Gilbert O'Sullivan - We Will Lyrics

It's over now
You've had your fun
Get up them stairs go on quickly don't run
Take off your shoes the both of you's and leave them down outside the door
Turn the landing light off,
No wait, leave it on it
It might make the night
That much easier to be gone
And in the morning who'll be wide awake
And eating snow flakes as
Opposed to those flakes
(We will) we will (we will) we will

That afternoon we spend the day
With uncle Frank (remember?) and his wife auntie Mae
Well do you know
Since then I've received
Up to four letters all of which repeat the same
They say thrilled to bits
Can't believe you came
We relived it both
Over time and time again
And if there's
Even a chance or even half
You might be our way
Would you promise to stay
(We will) We will (We will) We Will

Oh its not easy pretending
That you cannot hear
Once you've suffered the reflections within
It's no use in an ending
To proclaim from the start that the
Moral of the stories to begin.

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Gilbert O'Sullivan We Will Comments
  1. Ba Pete

    I grew up listening to Gilbert......loved all the early stuff.......👍🇬🇧🤓

  2. Martin Palmer

    the man

  3. stunman1000

    Wonderful x

  4. RHMAK♥

    Immaginatela cantata da Paul McCartney....

  5. Norman Rogers

    Beautiful..takes me back to the 1970s and the nice year's..xx

  6. Tony Craddock

    His early songs had such fantastic lyrics such as We Will , Nothing Rhymed , No Matter How I try , Alone Again and Ooh Wakka Do Wakka Day. Outstanding songwriter.


    Apart from ooh wakka do. Change that one for Claire.

  7. TT C

    brilliant songwriter and distinctive voice. Did well in the UK

  8. 666project


    It's over now you've had your fun
    Get up them stairs go on quickly
    Don't run
    Take off your shoes the both of you's
    Leave them down outside the door turn the landing light off,
    No wait, leave it on it might make the night that easier to be gone
    And in the morning who'll be wide a wake and eating snow flakes as
    Opposed to those flakes. (We Will) We Will (We Will) We will
    That afternoon we spend the day with uncle Frank (remember?) and
    His wife auntie Mae well do you know since then I've received
    Up to four letters all of which repeat the same they say
    Thrilled to bits can't believe you came we relived it both
    Over time and time again and if there's
    Even a chance or even half you might be our way
    Would you promise to stay (We will) We will (We will) We Will
    Oh its no easy pretending that you
    Cannot hear once you've suffered the reflections within
    It's no use in an ending to proclaim from the start that the
    Moral of the stories to begin.
    On Sunday next if the weather holds we'll have that game
    But I bagsy-being-in-goal not because I'm good
    Or because I think I should it's just that well at
    My age I think standing still would really suit me best
    Do we all agree?
    Hands up those who do hands up those who don't
    I see well in that case will we please be kind enough if not
    On Sunday to go to mass on Monday (We will)
    We will (We will ) We will yeah yeah (We will)

    Writers: RAY O'SULLIVAN


    Nice one Lucy - if only you'd actually checked the lyrics before cutting and pasting, you'd know if you've ever heard the song that there are bits wrong. I'll let you find and alter them.


    @jezzyby47 im not gonna change a thing. ill let you get annoyed with the faulths that no one can see.


    You know i'm a perfectionist Lucy. I can take your comments down anytime i want to.

  9. Ginamarie Talford

    So true to parenting !

  10. bjbell52

    Taught how to play piano by Rick Davies - the founder of Supertramp.

  11. nintendy

    FABULOUS and TALENTED man!  Have all his vinyl LPs from the time!

  12. Ricardo Cruz Alguacil

    Gracias Gilbert desde Andalucía

  13. mark caine

    I just think the lyrics are just perfect with great meaning behind them........

  14. John Walls

    Just amazing

  15. Richard Khan

    After Nothing Rhymed this is my next fave aw hell all his songs

  16. Kadie groves

    No I know da RIP living legend

  17. Todd Hehl

    My favorite song on that record.

  18. Mikal Zonda

    Gilbert gives a lesson in song writing.....I never said it was gonna be easy

  19. Chaniago Fams

    He is difficult to forget..!!
    Greetings from Indonesia..🇮🇩

  20. Pauline Smith

    One of my brother's favourite songs......he passed away 3 weeks ago today. I listen to it to feel close to him.

