Gill, Vince - Let's Do Something Lyrics

Nothin' to do in this lonely town
Your daddy warned me, "Son, don't come around"
Says I ain't good enough for you
He don't know what I'm goin' through

Let's do something
Sneak out your bedroom window, girl
And we'll be gone
Let's do something
Oh, baby, let's do something
Even if it's wrong

Go see the preacher 'cross the county line
For 25 dollars he could make you mine
My heart's on fire, can't you feel it burn
I'm past the point of no return


I'll make your daddy understand
Oh, Lord, I know I can make him understand
I'll face your daddy man to man
No guts, no glory, girl, I'll take that chance

[Chorus 2x]

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Gill, Vince Let's Do Something Comments
  1. sc lawman

    Just missing Bonnie

  2. Chad Van Haaren

    Whos on bass and guitar here?

  3. Anthony Morgan

    Not that he doesn't carry it on his own though lol

  4. Anthony Morgan

    Needs Bonnie Raitt on stage with him. She did vocals on studio track.

  5. 1로마교회에서 만든 삼위일체와 신약성경

    Rusty Young, a founding member of Poco, pioneer of country rock and country rock legend himself is on pedal steel guitar and background vocals! Vince Gill was influenced by him.

  6. ccmdav

    Lean into that gated reverb on that snare! Gotta love the 80s. No genre left untouched by the 80-ness.

  7. Rosemary Downey

    Great one Vince very nice song great post thank you for sharing this god bless you take good care 👍

  8. Dr. Harmonica

    Vince was lean when he was young and up and coming. Success and the good life put a few pounds on him.

    1로마교회에서 만든 삼위일체와 신약성경

    All because of Amy Grant ㅋㅋㅋ

    Jo Ann Herrman

    He was good then. He is great now. So what is your problem with pounds??