Gino Vannelli - Gypsy Days Lyrics

Once I knew a woman
Who lived in Gypsy ways
We made Gypsy love
In those my Gypsy days

She wore broadcloth and rock jewels
And second hand lace
Her queenly tatters hung over
Her perfect form and grace

We would talk for hours about any thing
From the front page news to Yeats
About the New Jerusalem that quietly waits in everyone
And then she'd fill the room with spring root and sage
As we lay by candle light
Our bodies locked in love from midnight to the morning sun
When we were one

She walked the earth lightly
One inch above this world
A dreamy blue-eyed moon goddess
With an Andalusian swirl

She was a fierce of spirit
Innocence unchained
No heir to the ills of Adam
My Paradise regained

Then she led me down to the edge of town
Where we lit our Buddha sticks
As we floated high above herringbone bricks in dark galleries
A street lamp made her eyes to shine
Like a beacon in the night
Offering this mariner a guiding light on stormy seas
And memories

Once I loved a woman
Who lived in Gypsy ways
Would that I could return
To those my Gypsy days

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Gino Vannelli Gypsy Days Comments
  1. Mr. Marino

    He always sounds better live than studio version. Incredible.

  2. Justified Life

    Gino wears a cross now,...yet won't speak up for Christ, leaves every one guessing.

  3. Justified Life

    Gino is not brilliant, he is missing the big picture of Christ. Sad really. He has God given talent, but very little God given wisdom.

  4. Justified Life

    A wasted song. You speak of New Jerusalem, dear to my heart, then mention Buddha sticks. Make up your mind.
    If your a universalist, admit it. Stop mentioning the hope of Jerusalem. Pretty song. Too bad it means so little to me.

  5. gabriella amatucci

    Bellissima interpretazione , bravissimi 💖💖

  6. edward pacheco

    With the accompaniment of Borstlap, Gino took this song to another level.
    Just beautiful.

  7. D. Jewel

    There is no one like one.

  8. Brenda scratchgolfer12 x

    OMG!! Pure perfection

  9. Haight Ashbury Music

    I love beautiful...and this song and this performance is far beyond that...even the 'clink' of the glass of water was like no other!!

  10. Barbara Mowrey

    I'm in love for the first time in 20 years. That's the truth.


    no words.....................................................

  12. carlos nagy

    Fabulosa interpretación. Pero Gino, porque pones un vaso con agua sobre un Steinway..??

  13. Mr. Marino

    Awesome like the studio version . But different at the same time with the piano only. Btw, Michiel is a wonderful and sensitive pianist . Really delicate playing here, with lots of different expressions, reharmonizations , and phrasing. Bravíssimo.

  14. ♦ SingerForLife3000 ♦ Tónya Rosetta Music

    We all know Gino Vannelli is brilliant;  now, we have also discovered this incredible pianist. Wonderful collaboration.

  15. 寺田弥生


  16. Monica Presa

    es una maravillosa canción...y el esta mejor que encanta!!!!

  17. pascal jan

    em i still love you ...


    Holy Crap!    goose bumps up the arms, down the spine!  absolutely incredibly beautiful!

  19. gino ciancio

    There is no words to discribe you feeling ,all the songs you sing are fab you've been my hero since you started May God bless you and look after you for more magical music Gino thanks

  20. redfrogmus

    and now one is talking about the piano man, stunning, ..... both!

  21. songsofadarsh

    Love Gino


    Like the good wine.........better with age.

  23. 64CUERVO

    wondeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerful Gino as usual

  24. ansapo

    Filling the air with spring root and sage. Oops. 'Scuse me. Can't handle the onions.

  25. Fili2009able

    Michiel was singing with his piano too.
    Great !

  26. Fili2009able

    Beautiful! Hermoso.

  27. Bengt Daatland


  28. funkietops

    BEATUTIFUL....what a treat....Gino you are AMAZING :0]

  29. Shauna Boone

    @glennbo72 -We all will Gino in our hearts forever -:))

  30. goldengirl67

    This song is exquisite - so beautiful.

  31. pascal jan

    quelle chanson, quelle voix, jai connu une gypsie woman, elle n'est jamais sortie de mon monde ...


    My God...heavenly...

  33. paradoxfactor

    I have watched this video at least 30 times and each time I marvel at it's sheer beauty ,poetry and brilliance, as if I have heard it for the very first time. Enjoy every moment of this music master while he is still among us. We won't see this kind of artistry ever again.

    Kevin Myers

    paradoxfactor Truly a once in a lifetime voice...I am blessed to have walked this earth at the same time as this Master. He has inspired me for over 40 years.

  34. Elphienfiero1

    this and Evermore are the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

  35. John Victor

    Brilliant! Pure, unadulterated Gino......brought a tear to my eye!

  36. Elphienfiero1

    I can see he's trying very hard not to cry..

