Gill, Vince - Nothin' Like A Guy Clark Song Lyrics

My old friends and boats, the stuff that works
A random knife, an old blue shirt
Strong and steady, like Texas dirt
It's a place to hide when you're really hurt
Well, Coleman Bonner and Sis Draper, a worn-out fiddle case
Old skinny Dennis, I can still hear him singin' bass
Well, that workbench was a holy place
His favorite picture, Susanna's face

There ain't nothin' like a Guy Clark song
You're feelin' fragile, 'fraid you don't belong
It's a lonely road you're travelin' on
Well, there ain't nothin' like a Guy Clark song

Homegrown tomatoes and a Dallas whore
A girl named Rita doin' a slow bandera across a dance hall floor
Well, he rolled his own and he loved to roar
Man, it's been over forty years since we shared that stage at the Troubadour

There ain't nothin' like a Guy Clark song
You're feelin' fragile, 'fraid you don't belong
It's a lonely road you're travelin' on
Well, there ain't nothin' like a Guy Clark song

Well, what do you do when your heroes die?
Man, you let 'em roll, you let 'em fly
'Cause desperadoes don't worry or wonder why
Well, son of a bitch, old Rodney's gon' miss you, Guy

And there ain't nothin' like a Guy Clark song
You feel abandoned, your friends are gone
It's a lonely road you're travelin' on
Well, there ain't nothin' like a Guy Clark song

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Gill, Vince Nothin' Like A Guy Clark Song Comments
  1. Charmaine Diane Osborn

    Love your songs!

  2. Rick Priest

    His songs live on. So thankful for the time that allowed Guy to hone his art.

  3. David Harris

    Vince, you knocked this whole album out of the park... Loved ya since the days of Pure Prairie League. Also love your part in Ken Burn's recent "County Music" documentary. Say high to my old high acquaintance, Don Schlitz for me.

  4. Kent Beery

    And there ain't nothing like a Vince Gill song......

  5. Tyler Leech

    "Well what do you do when your heroes die." Fuck. What a powerful line. Townes, guy, gram parsons, merle, waylon, Duane Allman. All of mine besides emmylou and rodney have passed on. Never let the music be forgotten.

  6. Dirk Teufel

    Great song !! Tx Vince

  7. Bill Williams

    One legend singing about another. Thanks Vince, you nailed it. :)

  8. M DY

    Went to Vince's concert a couple of weeks ago at Interlochen, Michigan. He sang several of his songs from the new CD. Just a really great concert!

  9. Cyber Space

    Vince Gill just knocked it out of the Park..............

  10. Nobodies Fool !!

    I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Guy Clark, from the front row I requested Picasso,s Mandolin, Guy looked at me ,smiled and said "good call", that was at a Manchester student union bar, all of 50 people in the audience, but he didn,t care! We all Know guy could have been filling stadiums but he did it his way, he wanted to touch his audience, we know his views on modern corporate country but preferred " Stuff That Works", fantastic and very moving eulogy from Vince Gill as he did for Merle, sounds like he,s ready to cry as he did at Merle,s passing .RIP Guy from a friend in Manchester UK , Gus Riley <3

    Tyler Leech

    Fantastic story. I never got to see him. I'm 19, and like so many of my musical heroes I never was able to see them. Little stories like these make it feel like I know them a little more.

  11. don juan

    In the true style of Guy Clark, bravo Mr. Gill!

  12. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    A Beautiful Tribute to Guy Clark"""" Love the word's of this Song""" Outstanding Vince "" 💘💘💘💘🎶🎶

  13. Dennis Ferrell

    Amen, Vince. Thank you.

  14. Lilmike Lilly

    Lovely, lovely,just lovely,thank you from NZ

  15. Dina Andrews

    Great song

  16. Dale Bartlett

    I woke up this morning wearing an old Guy Clark T-shirt, saw Vince on morning tv promoting his new record, googled it and discovered this wonderful song reminding me to lean on Guy’s music today. Thanks for the gift, Mr. Gill, I love it!

  17. Conway Red Bear

    Awesome album. Vince Gill reminds me of my Dad, pastaway in 2015.

  18. Emilio Vaquero Martin

    Vince Gill Have one respect all stars in country forever. Tkanks friend

  19. leif rørvik

    thank you :)

  20. Christine Cole

    wow that's awesome music I'm in love only person I can't wait to see him someday thank you so much have a great day everyone god bless you people Amen 😍

  21. Jo-Anne Squadrilla

    Love All Vince Gill songs , Always from

  22. Brit McCabe

    Let me get these tears out of my eyes and I will post something.

  23. MS2171

    A beautiful tribute to Guy and Vince got it so right.

  24. Annie bannie

    I never tire if listening to your voice thankyou just beautiful

  25. Christine Cole

    Beautiful song and can be love in life thank you so much

  26. Nathalie Hape

    This a great Video and music with that gorgeous, I am totally in love 😍 😍 😍 ❤ ❤ ❤

  27. Vikki Smith

    You're absolutely right there's nothing like a good old Guy Clark's song ❤😆😂.

  28. Luiggi Michael Riwu-Kaho

    Nothing i could say but awesome🔈🔉🔊

  29. Douglas Drew

    And Vince's voice just singin along.