Ginuwine - Do You Remember Lyrics

[1st Verse:]
It was 3 O' clock in the mornin'
And you told me to come over
Told me about your crazy fantasy
So I jumped up in my rover
Had to climb in your window
Cuz your moms & pops was sleep
When I did you just took one look
And you jumped all over me

Girl what you did to me last night
It's somethin' that I rather not mention
But you had me standin' at attention
Do you remember? Do you remember?
Remember what we did last night?
We boned on yourr momma's couch
And we knocked the springs right out
Do you remember? Do you remember?

[2nd Verse:]
You told me this sexual thing
That you wanted to do
Also that i'm the first one
You ever did this to
You made me feel so good girl
I thought that I was dreamin'
My mind was so far away
I forgot what I was thinkin'


[Girl talking:]
Girl, you shoulda seen us last night.
All down on the couch and everything.
You shoulda seen me and Ginuwine.

[Mommy talking:]
Baby,Baby, come down here, I need to talk to you now!
(I'll be right down)
Look at this! Look at this mess! What happened here? I mean just look at
it. There's a spring knocked out. Wait a minute, wait a minute, I know.
You were with that Ginuwine guy (No) I told you about him! He's an
entertainer, he's no good (But I love him) No

Remember what we did last night?

Girl what you did to me last night...

[Repeat chorus till fade]

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Ginuwine Do You Remember Comments
  1. danny Negroni

    Sick beats

  2. danny Negroni

    Wow never heard the album

  3. Nazim Masar

    Top 2020 ?

  4. jeremiah aka ghost wooten

    do you remember girl

  5. Amonzo Osby

    Genuwine aaliyah missy elliot Timberland was 1 hell of a roster...

  6. tommy gun317

    Lost My Virginity to this. She put this on been one of my favorite songs ever since.

  7. Tamera Evans


  8. Latesha Jude

    There is NO ONE like GINUWINE!!!!  Handsome, heroic, honest and humble, your AWESOME boo!!!!

  9. Lkylon

    I couldn't remember the title of this song...had to type "last night"....! The irony

  10. Paul Nevarez

    How many panties were dropped to this?

  11. MegaBrooks2010

    “How could you betray me” 😂😂😂 cracks me up every time

  12. This Iz CLE

    Exquisite production.....that 90s and early 2000s r&b had that rap sound wit slow jam barz......

  13. Spirit 1985

    It’s so comforting knowing that ppl still love ginuwine... especially this song you had to have been listening to the whole album to have come across the specific song 🥰 she musta sucked it from the back 😆😆😆 to make him remember 😆😆😆😆😆☠️ I love ginuwine ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


    You should suck me from the back.

  14. londonlover69

    No good songs anymore

  15. Noah Dale

    This well play on 2020

  16. Noah Dale

    This song always make me good

  17. Gerard Garnett

    (Ginuwine) Tyrese Wandrick James Gardner Claudio Ortega
    (Aaliyah) Lathsea Milner Lacina Rowe Mya Madkins Ms Jenkins Ms Muri

  18. Earl Flowers

    Golden music.

  19. Lakeisha Rose

    😍🙌🔐🤞🏾🤗😜💯90's Baby ForrrEva The Jam

  20. Emploee of the month

    Still Jamming in 2019 ✌️

  21. deanna romero

    and u already know this shit right here right here and u already know

  22. Elizabeth the lps girl :3

    I'm listening to this🐸 on 2019

  23. scipio royle

    This song WANGS on a car system!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listenin in 2019!!!!

  24. Chad Battles

    I really need the song at the end during the skit tho!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. 04swiftstang

    the bachelor was an epic #1 album by Ginuwine and Timbaland....100% Ginuwine was a close 2nd!..this song knocks.

  26. King KraOnDaTrak

    2019 🔥

    uphill248 uphill248

    I’m here.. This song just came in my mind for some reason..I was like, let me listen to it.

  27. ToneTone


  28. Lynsey Moat

    3:58 I use to crank it right here in my ride and vibrate the entire block!!!

  29. Paul thomas


  30. Brittany maraya

    who is the woman with ginuwine at 2:23

    iiM GUCCI601

    Brittany maraya his bm she use to rap I think and I think she was on one of his albums

  31. boss hogg

    Best jam of all time

  32. Honey NuTT

    I'm here

  33. Ashley Harris

    You a freak if you rember this song

    T Corporan

    Facts had my firstborn to this 🤣😂🤣🤣❤

  34. NolaBeeMe

    Thank you Timberland for using Queens Flash Gordon's theme song @. 2:39

  35. Jazzi Love

    Aaliyah was beautifuuuullllll 😢😍😫

  36. Niera-Lynn

    Also, I shouldn't have even been listening to these albums at my age lmao

  37. Niera-Lynn

    Can we have a Ginuwine listening party all over again lol

  38. J. Fields

    Still jamming in 2018

  39. Will Jones

    Put your fav RnB album up against 100% and let’s argue.. Today i got time kuz


    I still love this man and the Supafriends!!! Gosh i flipping miss Aaliyah!!!!

  41. Linda Moraga

    2003 🤷‍♀️

  42. Joseph Black

    This album is epic

  43. brandon davis

    That flash Gordon sample with the best is still dope to me

  44. BROTHA Jeff

    4:10 I always wanted to know the name of the song and the beat in the background! Been trying to figure this out since this album came out!


