Gill, Vince - Molly Brown Lyrics

Molly Brown waits for me
In a little one-horse town
Boley, Oklahoma, where white folks don't come around
I'm thinkin' about you, Molly
I'm forbidden to come around
Lord knows I love you Molly
Molly Brown

Molly Brown, Molly Brown
Lay down by my side
Show me how to spread your wings and let that pony ride
I'm crazy about you , Molly
I don't care that your skin is brown
Lord knows I need you Molly
Molly Brown

We met down by the river
She wore her wedding gown
Never saw it coming
No one heard a sound
My daddy used both barrels
And left me there to drown
Lord knows I'd die for Molly
Molly Brown

Molly Brown, Molly Brown
Don't you weep for me
I'm going to a place the Lord
Prepared for you and me
I'll meet you up in Heaven
Upon that Holy ground
I'll be waitin' for you Molly
Molly Brown

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Gill, Vince Molly Brown Comments
  1. israel fitts

    My granfather wrote this song

  2. bluegrassfan23

    Great song - great performance.

  3. SuperKevieB

    lol hi sissy

  4. SuperKevieB

    My Name is Molly Brown :) I survived the titanic :P

  5. Keith Mattison

    am i mistaken or is this half of mark knophlers band with vince ?

    Eduard Koruni

    You're just perfectly correct, mate! .. Richard Bennett on rhythm guitar and Glen Worff on bass, the Mark's band buddies since 1996...

  6. missinglowell

    why no concert DVD or at least videos for more music from "These Days" 4 discs???? such great, diverse stuff - need MO Vince video!

  7. Kaitlyn Brown

    that's my little sisters name.