  37. mary71257


    Great post !!!!

  38. mary71257

    He sure is...;)
    I was lucky enough to see both shows at the Bear's Den in Niagara Falls last weekend, it was wonderful as usual....You would have loved it....


    there was a gypsy man, in his gypsy day
    who found his music calling, in in his gypsy way
    and entrenched us with his inner thoughts
    singing from his gypsy love in all he has to say

  40. paradoxfactor

    Gino is the Michael Angelo of the voice and song

  41. Onplezierig

    Met alle respect voor z'n artistieke kwaliteiten:
    Knip in godsnaam dat haar af. Het bederft m'n eetlust.


    @ferchw He's ageless and just two years older than Pat!!
    Gino is a Gemini and by the Chinese Calendar, a fiery son of the year of the Dragon!
    Aaaah, qué tendran esos 50s ..... yes, myself too ,)
    So very glad you appreciated it, Fer, i do trust in your educated ear and refined taste for real Music, indeed! Thanks to you, my pleasure!!

  43. ferchw

    He's really timeless!!! How old is he?? Great vocalist + beautiful songs.
    Thanx for that!!!

  44. Mark St.Clair

    talent is talent.....quality is eternal. The guy was, and still is, amazing.

  45. Lonestarry

    Wow - the man still has it. What a talent. I hope he sings forever.

  46. Geepereet

    @ginasutube : its done and thanks for the info, enjoy and all the best for you

  47. Geepereet

    @ginasutube Hi, I'm a bit confused about the correct spelling of the title. Google translate gave both versions of the word, Gypsy & Gipsy, and the screen title at the start uses Gipsy. I did not compare yet with the CD version but is that the main reason you think it would result in more hits? Regards, Aart

  48. ♦ SingerForLife3000 ♦ Tónya Rosetta Music

    That guy can REALLY play the piano! Of course, Gino is timeless and exceptional, as always.

  49. fu google NSA stooges. A true

    Like a fine wine. Smooth and refined with age. Thank u

  50. SMG

    How does Gino still after all these years manage to give me goosebumps! Last time I heard him in concert was in the 90's
    I still say he would be marvellous as Phantom of the Opera

  51. Bobby West

    if there exists a more magical moment captured on film----I haven't seen it. When you approach the half century mark---you'll understand better. Thanks Geepereet----I don't know where or how you managed to capture this----but bless you!

  52. paradoxfactor

    Another masterpiece from the Master. Just saw him in Vegas for an outstanding show. This tune is so beautiful it gives me chills listening to it. What a blessing to the world, this man, our Gino !

  53. pascal jan

    i'm an addict too !!

    you don't have to read the notes to be a good musician, i do but it's not essentiel !
    thanks for your answer, you're very kind !

  54. Geepereet

    Not a pro I'm afraid but still with the drive to have a lot of pleasure with guitar, some percussion and occasional singing as well. I'm still bound to the overwhelming magic which seem to come out of my guitar when I gently touch the strings. I don't read notes ata all and never did so my theory may be bad but the musical heart is on the right place, in fact I'm an addict! ;-)

  55. pascal jan

    you are a musician?? me too !!

  56. Geepereet

    No problem lemusiclover, my french isn't that good also, I'll manage to do my shoppings on a holiday but a good conversation in french, I have my doubts.........

  57. pascal jan

    thanks geepereet, my english is french we say tres mauvais !!

  58. Geepereet

    I'm crazy about her? (not sure but I think it's how it should be in english, if not someone may come up with something better) Regards, Aart

  59. Magamiam

    Cannot help keep commenting about this absolute Vannellian masterpiece!
    Gino Vannelli and Michiel Borstlap, what an extraordinary synergy!!!
    A translucent jewel sparkling on our soul¡¡¡
    Here the word "awesome" is not fortituous!!!
    Smiling from Mexico City,
    Minerva ;-)

  60. chillingfactor

    Great performance!!
    Both Gina and Michiel

  61. Magamiam

    A great Romantic classic already!!!
    Sincere greetings from Mexico City!

  62. Magamiam

    And to you as well, my friend!
    Sage memories! Heart memories, eternal!
    Blessings to you and the NLs.
    Magam from mexico

  63. Geepereet

    Well said my friend, and the whole song lives forever in my memories from the first time I heard it. All the best to you from Amsterdam

  64. Magamiam

    "Paradise regained..."
    Romance, Romance..."a guiding Light over stormy seas"!
    Touched deeply!
    Thank you, my friend!
    Cheers from Mexico.

  65. Geepereet

    And Proud to be I guess!

  66. tomdeforbach

    i am gipsy

  67. mary71257

    Thank you for sharing, I know that this song may be on his new cd, we will find out in January....

  68. tinysand1

    Thank you so much, I have been missing this for months. You and Gino are the best.