Giggs - Times Tickin Lyrics

Time ticking like bomb
Big fat 'matic inna hand
Dem nuh bad like Mr Sutherland
Unruly and Hollowman

Yeah, time's ticking
In the kitchen with Kentucky Fried, fried chicken
In the ride with the hottest chick, but I ain't kissing
Tryna hire up the pussy, fuck it, I ain't fishing
Mana rise up the bucky, nigga, I ain't dissing
Tell a man to his face, fuck it, I ain't bitching
But fuck it, back to the kitchen, nigga, fine whipping
Fine whipping, nigga whipping, nigga, wide shipping
Why listen?
9, mek the bwoy liff him
Man ah ride with that semi-9, bwoy, listen
Bucka-bye, bucka-bucka-bye, bwoy missing
Yeah, Rico, wire Mitch in
Yeah, big toast, bwoy skipping
Bully, Deebo, fly-tipping
Yeah, seat low, but I ain't slipping

Boy don't give me chat inna mi face
Real killy, killy, buss a shot inna your face
Big fat Kalashnikov deh pon mi waist
Pussy suck ya mudda, me nuh cuss and me nuh no trace
Boy don't give me chat inna mi face
Real killy, killy, buss a shot inna your face
Giggs have the 'matic and the metric mi ah brace
The whole world know seh London ah mi place

Yeah, wild difference
Old school, I've been on life's missions
Old school, I see online pictures
Old school niggas, couple wild sisters
Man stepped back and made a wide distance
Night time, a nigga ride vicious
White pictures, white slippers
Chess game, a nigga slide bishops
This is big business
Little off the top, well, that's a quick skimmage
Act hard but you're a bit timid
I'm just waiting on the big finish
Straight jeans, we don't fit skinnish
You want a peanut punch, I grab a quick Guinness
Bareback? Man got the big jimmies
Popcaan, I'm with the sick killers

Yeah, di killy dem ah kill yuh dawg
And mi make yuh duppy with mi spinner dawg
Mana killy, man a killer, man a sinner dawg
Unruly, bad ah yard, and we mad abroad
We nuh play like dominoe or three a card
Index finger play with the trigger hard
Giggs buss your head with a zigga dawg
Puppy can't talk, we a bigga dawg

Wicked, unruly
Yo Giggs, you know the fucking ting by now
Boy don't give me chat inna mi face
Real killy, killy, buss a shot inna your face

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Giggs Times Tickin Comments
  1. Regillio Nunes

    Can stop listing!!!

  2. Gerard Wishmund

    Doin road on da main road ting

  3. adam mcstraw

    Let's see what's good.

  4. beats by shapro


  5. Richard Nixon

    Sounds like the Goosebumps theme song lol 🔥🌋🔥🌋🔥🌋

  6. Levan VanhelSingh

    Who sey bad chune?

  7. brxken. becca

    It’s been a long time since I listened to this song

  8. Riccardo Williamson

    Rartid popcaan shell it down about my spinner mek you duppy lol to rarse

  9. Rtm00s

    This & essence are the best tunes on the mixtape.

  10. Jhanelle Henry

    Im addicted like Hennessey

  11. Errol 1Syde

    Only good parts of the song is popcaan verses🤔

  12. LeeVan 1000

    Faya Pop always poping it...word.

  13. Mr O

    Straight 🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  14. Mugshot Marley

    Here for poppy....woi oii forever

  15. Tallawah Vixen

    Pure bloodclaat fiyah!!
    How yuh nuh feel good fi come from Yaad?!? 💥💥💥🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲💯👌🏽🤙🏽

  16. Macmittens411

    This song make me want to do something about bad like...

  17. JayRodriguez

    this ting a make a blaze

  18. Jenasche Hall

    Woiiii gwan mi dawg

    Mugshot Marley

    Jenasche Hall clever

  19. Huzaifa Rasul

    Badman track

  20. Danny Dailey

    The beat goes HAAARRRRRDDD!

  21. Chaise Robinson


  22. 7023368497 7023368497

    i was sleepin' but umm oakland cali here giggs you go hard n**\a..

  23. Alan Samson

    popacaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan my guy

  24. Remell bell

    bad boy👊🏾👊🏾😄😃🇯🇲

  25. maverickjb10

    Real Killy Killy!!

