Gil Scott-Heron - Everyday Lyrics


I can't seem to find
the words to say (to say)

I don't have strength to play the games
you need to play (to play)

Every day I seem to be running from the truth
I ask myself questions but it just ain't no use
'Cause it seems no matter, no matter, what I try to do
I'm still loving and living, lying and losing
Every day (Yeah, every day)

I've got a job
And to say the least
It don't mean a thing (it don't mean a thing)
It don't begin to compare
With the hurt and pair that I've seen (I've seen)
Sometimes I know I can't tell wrong from right
I don't seem to know day from night
It's no wonder that the whole world uptight
They're just loving and living, lying and losing
Every day (Yeah, every day)

Stop on the way home
From work to have a drink
Just to give myself a little time to think
'Cause it seems that more and more I start to realize
That the truth that I wanted
The love that I needed
Has somehow disappeared before my eyes

I can't seem to find the words I need to say (to say)
I can't find strength enough to play the games you need, you need to play (to play)
'Cause every day you got me, got me running from the truth
And no matter, no matter what I try to do
It seems that somehow it just ain't no use
I'm still loving and living, lying and losing
Can't seem to remember
God it's so confusing
I'm still loving and living, lying and losing
Every day (Yeah, every day)

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Gil Scott-Heron Everyday Comments
  1. Sinue Sidarta

    2020 still ....🌠

  2. tonybetv

    this is where i am today

  3. Jermaine Jones

    Love this song, love Brian Jackson's ad-libs

    Jermaine Jones

    David Barnes I meant not Brian Jackson

  4. richard torres

    the music is talking to me

  5. matzomaniac

    damn it... what an amazing artist!

  6. TheAcidHairball

    I wished I knew about this guy when he was alive.

    Tommy Smith

    TheAcidHairball I said the same thing

  7. MRnewkTrane

    Mr. Brown toured with the Midnight Band and appeared on the albums-"The First Minute Of A New Day", "From South Africa To South Carolina", and finally-one of the best live albums ever-"It's Your World"(which featured as a then-new studio cut called "Sharing", which in addition to being the best last song on a album ever-is also the only song written by GSH that wasn't recorded with his great voice as the lead vocal. The jaw-dropping vocal on this gem is by...........Mr. Victor Brown.

  8. MRnewkTrane

    One of my favs of Gil Scott-Heron. However, the great backing voice on this live track taken GSH's 1st album "Small Talk at 125th and Lennox"-is that of Mr. Victor Brown, in whose early band called Black & Blues featured fellow university students Brian Jackson & GSH. But of course since Mr.Brown's connection to these two great artists didn't stop here, I won't end there...........When GSH & BJ started the Midnight Band, it featured on second vocals-a gentleman by the name of Victor Brown....

  9. john daconqueror

    Brian's voice in this song just blows me away. I've always loved his voice. I miss Brother Gil so much. Like so many I've taken Gil's message for granted & didn't honor him while he was w/ us. For this I am truly sorry. I salute you Brothers Gil & Brian for your contibution for solidarity & freedom. RIP GSH

  10. AlanzoScorpio

    ...Rest in Peace Gil Scott Heron!!!