  21. Jimmy Cahill

    This song has transported me back to my childhood.

  22. Joan Mulhall

    Christopher, my dear son, I miss you, my loving guy.

  23. Tony Alfano

    Incredibly talented musician. His chord changes and lyrics are up there with the best. He can sure tell a story.

  24. Joan Mulhall


  25. Jim Cameron

    Bought this single when it came out , 1971 on the MAM label

  26. Haven Sabaini

    Amazing ☮️♥️🎶🕉

  27. Loungejay

    Very McCartney-esque.

  28. Shane Canning

    My fave

  29. Dieter.Kostka

    I was in concert from Gilbert three weeks ago. Such an nice, amazing and friendly artist he is! I´m proud, to hear all this songs from the 70´s and now. For me one of the greatest songwriter ever. Hope to see you again Gilbert and thanks for your autogramm and photo!

  30. squizza28

    I thought he lived in Swindon?

  31. shay clarke

    one of my fav gilbert songs!!!!

  32. sharpman1100

    a very poignant song, the lyrics that get to me are recalling the visit to Uncle Frank and Auntie Mae as it reminds me that a family is bigger than than parents and children

  33. Ernie Pianezza

    Its so wonderful that many grown MEN are showing so much emotion here about this simply georgous slice of life song! Restores my faith in MANkind!! I LOVE YOU GILBERT! Thanks for sharing your truely unique (simple) gifts with us :-)🎼🎹🎶🎵🌈

  34. Jim Stover

    Yes, GO'S, what a great writer, great singer.

  35. RBIKO5

    captures something so simple, the hardest thing to do in art. Genius.

  36. bjbell52

    His first album was PURE GENIUS . I can't help thinking the Gordon Mills messed up his mind.

  37. baz sam

    brilliant from gilbert ,greatsinger/ songwriter

  38. Terry

    Telling a story like this through song is just pure genius, the best lyricist songwriter ever to come out Ireland or the UK ,such simple words put together so brilliantly.

  39. Joan Mulhall

    Great talent. The Irish Noel Coward. Such a way with words.


    Haven't heard this for over 40 years..still sounds as emotional as ever..Gilbert was the best at story-telling in his songs!

  41. Mc Grogans English Services

    Fond memories of Waterford back in the day.

  42. Paul Jürgen-Romrig

    I still remember drifting off to this. A transistor under my pillow, listening to radio Luxembourg. Happy, Happy times.

  43. Albertina Camus

    Feeling nostalgy

  44. grooverunner

    Jack Jones does a beautiful version of this song, too.

  45. steve double u

    Nicely crafted song.

  46. Víctor Manuel Medina García

    Que GRANDE eres gilbert

  47. mimosa17

    "Eating snow opposed to those flakes" how often do you hear 'as opposed to' in a lyric. Clever man.

    Joan Mulhall

    Reminds me of the great Noel Coward.

  48. charlie lee

    listening  to this beautiful song in 2019...

  49. Lavonia Duda

    Truly liked the video. 👌

  50. Simon Taylor

    A brass band in Aachen played this during the Aachen September music festival. A great tribute

  51. Eddie Power

    The lyrics are cringy but the air is lovely

  52. Amy Winehouse

    A continuous flowing backbeat and simple lyrics often create a good song and when there's a change of key can be an the most emotional part.This song rides up then back down -nice song.

  53. The4thDensity

    I'm so honoured and grateful to have been born in '68 and growing up as a kid in the 70's. It was my childhood playground and the memories this song evokes are special. I think the best of times have been and gone forever. I just feel so sorry for the kids of today having to endurer this cruel and brutal world.

  54. Arlette van Eijken

    Zo puur en oprecht

  55. John McRea

    What a talent this man was
    Such emotive lyrics and easy listening he makes me cry yes men do cry lol

    Ernie Pianezza

    We sure do John, i do everytime i hear this song!! 😭

  56. Kev L

    This song is so great!

  57. Riny de Bock

    Great Song. It brings me back to my memorys of my teenage years. Very good time. Thanks Gilbert

  58. der Ulli

    Einer seiner besten Songs. Ich liebe ihn.

  59. Allen Warrender


  60. happyguyx1

    thanks uploader

  61. Ba Pete

    Nice one jezzy47🤩

  62. Mary Webster

    Will always love you my childhood crush x

  63. Nicola Giacopelli

    Ma che meraviglia...!

