Gill, Vince - Oklahoma Borderline Lyrics

Well it's rainin' down in Houston
And I got holes in both my shoes
Baby's put me on the street
She says "I'm through with you"

She thinks I'm gonna miss her
Someone tell her that she's wrong
I'm goin' back to Oklahoma, boys
'Cause that's where I belong

I need one good ride
I'll be satisfied
Come on Oklahoma borderline
If we roll all night
She'll be comin' into sight
Come on Oklahoma borderline

Well now I don't need no Texas girl
Doggin' me around
I may be a Okie, son
But I've still been to town

Well those Oklahoma city girls
They always treat you right
Well tell mama and them I'm comin' home
And I'm leavin' out tonight


So with two bucks in my pocket
And my thumb stuck in the wind
When I cross Red River, boys
I won't be back again

Give me old back roads and truck stops
And 18 wheels that whine
And some good ol' boy to take me
To that Oklahoma line


I caught one good ride
She's comin' into sight
Hello Oklahoma borderline

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Gill, Vince Oklahoma Borderline Comments
  1. Johnnie Tumbleweed

    This guy is really, really good. "Off the chain," some people would say.

  2. Steven Chambers

    Boomer sooner okies do it best

  3. Robert Parker

    Looking good Vince.

  4. उत्कर्ष

    Check out the live @ Crossroads fest.

  5. Matt·Dylan

    this song screams Billy Joe Shaver to me but was in fact written by Vince Gill,
    Rodney Crowell and the late great Guy Clark which explains why its such a bad ass jam.

    Lorrie Ackley

    Never thought about that. It does have Billy Joe all over it.

  6. Tom Hamilton

    Chet would probably be the best example of what you are talking about. Insane talent just doesn’t always rise to the top in terms of the recognition you speak of. However, like searching for a good movie, those of us who keep an eye out for great guitar players will soon find and recognize Vince Gill.

  7. Hernan Ian

    3:11 falls guitar behind Vince, maybe was too much, who knows..

  8. FranticRock

    My favourite country guitar player ever! So pure and honest. Embodies everything I love about music.

  9. GRD62

    Wow! That was a while ago. Vince sure looks like a youngster there. Sounds like he put some overdrive on his guitar.

  10. Carla Austin

    Vince gill can play and sing. Love his music.

  11. Greg Ellis

    Saw him at Clapton's Guitar Festival in Dallas you could hear people through out the crowd say what the hell is this country guy doing here he shut em up Wow

    paul bounds

    People tend to forget Vince Gill was in Pure Praire League, he could pick way back then, had long hair too, go check...

  12. guitarman

    Vince Gill is way too unrecognized as being one of the premiere guitar player anywhere. A real American treasure


    @Mitch Gawlik but certainly not recognized by the mainstream. I had no idea he could play like this. He is incredible.

    Mitch Gawlik

    @85geoffm Depends on your "mainstream". I think he's more recognizable now by pop and rock fans due in part to
    being picked to play at the Crossroads Festivals but he's been a steady and respected country player for decades.
    Country music has a way of chewing up and spitting out its performers and turning on to a whole new group of
    newcomers. Vince Gill keeps rolling along, sometimes as a mild mannered picker and sometimes as an ass-kicker
    ala Albert Lee.


    @Mitch Gawlik mainstream meaning he's never mentioned among great guitar players outside of country. Nowadays he's like a far less recognizable Brad Paisley, who is recognized by a small portion of the country community as a tremendous guitar but not outside of that, so Vince is not recognized by many people and certainly by current music critics, and certainly not recognized by critics outside of country music history critics.

    Mitch Gawlik

    @85geoffm It's not the critics that matter but the fans and music buying public. To paraphrase and old saying,
    "Those who can, do. Those who can't become critics". I don't need to shout about Vince Gill's talent and ability,
    his playing and his fans do that for him.


    @Mitch Gawlik I'm not arguing whether they matter. I'm arguing he's deserving of more praise from them, as well as others. When people speak of artists not getting the attention they deserve, this is usually what they mean.

  13. Rosemary Downey

    Beautiful very nice song great post thank you for sharing this Vince god bless ☺

  14. Jon Spence

    First!! Hurray!!