Gideon - SLEEP Lyrics

Why's it gotta be like that
Think you know someone
Reach out to get pushed back
Time that I check myself and realize
No more mister nice guy
Cause I done let this slide
One too many times
And my mama ain't raise no bitch
Think I've had enough of your shit, boy
I'm done

(I'm done)

Walked away
Bit my tongue
Now it's building up inside

Say good night
Too late to
Make shit right
You ain't bout to turn your back to me
Look into my eyes one time
Say good night

Why did you change
Why ain't your music the same
Do you not feel the same way
Bitch, let me put it like this
Find someone else's ass to kiss
Oops, I mean
Maybe you could pray for me
A devil without a cause
Let me be
I've had enough

Walked away
Bit my tongue
Now it's building up inside

Say good night
Too late to
Make shit right
You ain't bout to turn your back to me
Look into my eyes one time
Say good night

This is the last time it'll cross your mind
To cross me
Think twice
Yeah you're walkin' on thin ice
Tell me what's it gonna be
Cross me, motherfucker

Kiss my fist good night
Kiss your ass goodbye

(I'm done)

Walked away
Bit my tongue
Now it's building up inside

Say good night
Too late to
Make shit right
You ain't bout to turn your back to me
Look into my eyes one time and
Say good night

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Gideon SLEEP Comments
  1. Johanna Heinzelmann

    Live noch krasser!! \m/

  2. Tahir Khalid

    I am an old school hip/hop rap fan and this is the type of music that I transitioned to after the whole rap game turned into the pop cultures love child. Hard lyrics, heavy beats and drops that make your speakers scream with bass love it! The whole album is a technical masterpiece.

  3. 1Travinraine

    Reminds me of Dry Kill Logic

  4. xXilirionXx

    Damn, 2019 hits hard as fuckkkkk

  5. LetThemBleedOut

    This was so great, I punched myself in the face.

  6. Christian

    I like how Nu-Metal is making a comeback. I’ve noticed a strong rise popularity in 90’s and 2000’s stuff lately

  7. Rogelio Adrián

    I love this Nu Metal vibe ❤

  8. Skully

    I wanna hear this live

  9. Josh Wanless

    2:20 is soooooo fucking groovy holy shit

  10. Dustin Varner

    Sleep? More like SLAPP

  11. Keith Caporelli

    Nu-Metal in 2019. Gotta love it.

  12. Andrew Maiorano

    Kiss my fist goodnight. Kiss your ass good bye. Sleep.

  13. Athena Ingrid Oren

    Limp Gideon Bizkit

  14. ForceOfVader

    Been killin' this shit on the gym playlist!! A fucking banger for sure!!

  15. Desi Thug

    Nu metal is back but more brutal

  16. Colton Ryan

    Producer: How many natural harmonics do you want in this song?

    Gideon: Yes

  17. Troy Clemens

    This mix is literally painful to turn up. I could get past it with "Bite Down" but this is pre production at best.

    NRG jinjer

    Your quality's shit sounds great on my phone. Computer, and headphones.

  18. Juan Páez

    good music, really good, also vocals, but cheesy lyrics lmao. bite down was just perfect imo

  19. Anderson Hailey

    The Nuiest Nu metal that ever Nued

  20. Steve

    are y'all a Christian band still?

    Wes Sones

    Nope they are not

  21. x Moon

    Considering how many badass albums are dropping in 2019, I'm honestly a little surprised how excited I'm getting for the next Gideon release. These boys came out fuckin' swinging this year and I really feel like they've found their sound.

  22. Peter Roberts

    Good song, but I'm sad they left the faith. Baptists are toxically dogmatic and drive questioning people away in my experience

  23. Giant Mushroom Tree

    I feel so bad for these dudes and the reasons they left the faith. I know God understands their hearts and is patiently waiting for them to hopefully return. Its a good thing that once saved, always saved.

    Anyone who genuinely struggles to seek the truth, and whos heart is in the right place in pursuit of that truth, will be given the truth in due time. Its important to not only seek emotional truth, but logical, philosophical truth as well. Logic must trump emotion when seeking truth, and unfortunately, many people turn away from belief in God simply because they don't agree with Him and His moral law. And even in those cases, most of the time, it is a misunderstanding of His moral law that causes their fallout. All the while, they fail to understand that without God, there is no objective moral standard to follow, and it is left to human opinion on morality over objective moral truth. Without transcendence, there is no objectivity in purpose or meaning, and without objectivity in purpose or meaning, there is no good, nor evil, and all things are morally permissable, because matter and energy do not care about your feelings, altruism, or moral relativism. Without transcendence, there is no purpose, because we will all have the same fate: a dark, cold, meaningless death, and in the end, none of it will have mattered in the first place.


    Seems like you got some dark thoughts there buddy, why dont you just live in the present and enjoy life? Who knows, there might not even be an afterlife after all.

    Giant Mushroom Tree

    @Crookycracker only peace here :) I'm quite happy and confident in where I'll be going when I pass. The thing is, if you only live for the present, and you're wrong about the afterlife, you might just spend eternity separated from God, rather than in His beautiful presence (Pascal's wager). I'd rather spend a short time, or even a long time, digging deep to find the truth, than live for the moment, just to find that my heart has failed me, and I'll spend eternity in regret

  24. Dutch van der Linde

    This is one of the best songs they have ever made.

  25. Paynis

    "you ain't bout to turn your back to me" Ha! Just like you did God, yes, yes I am.

    Brandon Neifert

    Bye. Maybe they realized his god you speak of doesnt exist

  26. Paynis

    Oh wow, we use bad language now, so lets overdo it. Such a diminish to the quality of their music and lyrics. It's like watching grown adults resort back to adolescents. Prayers.


