Gill, Vince - Losing Your Love Lyrics

Stars are falling from your eyes
You don't feel what I feel inside
Your hand is warm but your heart is cold
If you're hurtin' you don't let it show

How much longer can we go on
Actin' like there's nothin' wrong
How much farther can we drift apart
Before all the feeling is gone

I'm losing your love
It's slippin' away
Minute by minute
Day by day
Losing your love
Don't you think I know
It's a matter of time
'Til you let go

I see the moon shinin' up above
Reminded me how good it was
There's a chill comin' over me
Why can't it be like it used to be

I feel so helpless, I can't make you stay
No matter how hard I try
I can't deny that look in your eyes
Tryin' to tell me goodbye


Don't let go
Don't let go
Don't let go
Don't let go

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Gill, Vince Losing Your Love Comments
  1. Amie England

    Yesss rocking that guitar back then too!!! Love you Vince!!

  2. Davids Take

    Awesome,,,check out larry stewart from restless hearts version, ,equally good

  3. Michele Mcguire


  4. Sue Natewa

    Great guitar player! Great Guy, Great Looking Blue eye man. :D

  5. kj inohio

    Is that Jack Sundrud on guitar singing back up? Looks an awful lot like him before he formed Great Plains.

  6. The Gee-tah Guy

    Everything's gonna be alright if we're at Noshville, just a few morning miles from home. Now that's a Vince Gill breakfast song if I've ever heard one.

  7. Antonio Reina Gutierrez

    Sing like Orbison, great!

  8. debbie j hensley

    Oh oh love you so

  9. Salut Salut tous

    amazing song AND singer 🤣🤣🤣

  10. debbie j hensley

    love love love for always

  11. debbie j hensley

    Really got a true meaning to it.

  12. Lasse 1964

    the most beautiful performance is from the Anne murray...nothing else like her.

  13. Deirdre Lee Macdougall

    I adore him ! My very favorite forever ! ❤

  14. debbie j hensley

    my greatest singer

  15. debbie j hensley

    yes yes yes

  16. Tim Rouse

    A true legend!!

  17. debbie j hensley

    love everything about it and the meaning

  18. Christine Linge

    So much talent it's unbelievable! Thanks for sharing Vince!

  19. debbie j hensley

    yes I am I don't want to love you

  20. raulantonio65

    Fantastic song...Vince...!!!

  21. Farida Cleopatra Ali


  22. debbie j hensley

    you never went wrong with this song

  23. debbie j hensley

    This is my song I try ed to tell you over and over

  24. debbie j hensley

    Great tones my great treasure

  25. Frank Suchit

    Beautiful song,still listening to this 2018,so many sweet memories . lost my high school sweetheart . never thought of it happening to me.

  26. Larry Walden

    Seriously how could anyone give this video a thumbs down? Trolls living in their mommas basement listening to nothing but heavy metal? Geesh

  27. Christine Bories

    How wonderful just love the music

  28. Debbie j Hensley

    I want let go.

  29. itsbygrayce1

    Fantastic, wonderful, awesome, simply Vince!!!! Always great! He continues to grow as an artist and humanitarian. He is my all time, number 1, top favorite artist.

  30. Patricia Wilhite

    Who would have thought back many years ago that Vince Gill could possibly get any better then he is now? I love anything Vince is a part of! 💟💟💟💟

  31. Shanon S Michigan


  32. Vera Worley

    Great as always Vince!!!

  33. Karen Shurley

    Singer/songwriter/musician. Gill is genius

  34. Jewel Girl

    Simply outstanding, Sweet Pea! ❤️

  35. Winfield Wilson

    Loving the mullet, I had one my own self.

  36. Michelle Marie

    I love you Vince Gill

  37. Paul Jamieson

    100th Like

  38. Franklin Warner


  39. Alan Lutz

    I gotta tell ya, I'm very impressed by some of the things I've heard about Mr Gill and all the hard work he has been putting in for a long time, towards helping others!! Rumor I heard was that he will show up somewhere and start picking and singing to raise money for a group, or family that is in need.. I have no idea if this is true, but any time I hear a false report, it's something bad.. so I tend to believe it..
    Hat's off to You, Mr Gill!!! Off the chart talent, successful and still has a heart!!!
    Hat's off to Ya!!!

    Jerry Hague

    Alan Lutz I lived in Nashville for 25 yrs off and on. Had friends with connections to Vince and Amy. Had the honor of spending time with them. But, the stories abound. I was in a Dr's. Office and a random lady is telling a story of how they showed up at her daughter's wedding as a surprise and Vince sang.

    Alan Lutz

    Jerry Hague that exactly the kinda things that I have heard about him..
    I'm impressed!!!

    Lee Huntley

    Vince is, Gold Standard! Compared to the Wanna Be's we have NOW :(

    Amber A

    As others have already stated, yes, it is very true! He is always doing random things to help raise money. For instance, he has had a golf tournament called the Vinny for many years that helps raise money for junior golf in Tennessee. That one event has raised around $8 million dollars alone over the years & it doesn't include all the other charity work he & his wife (Amy Grant) have done over the years. And he is a very down to earth guy. I met him last summer and he is as genuine in person as you could ever find in an individual.

    Dean Sauls

    What's wrong with that

  40. Debbie j Hensley

    No you well never

  41. Debbie j Hensley

    You were hot and mighty god you were so hot

    Debbie j Hensley

    ,do you know Serena Frye

    Debbie j Hensley

    You well all way's be the best ledgand in County and Rock and Roll

  42. luhannay

    Me encanta! ❤️Admiro a Vince! Un saludo desde URUGUAY 🇺🇾 South America

  43. juleskroon

    It's crazy to see how we looked more than 30 years ago and played the guitars to our songs. Great singer, great player, great entertainer: Vince Gill! Big greatings from Switzerland. - Jules