  26. N17 Lee Tezza

    Fckng tune !!!

  27. will sadler

    shatin on ya face!


    This tune is pure FIREEEEE!!!!!

  29. Annie Mooney

    sick beat.

  30. djjoshb100

    Rodney p shoulda had a verse

    manasseh dawkins

    djjoshb100 word this sounds like he’s kind of beat. Has gigs made songs with old school uk rappers like scheme ,skinny man ,sway , kaleshnekov , choong fam ect that will be sick

    Gerard Wishmund

    Fuckin fact

  31. Music & Audio

    Bully d bow fly tipping

  32. Rina L.

    Make me wanna walk in and shot all dem blood clat 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. candy man

    We int dead yet 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🏃💣

  34. mkalanyan

    Kentucky fried chicken got me like 😍

    Joseph Jedidah

    Whoever you are suck your mum

  35. karolis jomantas


  36. Scott McDonald

    Come to be typical Hollaman tha Landlord.10/10🇬🇧🇬🇧

  37. gazaprincess Unruly-Sparta

    Fuck siccccckkkkk poppy ride d riddim

  38. Mikey Reilly

    Geeza gets BETTER!!

  39. RacksOnRacks 1000

    When's the movie coming out? Looking forward mandem ya dunknow

  40. Zain Mohsin

    Absolute fire .....

    Annie Mooney


  41. Drug Lord666

    Real villain shit 🔥🖤

  42. Akira Heru

    Tune issss crazzyyy!!!!!!

  43. Samantha Sheard


  44. rynell hylton

    Wooyooii fedel casstro

  45. Danchehall Kuff Kaff Again

    Mad ting 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jamie Edney

    Danchehall Kuff Kaff Again a quick skimmage lol bad tune

  46. M3XXEnerGi-Exsquisitedj jay


  47. Michael David

    Bukabye buka buka bye boi missing #Jheezzz

  48. Duke

    Bad bloodclaat piece a chune!!

  49. Glen Pyne

    Puppy caant talk wid ah bigger dawg 🔥

  50. Chyna Aaliyah Rita Ashanti Jarrett-Robinson-Lloyd


  51. bassman 2008

    mates why dont bassman come back and make a track with giggs mates

  52. Nisha Bhundia

    mad ting

  53. Sharmayne James

    Cahhh it cooooolllll

  54. FWyine Magazine


  55. Ethan Wainwright

    Popcaan murders tho

  56. Adam Wilmot

    Need that essence video

    Xbox X

    i love the songs With no video.It usally just make me think less of the songs.pukes on rap vids

    Dark dab

    Adam Wilmot

  57. Thomas Tournavitis

    pumping mad!

  58. Coy Lyttle

    way up #yennnneeoooowww!!!here before 5k

  59. Mumbler 100


  60. 111 Maintenance Group

    Big up to Fanatix! Wicked production!!

  61. Asif Glasgow

    Top tune

  62. Michelle francis

    Woiiii! Volume up on this one! Gwaaaaan popcaaaaan!

    Michelle francis

    The heroic watering can be quiet. Sit down. No ones listening fucktard. Shhhh! Now go away 🖕🏽in person I wouldn't bother arguing with you I'd just knock you the f out.

    Michelle francis

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    The heroic watering can

    @Michelle francis I don't fight girls, if I actually had a physical fight with u, then u would be hospitalised in a few clean hits 😂, u have just made everything else u say totally void by making disgraceful comments like that 😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😊😂 Laughing so hard at u right now.

    The heroic watering can

    @Michelle francis I did put down how u look cause u tried to put down how I look u are beyond hypocritical, total scum that talk like u always end up in an early grave, the world will take care of u, if u want to arrange a 1 on 1 fight with me feel free 😂😂😂, I wouldn't knock the shit out of u being a girl, gladly get u in a hold and frustrate u to tears though, wouldn't be the first time I've done that to a scummy girl like u, martial arts come in handy sometimes 👍.

    The heroic watering can

    @Michelle francis u wouldn't be able to lay a hand on me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, where abouts u from? Chuck. Me your WhatsApp ill arrange it with u, let my ppl film it, all yours now let's see u back up what u said.

  63. prodbypantha

    yeah this is MAUD!! 🔥