Gil Scott-Heron - Your Daddy Loves You (For Gia Louise) Lyrics

Now sweet lil ol' brown eyed girl, hey, now
Now that you're sleepin'
I've got a confession to make
Of secrets that I've been keepin'
Me and your mama had some problems,
A whole lotta things on our minds
But lately, girl, we've been thinkin' that we were wastin' time
Nearly all the time, and

Your daddy loves you
Your daddy loves his girl
Your daddy loves you
Your daddy loves his girl, hey now

Now sweet lil ol' chocolate girl
Now that you're sleepin' I feel braver
I've got a confession to make
I'll sneak it in while you're dreamin'
Me and your mama had some troubles
There's been a whole lotta things on our minds
But lately when we look at you, we know that we've been wastin' time
Damn near all the time, and

Your daddy loves you
Your daddy loves his girl, hey, now
Said your daddy loves you
Said your daddy loves his girl, hey, now
Your daddy loves you, and your mama, too
Your daddy loves his girl
Loves his girl
Loves his girl

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Gil Scott-Heron Your Daddy Loves You (For Gia Louise) Comments
  1. Carman Wilkins

    I cry everytime I hear this. My dad been singing this to me all of my life. Today his birthday.

  2. Veniti Williams


  3. voicegirl555

    Happy 70th Birthday Mr. Gil Scott-Heron! You were such a bright promise. I keep wondering what happen to you! You who knew what was going on. I guess you didn't know everything. Anyway, I have always loved this song. Thanks for all the music you left behind and I hope you are happy where you are.

  4. Brannu72 Rodgers

    Love this...💚

  5. Zaakira Muhammad

    Just to be honest I like the song a little

  6. Knet Jones

    I prefer this version also, it's my favorite.

  7. Khaba Sahure'

    never heard this before my girls are all big now i used to sing the original to my youngest daughter that just started college this year. thanks gil we miss you and may you find peace in the land of the ancestors answers and resolutions REST IN POWER our brother.

  8. Tosinger Actress & Singer

    What a legacy!

  9. Guhbs Beats

    Before you think about flipping it

  10. Alice Quinn

    i want to dedicate this version to my son Terrence and my latest granddaughter Mila D. Quinn.He truly loves his Sweet little brown-eyed girl.😍😘💑💟💖💝💓💜💛💕💙🌼🌻🌸🌷🌺🌈👗🎀💒💐💮💯🆘🚼🚺💠🌟🔑💖💗

  11. voicegirl555

    Gone 5 years ago today. Always missed.

  12. voicegirl555

    Happy Birthday Gil! Miss you man.

  13. Bobby Bright

    Sweet Yasmeen

  14. Bobby Bright

    Sweet Yani

  15. D Boogie

    It never changes. My girls are Women now......and Daddy STILL LOVES his little Chocolate Girls!! Always will.

  16. WakeUpAfricanPeople!

    "Sweet Little Brown Eyed Girl"

  17. tobian norris

    +Delores Randall
    I certainly empathize with your plight but I refuse to accept that we r equals. see, I am a MAN and a father. No woman can be a father and this song is for us MEN that are raising little women.

    Debbie Williams

    Gil's song to his daughter. Beautiful.


    This song is also for the Sweet lil brown eyed chocolate - caramel lil girls that Love they're Daddies! I know because I'm one of them .......This song really, really takes me back...

  18. Words of Wisdom TV Network

    This song came out in 1980 the year my daughter Lisa was born. I used to hold her, look at her and sing this song to her. She recently had my first granddaughter and I sang it to her too. Today, 12-13-14 is her birthday and I thank God that I can still share it with my baby girl. RIP Gil Scott, you were a genius.

    Raquiyah Kelly

    The song was written in 1974.

  19. Mimi Floyd

    I love my Daddy! Thank you for this conversation

  20. Deb Clark

    Miss Gil Scott Heron everyday......Rest in Music

  21. Marlen Brown

    Nice rendition, but I like the flute background on the " Winter in America" version

  22. Greg H

    Thanks for the upload... Been looking for this original version from "Real Eyes" for years...

  23. J'Hue Casey

    I've never heard this version before. It's different, a little less personal but it's def got a groove to it.

  24. kingsavage 103

    When my daughter was born December 13, 1980 I sang this song to her almost every day of her first 2 years

  25. RAMLIA1


  26. voicegirl555

    Gil left this world a year ago today. Thanks for all the songs you left behind. I love ths one very much.

  27. Beppe Zavanone

    This is heaven guys.....

  28. ngorman123

    Thanks Spiritfree. He was a hearbreaker in many ways.

  29. Javin4Man

    Elder Gil Thank You for everything you left us with. We will carry the mantle as courageous warriors for justice.

  30. Sheryl Henley

    R.I.P. <3u!

  31. Sowhut21

    If this song doesn't make you smile!

  32. PeechCutie

    R.I.P. Gil!!!

    nina moore

    You have always been an amazing. Deep as they come..... Peace and love my brother....... Manny Wellons and the W.A. Squad.