Gil Scott-Heron - Give Her A Call Lyrics

My life is one of movement
I been running as fast as I can
I've inherited trial and error directly from my old man
But I'm committed to the consequences
Whether I stand or fall
And when I get back to my life
I think I'm gonna give her a call
She's been waiting patiently
For me to get myself together
And it touches something deep inside
When she said she'd wait forever
Because forever's right up on me now
That is, if it ever comes at all
And when I'm back to my life
I think I'll give her a call.

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Gil Scott-Heron Give Her A Call Comments
  1. Dennis Jones

    Very deep love song

  2. Arnett Keys

    When I get back to my life, aka when I get my together. How deep is that. Pure genius

  3. Malcsta

    baby making music

  4. Derek Overton


  5. Alex Carter

    Listened to this on repeat many times, many card times. Thanks GSH!

    Dennis Johnson

    Love this sounds like me...



  7. ernesto kullock


  8. qasimat

    A favorite of mine. An intensely personal song.

    Abby Causey

    Intensely personal.....

  9. franco savadori

    One of the several "confessions" of GSH, the great artist and the small and weak man, unable to conciliates his intentions and his actions... As a singer, a composer and a lyricist he was perfect, and after more than 35 years, I'm still listening for his records. I judge him as one of the greatest black artists of all the times, and absolutely the best poet of the black community.



    William Person

    Cold, but true

    Wayne Brooks

    Agreed....But you must put his life in the proper perspective....Pieces of a Man....Life as you know was not easy...America was the true culprit....Survival, by any means necessary.

    Lord Krishna the Black Skinned He who is like God

    Your words are poetically agreeable. I personally regard him as one of the greatest published artists or poets period, not just of the black variety.

  10. omar shabazz