    Umm the CD was full of little bonuses which made it so unique.
    C'mon fool.
    The song you seek was just an extremely short prelude to #1 Fan.

    Bran Mesha2

    Man you can't be serious.....

    Bran Mesha2

    What's the name of the song dude

  45. Marisha Johnson

    Ahhhhh I fu**ing love this song 🤗🤗

  46. TaRaysha Bennett

    9:53 a.m.

  47. Sarah Banks


  48. Tamera Johnson

    when you get your own genuine

  49. Vincent Golden


  50. MKPsyOps

    My fav Timbo produced album of all time, Id play this MF front to back then repeat for a GD year.

  51. S Roby

    Any1 else used to rewind to the 3:58 mark all the time for the crazy bass that would make even the car's mirrors next to you in traffic shake? 🙋‍♂️

  52. Marie Smith


  53. Cherries And applesauce

    Tim and his beats unbelievable 💯💯💯💯

  54. Toast

    I swear fo GOD when I play this..... ✊😂

  55. Char 123

    Damn, I know I remember this song from back in the day. My boyfriend got me when he played this song the next day after we was being bad. Now, he is my husband.

  56. Ovan

    I snuck in a big booty girl window and wrecked that pussy

  57. Toz18


  58. game over

    Do you remember 😎😀😀😀😀

  59. Maverick Styles

    I miss the super friends callabos. Missy and Timbo aka The Wonder twins; Aaliyah aka Wonderwoman; Ginuwine aka Flash etc. Good times

  60. Jessica

    *"I just wanna be with him."*
    Something that we've all said when we were in love with a fine ass guy hahaha!

  61. Jeremiah Judah

    I play this when I'm drinking Steel 211 black cherry

  62. Forza Legend

    Do you remember!

  63. therealmccoy2004

    "I just wanna be wit him"!! Timbaland ate this shitt!!

  64. Kay Tee

    "I just want to be with him."

  65. Aweezy Bang

    boned on ya mama couch

  66. Vivien Francis

    I Love The Breakdown at 2:39.

  67. Knoqx Sound

    The day I found out Timbo used a freakin Flash Gordon theme song sample in this track, I lost it. This dude can sample anything and make it sound musical.

    David Curry

    Flash and Godzilla samples in a R&B soul album

    Roderick Bryant

    @David Curry yup Timbo was a beast!


    I heard the snippet first in this song. It wasn't until many years later that I saw the movie Ted which featured the Flash Gordon theme that it sounded familiar. That made me think of this.

  68. misses melanin

    wayment how old is this girl that u gotta climb thru the window and she tellin her friend like she twelve then to top it off the way her mom called her.....hmmm

  69. Better Late Than Broke

    Cuz i played this cd so much !!!

  70. YourFavoriteDentalHygienist

    This is still my jam !! #2017

  71. David G. Santiago

    2017 - still rockin this shit

  72. Chad Battles

    Fun fact for those that didn't know....Ginuwine's nickname was "The Flash" back in his days with Timbaland. At 2:38 is where the theme from The flash is incorporated into the beat for this reason. These guys were sick af....

    brandon davis

    Chad Battles I thought I was the only person who though the flash Gordon sample was dope

    J. Fields

    Yea n DeVante was the Boss playa, mack daddy👅👅👅👅

    Da Lollie

    Actually his name was TORNADO

    Da Lollie

  73. O Childs

    2017 my nigga still a legend

  74. Anthony EL LOCO

    I know I'm male but thiz boy got great sounds top down late night flow all black feeling down town Atlanta sounds

  75. The Afrikan Superstar

    still bangs so hard.....

  76. Carolina Ciruolo

    Luv this songgg but have to cut it out at 2.00 wen the black ladies start talking for the rest of the dam song ugh


    What happened to Ginuwine?

  78. anthony verdun

    so ain't nobody gonna mentioned how awesome it was of timbaland to sample flash Gordon towards the end of the song

  79. Reign Xzile

    Mom: "Didn't I bring you up better?"

    Daughter: "And, because you brought me up, you should know."


  80. Dontever touchmyhat


  81. Britni Lucas

    that beat omg

  82. BlondieThe Mermaid

    This song👅👅 me flashbacks

  83. Clunie Studios

    This album was so good !

  84. Jennifer Rhodes

    And if you had woofers in your ride this song really bumped

  85. Jennifer Rhodes


  86. Ashley Hunter

    this CD was the shit:-)

  87. Dat Benz Doe

    Top 5 R&B album of all time 💯

  88. Sire Pledge

    this joint is timeless!

  89. tommy gun317

    lost my virginity with this playing! i still get goosebumps! Eboni come back lol

  90. londonlover69

    my fighting tune

  91. keylimepiedream

    @ 3:59 no other song on my ipod knocked like that! this was that work in my dodge neon lol!

    Raymond Kennedy

    keylimepiedream Who are you telling? I had my 1997 eclipse w 10 inch kicker speakers. You could not tell me anything.

    Lynsey Moat

    @Raymond Kennedy lol. Same here in my 03 eclipse spider with two 12s taking up my entire trunk! 😆🤣😂

  92. Angie B

    Love dis song....

  93. sneakysneakkz

    This whole album killed.

  94. Mr19901611

    Wats the song at the interlude 4:27