Giggs - Gully Niggaz Lyrics

Turn up the headphones a bit
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh shit, legendary

Enemies twelve o'clock, enemies fifty-five
Tell me who on the block, tell me who is this live (who)
Tell me who's on this job, tell me who lives this life
Nigga just popped that shot, niggas is dead this time
Gully niggas, gully niggas
Pull up and we're running niggas
Everybody's running 'cause
That's what happens when you summon niggas
'Cause a nigga thinks it's playtime
Pull up on you dummy niggas
We ain't really Rich and Rico
But man are getting money niggas
Man'll pull up summertime sunshine
Pull up with them sunny niggas
Man ah man a badman Top Boy
Pull up with them Sully niggas
Man'll just back that pap pap
Run up on you bummy niggas
Man ain't really into the joke ting
Run up on you funny niggas
Man'll really cop these burners
Couple of these burgers
Man ain't really too concerned with
What doesn't concern us
Man ain't really too confirming
None of these vermin
I see 'em walking 'round with that trey-pound
None of them's turning
So disrespectful
Feel so disrespected
Called up the Six God
Phone just connected
I got so many flexes
And got so many texts-es
I'm just waiting for YG
My little bro got arrested
I went home and I left it
I went home and I rested
Just wait for the bird call
I went home and I nested
Wait for the bird call
Wait for the bird call
Went to the airport
Go to commercial
Money on the table
Money on the table
Trent on my phone
Coming for the label
Coming from a life of danger
Running from the angel
Music in your bloodclart speaker
Coming through the cable
Gully niggas, gully niggas
Fuck it, fam, I'm bunning niggas
We just keep it coming 'cause
Niggas been them cunning niggas

You hear that gangster shit, son?
Bruv, big disrespect
I like that, yeah, yeah, yeah

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Giggs Gully Niggaz Comments
  1. Marco C

    Giggs is the gatekeeper of UK GRM American guys don’t understand our slang and type of music

  2. Nad ine

    0:00 2:55

  3. Brian Theophile

    brah brah bim like it

  4. Sarah Jane Rooney

    Kings off grime scene.
    Giggs abracadabra LD AJ Tracey RV n headie one t roads Bugzy Malone krept n konan stormzy songer akala Dave j hus 67 skendo n am Skepta zone2 kamakazi Jordan freestyle lisson to all these kings then u can actually say I've listened to grime proper grime n drill

  5. Detroiter Girl

    Take my money cubbie 💋

  6. nice meme

    2:12 “Trent on my phone” CASISDEAD reference??

  7. Jack Pantrey

    Before Giggs turnt american

  8. Jamie I

    Gully ting

  9. 666 Devil

    Giggs you want some smoke.....but i know you'll croke giggs likes to choke.Dope.666 notes.

  10. Pedigree Birt

    Gunna dee would of finished this track

  11. Umair Awan

    Dbz eyes

  12. Marty Harris

    Stoned alone lol

  13. Melissa Smith

    where can I download a free album... anyone?

    Cobb Butterscorn

    It's only $10, just buy it

    Pedigree Birt

    Cobb Butterscorn $? You from America bro? Didn’t realise Giggs had man over there who copped him music, knew you man rated him buy jheeeze that’s big!


    Good production, good lyrics as always. Don't stop doing your ting Giggs, YEEEH !!! D'omen.



  14. Chris Hennessy

    here now!

  15. Someone Kid

    Aye I kno y’all not here for me but this page out 🙏☄️ ..🔥 on the whole page hope y’all like

  16. games KNRTdrinkz

    Big tune G.Like 351🔥🔥🔥👌

  17. Daniel Siddiqui


  18. J Son, s

    🔥🔝South 🔝🔥

  19. Joan Rey

    Damn the eyes wink

  20. Molt Marson

    S/o to Giggs for this track. People seem to question his style. I think its dope. Keep doing best.

  21. GRE


  22. Blackpool Lee decent

  23. Poseidon the Finesse God

    Raaaaaaaaa. This shit hit harder than my stepdads belt. ⚡⚡⚡

  24. Lorenzo


    Joan Rey

    o h fuck yeah I’m glad I found this

    Danny Brown

    Giggs is pretty much seen as the farda in this uk rap ting, not really under rated

  25. Sunaruto2

    Downloaded song

  26. Arab G


  27. KAZ

    christmass riddim

  28. matt kemp

    Sick bro

  29. Cheetah

    Mad tune💯🌊🇬🇧 from south

  30. ApexJnr

    Mad this took up two rows in my sub feed and it fucking deserves it

  31. Eddie Worrell

    Tell me who on the block, tell me who is dis live!!!!

  32. Craig Smith

    Mad 💯

  33. Aaron Connolly

    WAMP 2 DEM!!!