Giggs - Fire In The Booth Part 3 Lyrics

Ah man, it's got to that all important time of the show once again, my favourite part of the show, Fire In The Booth
And back for Part 3, little Christmas present for the people. Man like Giggs in the building! Landlord in the house!
Let's run the beat, you can talk, the intro's long, you know it
[?], yeah, he loves it
Oi man like H you know
Trust me fam
Man's like just won the beat
Thought I'd give them a little Christmas shape-up
Come on mate
They thought it was safe, you know what I'm saying?
Hardest, hardest tape of the year, actually, hardest body of work of the year
Wamp 2 Dem, you dun know, that's out now, you get me?
I can cosign that
Trust me fam, man can pretend it's not but it is, you get me?
Let me get another water please, yeah, turn this up, yeah
Big up [?], you dun know, let's go
Let's get them H

Break niggas down, do it in section
Niggas move shakey, niggas in question
Coming like illness, fucking infection
Spinners in shoot-outs, nigga that's Western
What's a man's angle? What's his direction?
501 swag, Hollow and Hestern
Bitch is just naked, nigga just flexing
Says she wants lobster, I told her "Get dressed then"
Cut and then I gut them, fucking fam it's nuttin'
If I get to touching on the button, getting [?] with a suttin'
Niggas keep calling me the GOAT, so I take the curry with the mutton
Niggas think they've governing the street, so I keep it gully when I govern
Niggas just nonces wanting responses
Hollowman's whack? Nigga that's nonsense
Anything pending, Hollowman stomps it
They say you shouldn't toot your own horn but Hollowman honks it
Man have got shooters, nigga just get them
Man are just schooling, they're coming like X-Men
Community payback coming like Skept' den
Long Way Home shit, Konan and Krept

Giggs in the building
Alright, let me speak, let me speak man, let me speak, we ain't got no time to waste fam, tell them man, you know what I'm saying?
Oi man like H you know, woah
You know when you murder a beat and that and you just wanna go in again? You get me?
Let's get them H
Let's deal with the subliminal fools, you get me?
Yo, but we don't even deal with that

Man are fools
Man ain't spraying nothing pussy, better run the standard jewels
Man must see us running up and banging tools
Teach these little pussies on the standard rules
I was laughing, I was proper dying
Man have got the flag up and it's proper flying
Way I twisted niggas up, it's proper science
Man just step on niggas 'cause we're proper giants
Man are well connected and we've got alliance
Giggs apply that pressure with the hot appliance
Pop up on the chicken then Kentucky fry him
I just took off in the chopper, man are proper flying
Stop trying, it won't measure
Drop fire, it's no pressure
Won't spin, no salt, flow pepper
Headtops might jump, no Checker
Mic check, mic checker
Big Macs, no ketchup
Get boxed down, get up
That gun jams, it might mess up
Running for the medic
And I told that pussyhole "Forget it"
I don't wanna run up and behead it
Spaghetti nigga, pop up and spaghett' it
Pussyhole, you're running out of credit
Told her that I'm coming for the debit
Saw that nigga run and told him "Leg it"
Coming like they're jumping off the edges
Pussy told me "Run up"
Then he saw me running with the gun up
If I wanna bun him, he'll get bun up
See me in the club and nig get turned up
Hottest fucking nigga for the summer
Think he's an elite but he's a runner
Niggas getting dumb and getting dumber
Dun-nu-nu-nu-nu, I'm a stunner

Ay, okay
Jesus, come on, let me give them one more and then I'm in and out of here man
What, one more? You gonna go again?
Ay, you know what I'm saying
Another one, last one
I just stepped off the plane, I ain't even showered yet, you know what I mean?
What, another private jet? Another private jet H?
Na, na, no jet, no jet
Come on, stop lying to the people, it's the only way you travel these days mate
Let's go, let's go
I swear you've got a parking space at Gatwick these days
Na, na, na, na
You get me, you dun know, Hollowman, yeah
Let's finish it off H, let's finish it off
Let me get that water my brothers

Bunning my ganja
And I've got something shiny under my jumper
Man just woke up that lion out of my slumber
Better add a couple more zeros and we fronted that number
Hollowman ain't no goddamn hero, I'm just getting more crunker
Niggas getting softer than Bambi, yeah they're getting more Thumper
Giving that flexy, big up that stunter
This is that OG, so I give them that hunger
Flexy, flexy, flexy, flexy, flexy, flexing
I've got sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy bitches sexing
I just walked out, stepped up, brushed off quickly, stepped in
Yeah that sexy chick [?], yes that's when she met him
Bunning that loud, one with that cloud
Niggas talk greazy, running that down
Come with that foul play, man's doneing that now
Man are all Giggs' children, they run with that style
Shout my bro Drake, them niggas run with that owl
You try run up that growl, run up and bloaw
I've got niggas that's ready and greazy, gully and vile
Niggas talk beef man, running that cow
Come with that wild, come with that wow
Talk about that ring ring trap shit, I'm the number that dials
I'm the brother that smiles, cover that ground
Nigga that's bait, cover that pound
Buh, slap when I say so
Back for the Pesos
Black for the A-holes
I won't even talk about fees, but it's mad for the stage show
Sicker with the gift
Slicker with the wrist
Please don't get your knickers in a twist
Gorillas in the mist
Nigga you a snitch
Put bitch niggas in a ditch
Give them little bricks
Small, tiny, give them little bits
I've got niggas in the field, rider's bitch, nigga you a witch
Who the fuck you think you're talking to? Skinny little bitch
Nigga banging whippin excursion, swinging in the whip

Woi, man like Giggs
That's that swinging in the whip shit, you get me?
Oi, woa-ho-hoah
Oi no one tell me that ain't the best Christmas present you got this year man
And he's left the building
And that right there, is what you call Fire In The Booth
He just walked out, he's gone, he's out...Merry Christmas

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