always my favorite part lol

  69. Beloune Davis

    This was my favorite song by him


    It's 2019 and I'm still rocking to this jam miss these days and reminiscing about my high School sweetheart R.I.H LATASHA REID I MISS YOU SO MUCH 💔😢 music is the soundtrack of my life

  71. Chris Jackson

    This sounds like so unpretty by TLC why

  72. Martin Xayachack

    Damn OLD school

  73. John Hurtado

    the verses have the same melody as a TLC song - which came first?

  74. Jessica Sumler

    Lawddd This Nigga Beautiful I’m Still In Love With Him 💯💯💯👅😘😘🙏

  75. dre day

    I used get all the hoes off this video because they think we look alike still to this day


    @ 2:44 and 3:11 WHO Are the 3 Dudes at sittin at the Table ??? Not the group Playa right ?? then who??

  77. black panther

    Where is the G! I grew up on this!2019

  78. ComeAtMeBro

    These mofos couldn’t dance

  79. yoshisaba

    At 3:44 how do you not edit out the fact that she got spent into the curtain off stage LOL ......that's why I've always watched his video just for that one part. But this is one of my favorite song by him.

  80. Tiffany Molden

    This was my shit

  81. Shelly White


  82. EMMA THE A1

    Happy Birthday Ginuwine!!!!!

  83. Felicia Henderson

    This video was sexy as hell‼️☺️🤤

  84. Alan Robinson summer of my life.

  85. Jernell Johnson

    Had to hear a classic like this again! I've been playing 80s and 90s music for a while now... I became the older guy who plays older music now! Lol

  86. Latesha Jude

    Great song and video love!!!!

  87. M 360

    Ginuwine’s dancing was underrated. I see some slick MJ moves

  88. FeeFee 86

    I was 12 years old when this song came out. My favorite part was even though I got my own CD!!! 😁😁😁

  89. Emoon starr

    This man is so handsome..mymymy.

  90. Silence hypeknuckles

    This the old chris brown

  91. Ultra Instinct V

    Most underrated Ginuwine song !

  92. Johnny Cabrera

    Can we get a Ginuwine unsung?

  93. Rolonda Jackson

    Ginuwine still fine come back real R&B 💯🔥

  94. Ramon Heffe

    Man that glide at 3:21 was my shit. This brought back so much memories

  95. Monique Handy

    9/21/19 I'm getting old this ain't tho

  96. TheNsaneOne

    Timbaland looks young as hell here. i think he was 28.. damn time flies

  97. جمال صالح الصباحي

    رؤؤؤعاتك .

  98. Nakia Lowe