Gilbert O'Sullivan - You Don't Own Me If I Know You Lyrics

You may have given me the breaks
Amended all my life's mistake
Ooh but wait a minute
You don't own me
You may be more than just a friend
On whose assistance I depend
Ooh but wait a minute
You don't own me

What makes you think you have the right
Today that I owe you my life
A life you say is your life only
Nothing to do with me
Well don't forget for all your power
Even in my darkest hour
You don't own me

You may be fully in control
Of every dream I'll ever hold
Ooh but wait a minute
You don't own me
In times of trouble and despair
Although I'm glad that you were there
Ooh but wait a minute
You don't own me

I know it sounds so very cruel
To have to day I don't want you
After all the love you've shown me
Let's, not start a feud
I'm not your slave don't you forget it,
And even if I live to regret it
You don't own me

Why must you always be so right
Why can't you never be wrong
It's not a crime to say you're sorry
And it don't take long
No it don't take long

If it only takes a minute
To say a crime thing that's nice
If it only takes a minute

Then why not twice
I should have known from the start this would happen
From the moment we went anywhere
If other people so much as looked at me
You'd be screaming blue murder I swear
And yet you say that my leaving doesn't hurt you in the least
But even if that's true
You'll do all in your power to destroy me
If I know you

You day how much, you respect what I'm doing
You say how high you regard my ideas
And yet for years as you stood in the background
You never once let me up off my knees

Now despite you declaring
You understand the way feel
Now that we are through

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Gilbert O'Sullivan You Don't Own Me If I Know You Comments
  1. Cathy Woods

    golly he is so good he can make any song listenable. no one has ever copied his style. please come to New Zealand

  2. iconoclast

    How about posting the rest of the songs from this album?

  3. nigelo92

    Actually, isn't this song technically about his eventual departure from his manager Gordon Mills?


    Actually when this came out in 1982 it was just a love song as he had split with Gordon Mills around 1975/76 . Interestingly though many years later in 1995 he released an album called Every Song Has Its Play which was wriiten as a kind of musical based on his own rise to fame . The track You Don`t Own Me was revisited and he changed some of the lyrics to make it refer to his manager during the parting of their ways .


    Gotcha, thanks.

  4. Paddy Mitchell

    One of my favourite albums that Gilbert has done its truly superb

  5. Pablo Gonzales

    Mohawwk 3881 thanks alot from Peru!

  6. tekz44

    Indeed the tabu subject.Gilbert can tap into emotions and write about life.
    Ladies for what its worth ,how did you go from I love you,to You owe me.
    This is why human relations go sour,when one partner becomes owner,or at least in their minds.
    I am living this song daily,44 years married,and it hurts to feel this way.As the years go buy,women forget,they married us,when we asked,they could have said no.
    I also include his other song OUT OF THE QUESTION.

  7. stevewaugh2

    Very Good

  8. Sonny Cannon

    Mohawk, many thanks for making many people happier in their lives by having an abundance of simply wonderful O'Sullivan gems to lift the heart!

  9. Mim Hann

    The man is a genius!! He just never disappoints. He belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  10. sTeVie4TV

    Terrific song!

  11. Solitaire001

    Thanks for posting this. When I saw the description I was expecting a cover of the Leslie Gore song of the same name. Although the two songs share a similar theme, Gilbert puts his own gentler twist on it. On the video itself, the pictures worked very well with the song and supported it point well. Great work.