Gill, Vince - Take Me Down Lyrics

Here you come again
With that wreckin' smile
The one that does me in every time
I wanna drink you in
And make you stay a while
Wonder if your heart is racing just like mine

I know you know just what you do to me
I feel your eyes, they cut right through me

You take me down every time you come around
And make me surrender for you
You found your way into every hiding place
And baby you burn me to the ground
You take me down

Every word you whisper
Turns me inside out
Your hands are makin' memories on my skin
Kiss after kiss
You melt away the doubt
You got me where you want me
I'm giving in

You take me down every time you come around
And make me surrender for you
You found your way into every hiding place
And baby you burn me to the ground
You take me down

And now you know just what you do to me
I'm undone by every way you move me

Oh I love the way you move me
You take me down

You take me down every time you come around
And make me surrender for you
And you found your way into every hiding place
And baby, you burn me to

You take me down every time you come around
And make me surrender for you
You found your way into every hiding place
And baby you burn me to the ground
You take me down

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Gill, Vince Take Me Down Comments
  1. Cheryl Suds

    I love the whole cd👍💕

  2. Conway Conway

    Nov 85 miles what a great belated birthday gift that would be for my 44th bd...and i know its my onlyest chance to ever go see sweet pea live in concert...i have a ride...dang it..wish I could afford tickets to come see you willis....maybe next time😔thank you for the great music through out the years...your truly a country music Icon in my house hold...just a ole country boy from perryville missouri

  3. Be alright

    I love it. some good old country. good recipe for the soul. 💜

  4. Shane Bailey

    I was looking through the credits, and lo and behold! Richard Marx had his legendary hands on this song. His co-write surprised me, but listening to the lyric, I ought to have known better. A pulsing melody, pounding drums, amped guitars, soaring keyboards and LOTS of harmonies set the stage for a lacerating lyrical tale that only Richard himself could have graced the world with. Bravo to you, Mr. Marx. Once again, you set the bar too fucking high.

  5. cleveland lawson

    1 first time hearing i love it

  6. Garv Bajaj

    nice song

  7. Ly Sirk

    great tune Mr. Gill!

  8. John Doe

    Not too much of a country fan, but i make an exception for Vince,

  9. Chris Padilla

    now this is good I liked it the first time I herd the song amazing guitar work nice.

  10. Donna Webb

    I love this song!! Love!!!!!

  11. Rondalyn Badeaux

    always did love Vince Gill. Never disappointed

  12. beretta1342000

    so good to hear him again. This song is amazing.  I luv it

  13. Jungle Monkey

    Sounds like fleetwood mac, amazingingly good song. Vince certainly didnt loose his touch.

  14. Jeaniene Burney

    Great as usual. Anything he sings is wonderful. His voice is like no other. Love Vince Gill. My favorite since his first song.

  15. Vianca Nnchco

    Please does someone know where i can get the instrumentals to this track? ? it would make me soo happy....

    Scott Dale

    +mita de ramiro The backing track for us that joined the contest is here:

  16. Jeffrey Dickson

    awesome rythem and beat great song

  17. TheBubbadub

    I love Vince, not feeling the new sound though


    great voice

  19. Brenda Crowder

    The music sounds so much like Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon".


    that's exactly what I was thinking. I kinda feel like it was done on purpose. Kind of a nod to them.

    Sara Jane Welch

    I hear the similarity in the sound of the guitar and maybe the harmonies (between this song and Rhiannon)--is that what you mean?

    Brenda Crowder

    Yes, Sara Jane Welch.

    Sara Jane Welch

    It's a song that is new to me, and hearing it a few more times, I hear it more and more (the similarities). The chord progression has some similarities and so does the style of drumming. Very interesting! I wonder if the songwriter for this one was aware of that.

    Brenda Crowder

    Little Big Town did Fleetwood Mac's songs in the past. I'm sure they had the okay to do this song with the influence of Rhiannon's melody. Everyone is suing these days for stealing music.

  20. Ginny

    Awsome song, ♥

  21. Larry Brown

    It's got a great feel Co-written by Richard Marxx

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Larry Brown who's Richard MARXX you disrespectful idiot?? If you noticed how I spelled the last name you'd know why I called you disrespectful

  22. mousejustmouse

    Great song. Love the "new band name" comment from CRS. lol

  23. Peter Paul Pialda

    This is going to be amazing!! I listened to at least 4 songs from this new album and it feels like I'm listening to a young Vince Gill!!

  24. Josh Daniels

    Nice tune. Arrangement and vibe very similar to Kathleen Edwards "Back to Me" record. One of my favs.

  25. Jewel Girl

    Vince Gill deserves to be back on mainstream radio...EVERYONE request this song on your local radio station, over and over! Come on....make room for this sweet man and his distinctive voice! You know you love THIS song! Right?

  26. Fred Glick

    Became a Gil fan recently - never noticed the shades of George Harrison. This definitely grows on you.

  27. busterbill18


  28. Marian Barnable

    xo Vince Gill

    Jewel Girl

    Marian Barnable Vince.....XOXOXO...a real sweetheart!

  29. Marian Barnable

    xo Vince Gill

  30. itsbygrayce1

    I can hardly wait to hear the rest of the album.

  31. itsbygrayce1

    WOW! Vince does it again.

  32. Allison Mylastname

    I love this man's voice. I don't care what he sings!

  33. Marlena Thornsbeary

    Its about time Vince releases new music. I love the song.


    Richard Marx & Vince Gill.....Big duet!!!!

  35. Jewel Girl

    Dear Sweet Vince...we have missed your angelic voice. Welcome back friend! New CD February 2016!

  36. Mark Symes

    Love Vince he has a great voice and one hell of a guitar Player only idiots would not like this voice I fall to sleep to him every night love me some Vince Gill

  37. D-A Hommersom

    Good sound enjoy listening.

  38. Wade Peterson

    top notch- hope radio has the guts to play it

  39. bjarvid61

    nice one,like Vince Gills country music.

  40. Christine Bories

    sounds good it will grow on me love his music any way and beat is brilliant

  41. Lance Boughner

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    Sara Jane Welch

    +slhines7 -- Well, turns out you weren't much of a prophet on this one. Better luck next time and btw, who is your pick for POTUS in 2020?

  42. Alana Clark

    Loved it the first time I heard it & that was only a few weeks ago! Excited to see a music video for this song! :)

  43. Anthony Janflone

    Awesome job as usual Vince Gill!!

  44. slhines7

    Loved it the 1st time around, catchy!

  45. rose

    nice one