Gil Scott-Heron - Lady's Song Lyrics

(I wrote this song for a very special lady friend of mine,
Who was separated from her man as often now ladies are.
This song was about the love that I feel for her,
And the respect I feel for the way she has faced her life and its challenges.)

Just say any words you ain't feeling
Well that don't seem to be what she needs
She's been a headline, picked and put down alive
But she don't really need your sympathy

'Cause her touch is soft and her eyes are smiling
Though small time people try and put her down
She ain't done nobody wrong
The love she has is gonna keep us strong
It feels like long after love has abandoned you and me

And you may see her running to work in the morning
Remember there's a whole lot on her mind
She got nothing hip to say
Why not let her go along her way
'Cause brother, everybody just ain't got the time, got the time, got the time

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Gil Scott-Heron Lady's Song Comments
  1. Brian E

    In law school when the album "Spirits" came out. This was my favorite song of a collection of great songs.

  2. mo dee

    This song meant a lot to gil.

  3. mo dee

    This song meant a lot to gil.

  4. mizpahboy

    A man gives many question marks, however, a woman is a whole mystery.....and her song is yet to sung.