Giggs - Early This Morning Lyrics

Listen, we're them able niggas when it's enabled
Man ah blaze up niggas till he's disabled
Raise up niggas and spin the tables
Then get the grade and bill it and fill the nasals
I've got the 'caine, my niggas, they've got the basil
Baby niggas, I'll push your cradles
I try restrain the devil and bring the angel
I got the stainless sitting up on the table
Bet they thought they knew me, niggas never know me
Nigga, it's just me and I'm forever lonely
Get your glass, this a ceremony
Better tell them little niggas that be telling on me
If we get to bucking, gon' remember donnies
If we hit up Clyde, he won't remember Bonnie
Got the toys, my niggas Santa but we're never jolly
We're them kamikaze niggas but we're never sorry

[Gil Scott-Heron:]
Early this morning
When you knocked upon my door
Early this morning
When you knocked upon my door
And I said: "hello Satan
I believe it's time to go"

I'm a lonely nigga, nigga, a loner
Coldest nigga bringing them on ya
Got the coldest lyrics up in the folder
And got the cognac mixing up with the cola
Vulgar niggas, my niggas vulgar
Roll up dro'd and killing 'em with the odour
Trample the lion, my niggas step on the cobra
I got the flow that's sicker, man, it's ebola
Bet they thought they, they never knew me
Heavy niggas, heavy duty
Step inside my world, niggas forever shooting
Tracky bally up, my niggas never suited
You can play it smart, my niggas play it stupid
They say I'm aggressive, they say I'm abusive
Cause they know I'll address it, they know I'm elusive
They know I'm the best and they know I'll produce it

[Gil Scott-Heron:]
Early this morning
When you knocked upon my door
Early this morning
When you knocked upon my door
And I said: "hello Satan
I believe it's time to go"

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Giggs Early This Morning Comments
  1. Azanti

    I think I spotted the phenomenal Neal Ward.

  2. Abdullah Sharah

    I thought it was AJ in the thumbnail

  3. lemon haze

    Fire 🔥

  4. Janes Doneld

    Giggs would still put on he’s blacks like sk Would i like to think

  5. always balling

    Not complaining just think giggs should take all the credit. Banger 🔥🔥

  6. always balling

    How is this only featuring giggs when the whole track except the chorus is him 😂

  7. Thomas Tournavitis

    roots manuva flavor !!

  8. Universe88productions

    Man Like Tossin, Looked bare like Giggs in the booth scene.


    Giggs gets in uber n throws the driver a bally- "put this on!"


    Giggs gets in uber n throws the driver a bally- "put this on!"

  11. Aaron gibson

    Banger but not liking the long Intro

  12. HarrY TV

    Giggs is the best.

  13. bob geldof

    Reminds me a bit of Dem Man ft Kano

  14. Karan Chima

    Absolute tune! Love Giggs

  15. Olly W

    Ayyyy been waiting for a video on this💥

  16. londontown23

    This beat has Giggs written all over it 💯

  17. youtuber12


  18. ACESN1

    Old 08 giggs vibes sound like it could of been on walk in da park 💯🙌🏼


    Surprised this hasn’t blown up

  20. Mountain Breeze

    Jeez didn't expect this sounds like giggs from back in the day


    Great film.

  22. andre campbell

    Why has this not hot more views this is colllllld

  23. o AVi3ON

    You want that real shit

  24. Reece Davies

    The only reason I clicked on this I thought that gezza in the pic was Kevin heart in gigs music video 😂😂😂😂😂

    A Singh

    Reece Davies Geezer** and Hart** you silly little ducky haha

  25. Isaac Malik

    Real rap what I want to see!!
    None of this gay fake shit

  26. Gaming Mastermind

    Reminds me of 'active' so much

  27. Cmesh Mesh

    beat fucked up the tune and his voice is low?

  28. Matin Hussain

    i swear thats an ipod touch at 2:13

  29. MrDunnePoetry



    Giggs is a veteran in the game

  31. Triple 666

    1000000 subs soon land 👌👌

  32. Big Boy


  33. Rahat Zakariyya

    friary estate

  34. Skragz Boujie

    How do i holla grm daily I got a lil suen for em got some hard lyrics

  35. kane sampson

    It's about time the old skool giggs came back!💥 #MadSN1Summer 🔥💯

  36. from the 46

    This song has been out for time


    the XL original was better

  38. KeatenDaPioneer !

    *Aaahhhhh....Yeah* 🔥🔥🔥

  39. GRM Daily

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  40. MozzyVeVo

    Every giggs upload I keep thinking it’s gonna say giggs ft tiny boost


    It's not always about club bangers this reminds me of the Antony Hamilton track

  42. Dre

    This is a old tune just remade !! Can't hate on Giggs Godfather of uk Rap

  43. PorfottoJuan

    The bottle Gil Scott Heron

  44. Jordan Hartley

    Reminds me of the Old School giggs in the early days

  45. Dave Paradice

    Did not disappoint! FIRE!

