Giggs - Horror Movie Lyrics

Illa, you've got a fucking horror movie here

Whole game's up for the taking
Yeah, man's going hard and we
We all been stars in the making
Yeah, man's gonna start and we
Started with world domination
But right now, I'm at the bar with a
With a Barbie in cute conversation
And right now, I'm in a car with her
Chick come with her man, she's getting taken
And right now, I'm in demand with her
She had the work permit and got the placement
And right now, I'm gonna start with her
Straps and the shells in the cases
'Cause man wanna start with us
Man's getting stamped on the pavement
And getting dragged in the car with us
Yeah, man's getting slapped in their faces
What, man wanna arm with us?
Man take it back to the basics
Now man wanna start with us
Man brought it to them niggas HD
But man wanna SCART with us
Man get distressed and get it dancing
What, man wanna dance with us?
Man wanna work and get the hits in
What, man wanna chart with us?
Man running over, getting kicks in
What, man getting dark with us?
Man had the bricks and got the bits in
What, man got the cart with us?
Man get it clapping with the biscuit
What, man wanna bark with us?
Man's got some niggas over Brixton
Put their hands on their heart with us
Handled some niggas with the kitchen
And they were far from us
Couple Catholic niggas and some Christians
Couple Muslims that march with us
Pap-pap for them niggas that are snitching
Niggas span in the car from us
Man just with Gunna Dee and Wax there
Nigel and Clark with us
Somebody's gonna get a slap, yeah?
If man wanna talk to us
What, man think that they can bring it back, yeah?
What, man wanna park the bus?
And think that they can bring the crack, yeah?
Man whip the marvellous
Flow's looking marbler
Radio, tell him bring her back, yeah?
And send a barber up
Mad heavy niggas from US now
Stand in the dance with us
Man tell me "Hollowman, you're cold, man"
And brought the jargon up
Yeah, Giggs putting niggas on the map now
And booked the class for us
Man with some niggas in the background
Strap and a mask, you know
MAC and a mask, you know
Yeah, 'cause the strap, gotta mask it up
Yeah, chat got you niggas in a mess now
Pap-pap, got the casket up
Been gym and you got a little chest now?
Like fam wouldn't blast it up
Man talking greazy on the website
Man caught the bastard up

I told you, you know, it's a fucking horror movie
Watch it, watch it, watch it
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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Giggs Horror Movie Comments
  1. chief

    still the hardest song here

  2. Cal3bsBeats

    This is hard!!

  3. Kadaj Tribal

    Beat is dope af!

  4. Josh Farrington

    Man's not hot... version 2.0

  5. King Y

    the same producer produced killshot

    Chikin Villige

    Trust me. Beat was meant for giggs too. Heres me hoping there's a giggs version floating around somewhere.

    Mohammed Kalil

    Killshot sucked ass anyways


    link? anyone?

    Zeeshan Beats


  6. Danial Shahzad

    oi IllaDaProducer makes some banging beats yanno fucking killed it

  7. IM Live Enterprises

    My Dukes got some fire. Just the beginning!

    Allan WATP

    been out for so long 😂

  8. Kevin Large

    Red carpet legend !

  9. Lil C


  10. Rozhane Roberts


  11. Phil Turner

    How does listening to this in Valencia sound better than listening in E3? its a proper horror show

    SS S

    Phil Turner What’s E3

    Nati ታደሠ

    @SS S one of the most popular gaming conventions

  12. Drug Lord666


  13. Da Wave


  14. Bryan Morgan

    How do you not know me

  15. Kian

    Wasn't my favourite first but 🍁💰🔪

  16. Thomas Tournavitis

    Damn good

  17. Morgan Griffin

    Mad tune love your tunes