Gil Scott-Heron - Combinations Lyrics

I've got a feeling
About combinations and how they
Work out so well
It only happens when people don't dwell on

The time or the feeling
And about combinations it's true that
North and south attract
Yes, but forever ain't a fact
To consider like our combination

And you can tear this moment down
And you can make me explain
Every little thing and every situation
But life turns itself around
And all the laughter and the pain
Simply helps us to maintain our combinations

And I know a sister
Who says combinations are created in the stars
Something to do with my Venus and my Mars being in line
To bring about combinations that will mix in my mind
Until I'm never quite satisfied
By any but our combination

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Gil Scott-Heron Combinations Comments
  1. btinsley1

    can you imagine this being a mainstream standard on the radio? me neither...which is a dismal reality for real.

  2. Call me MONKH!

    Cica 1980, this song is THE FINAL RELEASED COLLABORATION BETWEEN GIL AND BRIAN JACKSON. Sadly, nothing lasts forever (9yrs.+). For this album, and the two which followed on Arista records (Reflections and Moving Target), Gil became what he called a 'blues-ician.' The overt jazz-stylings fell away. Clive Davis, reprising a position he frequently championed, 'suggested' Gil make his music more 'pop-accessible.' Arista dropped Gil from its roster sometime in 1984 (after it released the ronald reagan critique, "Ray-Gun").
    Sincerely, thanks for EVERYTHING, Gil.

  3. Thee Mystique

    Simply the best💖.. Love Gil 👑, always!🎶🎵

  4. Prince of all Negros

    I honestly thought this was Lue Ross

  5. Ethel Steele-Robbins

    His Voice!! Yea

  6. Tony Bolden

    Anyone know the musicians on this album?

  7. Scottt Slaymaker

    fucken legend

    James Lee

    Scottt Slaymaker beast!

  8. MzMary's music

    So beautiful and soothing. I miss you brother. R.I,P.

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    very romantic sound and voice

  10. Vincent Castro

    the best.RIP

  11. Sulai Issa

    I pray that you rest in peace knowing that everything that You, Brian and the Midnight band did helped to liberate our people. I just pray that we can have that kind of music in our struggles forward!

    Amina Lopezz

    Sulai Issa game


    ...and we're STILL waiting...that will never happen again.

  12. rtoriq

    @rtoriq And to my surprise i come back here 6 months later to bid adieu to this great artist of our time. Thank you for your music. RIP GSH (1949-2011).

  13. MotorCityMissy313

    R.I.P. a great pioneer and legend to spoken word artist everywhere.

  14. rtoriq

    GIL AND BRIAN JACKSON DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM! Omg, Gil Scott-Heron is my hero, but i HAVE to give props to the beauty of The Midnight Band. GOD what i wouldn't give for a reunification....

  15. langston66

    This is one of Gil's masterpieces. A treatise on relationships. More wisdom in the words to this song yhan you can find in a set of encyclopedias.

  16. novembertalespinner

    Thanks for posting this song. It's been a long time since I've heard this LP. It still sounds good.