  46. Jordan Rutter

    I got the flow that’s sicker man it’s Ebola!

  47. Sylvester Stillstoned

    nah this is fire

  48. The Mystical Road Man

    Im getting vibes from giggs ft example

  49. E91

    Man like Proboy ya nah!!

  50. Mustafa Hafeez

    Giggs has maaad flows🔥

  51. Rizly Beats

    Normall giggs🔥

  52. Liam Mcrae

    This is a old tune still hard though

  53. T Dot

    Old school 🤘🏼

  54. delza brown

    Stays wid the greez 💎💎💎

  55. EntradePreneur FX

    Power !!

  56. Riley Freeman

    Rah what a name 😂

  57. LURKY 5

    What a shit rapper name😂😂😂

  58. Naem Ahmad

    ❄️❄️❄️ Whats the sample used

    L H

    gil scot heron me and the devil

  59. Bishopdadon UK stand tall

    Original video if anyone wants to clock - 💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  60. DraeSynesOfficial

    Me and the devil

  61. Yianni Korontzis

    am i the only one thats clocked how old this is ? i used to listen to this time ago

    h s

    rt i heard dis long time ago

    Tega Johannes Oghoro

    I thought i was tapped 😂

  62. Humaad Ali

    Visuals are COLD!!


    *Giggs can flow on anything.*

  64. MrMaxxxy007

    Nah won’t be playing it again ,I pass on this one

    Riz Khalifa

    MrMaxxxy007 What????

  65. Oli Messina


  66. Yeah _

    Why is mans name so long

  67. M.J

    B A N G E R 🔥

  68. Bishopdadon UK stand tall

    Old tune new vid? Banger regardless 🔥🔥🔥

    Yianni Korontzis

    alie everyone thinks its new lol

  69. Bil Al

    Old Giggs vibes

  70. Doot02

    here at 2,340 views if this blows lool

    Yianni Korontzis

    its old g

  71. Rich14Richy

    That Gill Scott-Heron sample though!


    Good catch, mate

    Jordan M

    Gil Scott-Heron - 'Me And The Devil' produced by Jamie XX:

    Don Hill

    Man I knew the was on the tip of my tongue and I couldn't think of it and came to the comments for suggestions and you nailed it bro. Thank you.

  72. Asap Abu

    Yoo Giggs needs to drop another project he’s been killing his features

  73. Tee Hoo

    This is hard

  74. Sola Ayodele

    What kind of stupid name is "Everything Is Recorded" ...

  75. Danger Broski

    Me and the devil walking side by side

  76. OnlyIfIToldYouWhatYourGirlDone


  77. Danger Broski

    Power song james st patrick and tommy scene

  78. Stephencurry 30

    I watch you

  79. Ad E

    Cant even lie this is the first ever song from Giggs that im not feeling 😦 hopefully its a grower

  80. Desi Daru

    Just remember Everything is recorded is owner of XL label and has people like Adele, Nines and Wiley signed to the label 😂

    Reuben Frank

    Swear wiley’s independant?

    Harry Barnes

    Reuben Frank nah he's signed to BBK

    Reuben Frank

    Harry Barnes nah he isnt cant remember what interview he said maybe nftr but he is with bbk just wont sign to them because he is his own or something like that

    Desi Daru

    He has a solo record deal with XL recordings so he is solo not signed to BBK

  81. Eric Damexican

    For those that don’t know everything is recorded is the guy that signed Dizzee back in the day and owns XL so we might get a hard Dizzee song soon

    Yianni Korontzis

    don't think so bro , this song came out last year... doubt they will drop something now, dunno why the video was just made

    Eric Damexican

    Yianni Korontzis ahh swear slyly gutted


    dizze and giigs already got a hard tune together

  82. Shirley Winkle

    Giggs is the most consistent 💯


    No he ain't lol

  83. Tanveer C

    Before 100k❄️❄️

    John Dow Unknown

    Tanveer. C don't think it will get that far.

  84. John Dow Unknown

    Pretty dead no lie

    A Singh

    John Dow Unknown fuck offffffff

  85. Buzzin Producer

    This got that old skool Giggs feel.


    was thinking the same thing



    Thailand RAW

    That’s because it’s his old track 🤣

  86. Josh Sawford

    Into to long😂

  87. Alex Papale

    Like yes or no

  88. Large Stokie

    Starts at 00:55

  89. Robiul Hoque


  90. Mr Demon Dappz #SniperKing

    This donny has a long ass name raaah, he must be nigerian LOOOOL

  91. Buzztang Kras

    1st the worst 2nd the best I heard

  92. Zafar Iqbal