Giggs - Fire In The Booth Part 2 Lyrics

I'm back out on my boss shit
I bet niggas though that I lost it
I gone OTB now
Ounces to boxes
Still counting my losses
F'd out as that gossip
I thugged out with the wotsit
Jump out and you're dog shit
I was looking at life in the dog pit
Looking at life and I dodged it
I was looking at guys like I was shit
I was Giggs, but now I'm just a number
Now I'm out on my shit with my hunger
Light up the booth let me fill it up with Ganja
Watch them specials turning, let that special burn him
Hate, snakes, rats and vermins why all that petrol's burning
My success is hurting
My success is just killing breddas so much
My success is hurting
Get that cessy burning, get that sexy bird in
She's obsessed with flirting, so get that sexy word in
Phone number, get them texts working
Tell her cut the phone sex, I want that sex in person
Run up on bastards
Touch them bastards
So fuck them bastards
Got that Markarov
Man'll [?] on bastards
Wanna question Giggs?
I got the fucking answers
Fucking bastards, I've had enough of bastards
Stop begging, you've had your fucking chances

All you fence youts watching from the ringside
I got contacts, niggas on the inside
We're them cut work, wrap it up in cling guys
AMG sign sitting on the rim side
This is how we do it
Three bedroom house swag this is how we blew it
Eat up the rap game listen how we chew it
Let it digest, piss it out and poo it
Where the fuck's all my guerillas at
All you real niggas better [?]
Think your swagger man will slap off your Margiela hat
I see you stunting with that baller but you're still a swat
I tell her get your going out to dinner swag
Any chick you see with Hollowman she got the winner tag
If you see me standing in the club I got the ting and that
Stunting get laid in a pool of blood I make you swim in that
You little stuntman
I get that jump lead, jump man
We make that shit, make niggas wanna slump man
We got that big sound for your little jump and
Rolling blacked out, with the seat low
In the jungle, on the deep roll
Man'll hot pepper, Jalapeno
Show them how a gully fucking G roll
This is how we set it
Fuck niggas man this is how we get it
Life of the famous getting paralytic
The haters so sorry, so apologetic
Man fuck all them niggas that wanna challenger
Niggas that be rolling on niggas with 40. caliber
Fuck all them hating arse niggas thats only manista
Case got buss wide open shout to my barrister
I was sitting in prison watching the calender
Sweeping and bopping the landing like I'm a janitor
And I move jammy with niggas that wanna jam with a
Nigga that cabbages niggas cause I'm a cabbager

The prophecy, please get off of me
Old school like my steering's mahogany
(To Charlie) You know them oldschool whips?
The prophecy, please get off of me
Old school like my steering's mahogany
That's your niggas bitch he wants to offer me
That's the reason these pricks tryna copy me
If you're thinking the rap game is soft for me
2.5 of the 45 be costing me
I'm an OG nigga, no guy's the boss of me
Might catch me in the A Town with Flocka B
Strap game's a killer
Nigga make way for the rap game's gorilla
Chicks looking at me like "that bre's a winner"
I got top models up in the flat staying for dinner
Yeah I remember way back, smack day's were realer
Now I got footy fans that play for Villa
The darkest yoot will get slapped change vanilla
Might he more switch to the black range or bimmer

I'm back again
Raise your hat again
Standing ovation, time to clap again
Told a man's giant so time to flatten them
Just has a late night session, man 's driving back and then
Pigs turn left and then man's driving back on them
Mad paranoid don't want that light to flash again
And so the pigs turned off then my smile is back again
Music turned low, rise it back again
Where's that boom tune der? Find it back again
I ain't listening to that pile of crap again
They don't play man's shit, why is that again?
I send a complaint and they just file it back again
(Alright let me wrap it up now)
Keep your head above the water nigga
Get your money out to feed your little daughter nigga
And when you're in the trap with them junkies
Check the money cause you know they like to short a nigga
You gotta build your little fortune nigga
You're on your own, ain't nobody gonna support you nigga
The street life, look where it brought a nigga
Tryna teach niggas what the hustle done taught a nigga
I scream hell no
Cause it's a hell hole
Niggas think it's Seasame Street looking for Elmo
If you niggas stepping to me I let a shell go
Never knew that nigga before but knew his girl though
Never had nothing on Giggs put him in jail though
Still put him in a cell though
But he never rang the bell though
Yea the art of war and it's another stance
Nigga can home from jail and got another chance
Man these niggas laying around wrapped in their lover's arms
Slap on the jimmy and let the rubber dance
I ain't got time for that I'm in another class
Tryna be that million air swimming in bubble baths
They're asking bout When Will it Stop?
But that's the summer chart

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Giggs Fire In The Booth Part 2 Comments
  1. Kaz Joseph

