Ginuwine - No. 1 Fan Lyrics

I'm lookin' for my #1 fan
I know she's somewhere in the stands
Let me see you wavin your hands
I can't see you
Wave a little more if you can, Where's my #1
I'm lookin' for my #1 fan
I know she's somehere in the stands
And we'll be doin' more than shakin' hands
I can't see you
Wave a little more if you can, where's my #1

[1st Verse:]
I've seen every picture you sent,
I've read every letter you wrote
And everytime they play my song,
You sang it (note by note)
I wonder what you do to me
If you were to see me in the streets
Well darlin' I would like to see
Be at my show waitin' for me


[2nd Verse:]
I hear you everytime you scream
I put it on you in your dreams
I'm hangin' on your bedroom wall
I see you when you ain't wearin' nothin' at all
And sometimes you look at me
When you be feelin, oh freaky
Well darlin' I would like to see
Be at my show waitin' for me


I can't see you
(Where they at, there they go over there over here)
[Repeat 4x]



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Ginuwine No. 1 Fan Comments
  1. NYC


  2. leonard moore


  3. Nakisha Ruiz

    2019 still banging this one 😘😘

  4. Nazanne Smith

    Aug 2019!

  5. Choco Chocolate

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaim hier1111111111

  6. Anthony Clark

    They don't make shit like this anymore. G's first 3 Albums were all the shit. The Bachelor will always be my fav, but this song might be my fav song by G.

  7. Kelli Page

    Still bumping in June of 2019

  8. Marques Rhoden

    where my fans at? lol!

  9. Demi Lee

    2019! He was my first crush 💜🔥

  10. Bryan Morgan

    Here I am

  11. Elle Williams

    2024 after former President Kanye West "24hr Kanye West content" only internet has been lifted! Thank you President Andy Cohen

  12. Mob Shah

    Can his number one fan please type the lyrics up and post it please. Thanks

  13. Mob Shah

    Jan 2019

  14. Daizy Otero

    Still bumpn 2019 #wifejams

  15. Bril_Life_Avo Allah's very own

    Bril-life Avo

  16. Tyron McKinley

    RDY 4 2019

  17. Care Bear

    2018 🤣😍

  18. Wang I Artha

    2018 bumping

    Eternal God’s numba 1 fan

  19. Kiwhi

    🎵I can't see you🎵❤❤❤

  20. God is great

    What happened to such music

  21. TheAmixt2521

    How about 2018?!?!?! 😍😍😍😍

  22. Sharica Andrews

    I'm right here... You'll meet me one-day, trust 😉, you'll know when you see me

  23. Ashley Hunter

    This whole album was fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😘😘😘😘😘 and still is

  24. ArmorInPlace

    She/He is somewhere in the stands.🤔😉😊😘

  25. forever

    2018 where you at😍😘

  26. M Wesley

    Waving 🤗

  27. cool fool

    still bumping in 2018

  28. Binki Pinki

    still makes me feel tingly

  29. one grim

    2018 still my shit

  30. londonlover69

    Hes talking about himself lol

  31. Danielle S

    I'm looking for my number fan

  32. Kenyon Lewis

    I'm Lookin' For My Number One Fan.

  33. Angel Spivey

    Jamming in 2017

  34. will myre

    this is my shit if u do not like it hell wit u I used to dance of all his songs

  35. Ashley Hunter

    who is still bumping this in 2017

    Dyrell Nelson

    Ashley Hunter me lol

    Raeneyce Grant

    Ashley Hunter me

    Duse Martins

    2018 too mofo!


    2018 and will be in 2081

  36. Chasity Nuvo


  37. Briana Shoate

    I do now

  38. Doneisha Mccoy

    love this song

  39. Tiana Guess

    I been bumping this every morning for the last three weeks omw to work

  40. Kamisha Pringle

    #1 fan. still bumpin 2015 into 2016 !!!!

  41. kafilarosa

    Love this song. i see why DeVante pull out his gun. 🔥 Hot fire.


    +kafilarosa static wrote this ...


    medallionking static was that nigga


    kafilarosa it all started with da basement crew yea baby

    Lars Honeytoast

    You aint right lol



  42. poopoo pidou

    will still jammin in 2025 :)

    andre warren

    poopoo pidou yes


    me too im gonna be bumping this until 2025

  43. t baldwin

    Luv song

  44. NellyBelle

    ''Im looking for that number 1 fan, I know she somewhere in the stands...''!! The shit right here!! 90s throwback!

  45. Blair Nicolle

    In 2015 still jammin

  46. Salim kisoma

    when the music was really music back in the 90s, I remember I was in standard six by then when I first had this album called 100%

  47. Jean Delaux

    Good shit


    Yep. They don't make em' like this no more.