  64. Martin Wedge

    The man is a genius without the critical acclaim he deserves. But it will come x

    john bradshaw

    totally agree Martin he will only get it when he unfortunately dies

  65. Elizabeth Gray

    A big part of my teens - loved him!

  66. Shane Canning

    We will

  67. NothingMaster

    A class act, all the way.

  68. zthde

    Pure genius Gilbert 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  69. Peter Madden.

    Still Super

  70. alan edney

    Wonderful song from a fantastic singer/songwriter

  71. Shaun Wakefield

    I remember this on Top of the Pops like it was yesterday always takes me back to my childhood This Great Irish man was Managed by Tom Jones / Englebert Humperdick Manager. Just pure class.

  72. Liz Doyle

    ⚘⚘⚘ SUPERSTAR ⚘⚘⚘

  73. Cathy Woods

    isn't hejust WONDERFUL

  74. Thomasn Marthinussen

    One of those Gilbert songs even his critics like....Gilbert OSullivan is pop musics greates songwriter. Nuff said.


    Should you be doing this whilst at work?

  75. Noel Conway

    Just hit on this for the first time in 40 years ! I think I was in second year , Christ I'm now 62 . I loved that song back then and I still love it today. Wonder where we've all gone .

    Ernie Pianezza

    U said it Noel!! I love it 46 years later!! :-)

  76. soham Banerjee

    he just makes any moment worth living. So nice to listen to Gilbert

  77. Lesley Crane

    Very underrated singer songwriter ....

  78. Alan Adair

    I saw him in concert two nights ago at St Albans Arena, England. I think this was possibly my favourite of the many hits he sang that night. Such wonderful lyrics. I LOVE the way Gilbert describes himself as Irelish.

  79. Martin Wedge

    Heard this today for the first time in a long time. GOS is genius and there’s no getting away from it. An incredibly talented singer songwriter who still doesn’t get the kudos he so richly deserves. But we know he’s up there with the greats don’t we? This is a beautifully crafted song.

  80. Roni Dickeson

    Was lucky to see him in Ipswich, he was amazing - an extraordinarily special artist.

  81. David Close

    Song writer singer and poet

  82. leonard walker

    this guy was soo underated at his peak by snoby glam rock so called gods . well done gilbert

  83. mrmagoo491

    Why wasn’t Gilbert a huge star? He has all the talent in the world . His lyrics are brilliant. He is so gifted. He has a certain following, but he hasn’t got the due he deserves

  84. William Jones

    Astonishingly good.

  85. Fred Clunes

    Sublimely subversive. A Mike Leigh film set to music in under four minutes.

  86. Bill Parry

    Get this folks, I'm a blues man-rocker-prog-man.but the boy Gilbert .His music, it's very, very, special.

  87. jerste

    What a talented musician.

  88. steve K

    what happened to the live recording? this is the album version dubbed over the original live performance :(

  89. Andrew Noott

    Beautiful piece of work

  90. Jelly Belly

    Great song!

  91. X LevI

    He tells us a story through his wonderful lyrics, and it's so beautiful.
    That last verse... OMG!

  92. Frank Hogan

    I just realized something Looking At The Date On My Watch Belated Happy Birthday Gilbert.

  93. Frank Hogan

    Does Anybody Know if Gilbert Has Put A song of His Called "Gulliver" on here? The "Gulliver" of The Song is Lemuel Gulliver From "Gulliver's Travels" I first heard it Over 30 Years ago on A Cassette Tape.

  94. David Pop

    What does he mean with 'It's not easy pretending, that you can not hear (heal?), once you've suffered the affliction within. There's no use in an ending to proclaim from the start, when the moral of the story is to begin." Can't find an explanation on the internet... Maybe my English is not good enough... Anybody out there who can paraphrase it?

  95. Paulo Milhomens

    I Love this song... Great Sullivan!

  96. Kevin -

    You can't Diss his lyricism

  97. david mortimer

    and people accuse him of being a sexual predator, get off that horse, a musical genius always attracts the non musical sorts, if you don't like his music go find something you may like, but you will always find sexual innuendoes in all music

  98. Michael McNulty

    Gilbert aka Ray O'Sullivan's manager Gordon Mills also managed Tom Jones & Engelbert Humperdink. Mills' daughter's name was Claire... ...not a lot a people know that!

  99. dutch menneer

    This is too beautiful