    Awww how cute is he 😍 I think Charlie is making him cringe lol

  2. Wahid Iqbal

    Still fuckin HOT!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Jack Norman

    Who's here January 20


    OTB now onces to boxes !!!!! Reupppppppp

  5. Kieran Lonergan

    dubbing it just fucked it madness.... charles bruvva whatve you done lad


    Old fire in the booth days tho

  7. Tdi Parry

    Stop begging you've had your f**king chances 💯😂

  8. Andrew Andreas


  9. scatebord pig

    2020 still the boss

    David Jones

    scatebord pig still cold

  10. Sam Mayhew

    Still listening to this in 2020 👊

  11. yeah aight


  12. Chris Laycock

    Love these old fitb but wretch 32 first time is the best fitb ever . Different styles though . Quality giggs.

  13. Roman Lewis

    Still a banga

  14. briyan36

    Where's that boom tune deh, find it back again - lines like this is why Giggs is the godfather

    K H

    that whole last verse was a freestyle. That is Why

  15. Stevenm Mcdonagh

    Why it blurring out his last peice? When he says again :'(

  16. OMNIA !

    Still a tune

  17. tommy Nash

    Giggs all day repping uk to the full nuff love

    Hector Victors

    what's the first beat ?

  18. Rae. x

    His voice is so good man, it’s the tone and gruffness just makes it sound so good, the fucking problems part is unreal !!

  19. Irvin C

    November 2019

  20. Bishopdadon UK stand tall

    Killed this 💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  21. Marie 1223

    Listened to this so manys times hundreds but never clocked who the last one was about until to tonight. They mighty mo and then I never rang the bell doh hat off the duchess

  22. Marie 1223

    Might mo went from black range to bimmer , bet he never rang the bell doh lol I should not laugh its not funny. But I clocked who . real words ...

  23. Kelly Holding

    Guys got me. Damn

  24. thot creations

    This is my first time hearing giggs, his flow is dope his voice is dope... And that first bead!!!!!!! Yoooooo!!!!!

    He need to do an album with 2006 pharell... That synth bass and gappy flow... Its like camron kinda.

  25. All Eyes On Me

    Sloth makes me cringe.

  26. Jackie Kerr

    Love the way he says bastards for some reason


    Giggs is pure 🔥🔥🔥

  28. Alan Ramage

    Piss poor really, can't change tempo and his lyrics are just jargon.
    The guy makes no sense and he needs to stop doing his own shit and get someone else to his lyrics.
    He has a good flow but lyrics need a lot of work and he's crap at freestyle

    LW1 TV

    Shut up 🤣

    Alan Ramage

    @LW1 TV you shut up, stormzy

  29. Tim Li

    Anyone know the last beat?

  30. ryan peel

    October 2019 anyone

  31. BackWheelBandits 2.0

    Going to be seeing giggs next month in Dublin CAN'T WAIT!!!!😎🤙

  32. Bradley Harrington

    Piss it out and poo it? He’s robbing a living lol

  33. Berzerk

    this not rap, sounds more like a man with downs talking slow

    Josh Herbert

    That's cause its grime you fucking idiot piss off

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    Jalapeno.. lol j is silent lmao

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    What is the first beat fucking filthy

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    6min 20 listen from there saves you 5 years of school

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    Watched this untold times now but have always wondered why they blanked out the audio when Giggs was saying the word 'again'

  42. Ashley Richardson

    Put him in the cell tho, but he never rang the bell tho 💯💯💯💯

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    Hola at me if you’re still listening to this Giggs now?

    Menames Dad Jones

    Og artist unooooo

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    Still listening 2019, Giggs is the Godgather of Grime

    Danny Boy_Dannyboy

    Fucking cold ain't it! Love LANDLORD 😎

  45. Nay Charles

    2019 anyone ?

    UK Drill Music

    Is he beefing A town (Brixton)

  46. Danny Boy_Dannyboy

    Love that first beat, giggs killed it yet again.

  47. Corey Montgomery

    Why didnt charlie keep the unsensored versions of all the fire in the booths for the tube??? Love this freestyle but it hurts listening at the same time ha. Giggs is a fuckin g one of the real ones


    My dream is to rep on Fire in tha Booth.. Bruz Ill kill dis shiiit

  49. Sly007

    2019.. USA

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    bingo wings helped him fly to my favourite fitb lemayonase x

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    2019 and Giggs still fcking shelling it and still straight up heat on fire in the booth . Stay blessed fam I'm out peace . ✌🧢🎧✔💯🔥🔥🔥

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    Third beat, Fuckin Problems ASAP Rocky

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    Hate snakes, rats and vermin!!

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    I died when he said 'the darkest man get slap change vanilla'

    Edit: he said yute (yout' however you want to spell it) not man

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    First beat in this video is Pop - Wretch 32