    Nothing wrong with being born again free thinkers, you can kindly move along if you no longer like their music.

  27. N FORCE 5

    These guys suck now. Lyrics are utter garbage

  28. lastditch727

    Nu metal making a big comeback this year lol

  29. Stefan Giroux

    2 thumbs down.

  30. Isaiah M.

    This album is shaping up to be great. I’ve never liked Gideon before but I am LOVING these songs.

  31. Hollow Humanity

    Heavy Groove Year <3

  32. Salt_Fist

    Last 3 tracks ive heard made me a gideon fan

  33. Diplodocus

    It's written in the Bible. Times of apostasy are coming. And this band is a big example of that. Hell awaits for them.

    Boneyards xx

    And the Bible was written by a bunch of guys trying to influence the people living in that society. The Bible is a recollection of stories that a bunch of old men wrote down. Youre way of thinking is the reason why I'm proud to have my faith but why I denounce the church. I'm not bound by a book, a priest, a pastor, or anyone. Free will baby.


    @Boneyards xx Hahahahahaha!!!!


    Boneyards xx They’re now Born Again Free Thinkers

  34. Chad Tunnell

    Hell yeah boys. Grab your claws because its kylecore time

  35. Debo Dragon

    I turned on Pandora to find some new bands, these guys came on an it was Take me , I was like whoa those drops are sick ! So I picked up my 85 pound American bully an threw him across the room. , yea he came back with some flying combo but needless to say it was a mini pit in my apartment! I walked out with 2 black eyes and a broken leg, my dog not a scratch

  36. coty shirey

    Kiss my fist good night,kiss your ass good bye.and it was at this point my world started to crumble around me😂

  37. Memento Mori

    Least favorite of the recent releases. But it's still pretty good. I'm still... taken... by Take Me

  38. George Seeker 32

    Those guys are Christians and they are swearing 😂

  39. Cody Weiss

    I think Monster may just sponsor you guys after this one

    Chad Tunnell

    Dude its kylecore

  40. Chad M

    Legend has it Fred Durst just tosses away all the songs for the unreleased album and other bands pick them up and make them sound amazing (yeah I feel the Bizkit vibes)

  41. Jason Housman

    Damn, this new Limp Bizkit hits hard.

  42. Derk Ender

    gideon and varials are on fire.

  43. Idfk ,_,

    I Love it

  44. D. Gilmore

    this got me bout to break stuff in my computer chair haha

  45. Zippy Zayden

    Making WoodStock99 great again over here. Sweet.

  46. Kality Designs

    NFS:MW vibes holy shit

  47. Vasse VIDZ


  48. vector studio

    Ora metal..ora smile

  49. Matt Swensson

    Limp Bizkit is back! Can’t wait to hear new Gideon though..

  50. Alexander McYates

    personally the first Gideon album i'm really enjoying, this shit slaps and is fun

  51. Angry Goose

    Costs is still best

  52. Byte MUSIC

    This ain't no pussy-ass-shit. Makes me wanna punch an emo kid in the face.

  53. Ryuiti

    Just know that every song is heavier! This album will be "On Fire", holy shit!

  54. joshtappz

    good ol My Ticket Home. Puke Rock forever


    Puke rock huh...


    @soundoverdose hell yeah.

  55. Ben Sheppard -AO fitness ministry

    Not the Christian rockers I heard in the 80s 😋

  56. FloatHome Keebs

    I love this band. And I honestly don’t give a shit if they aren’t a Christian band anymore. But fuck these lyrics are shitty. I feel like a 13 year old who got grounded for listening to a non Christian band wrote these lyrics about their dad lol. What happened to the lyrics that were thought out and had some substance.
    Instrumentally and vocally this is dope. But god damn these lyrics are cheese.

  57. SoCal Stoners 710

    Was gonna leave it at 420 likes but I still had to like

  58. Tommy Adams

    oooooo boy, I hope this starts Nuer-NuMetal


    Tommy Adams I think they're calling it nu core nowadays lol

  59. Evan Armstrong

    I love old Gideon but this shit just has a really lame feel to it. It’s like the music version of taking a selfie with your middle finger up.

    Wes Williams

    Evan Armstrong Perfectly stated.... Their older stuff is incredible, but this is just another example of another washed up Christian band now 😞

    Chad Tunnell

    It's like the ghost inside and limp bizkit had a baby

  60. Anthony Pannella

    Almost opened a pit in wawa

  61. Kenneth de la Rama

    Music like these makes me calm.

  62. Anthony Pannella


  63. Guillterm

    This and Bite Down are such a bangers

    Ryan Parsons

    Guillterm truth

  64. Allen Gonzalez

    I am so done with this band! It's really sad that they chose this path, I use to look up to these guys. They stayed at my house once and we talked hardcore about our faith and our love of God. I am truly heartbroken.

    Zachary Sheets

    Allen Gonzalez brother I know it’s a change, but don’t allow this to think they’re done with Christ. If anything, the language of the music just proves they aren’t perfect, like all of us. They have to look up to God the same way. God will never give up on any of us, so I think the right thing to do is stay with this band. Be loyal and continue to show them love. Because that is what God will do for eternity. God bless and stay safe

    Jarred Versaw

    I'm not sure what to think I listen to secular bands and and a lot cuss that doesn't bother me but I do kinda almost get anti Christian or anti religion vibes form this song not so much the other new ones but I am going to see them with the devil wears Prada and norma Jean in October so I will see what they say on stage and what vibes I get

    Zachary Sheets

    Jarred Versaw hey I’m thinking of seeing them too! They’re also touring WITH other Christian artists, so. Here’s hoping. I certainly hope this isn’t going to be their losing faith album

    Jarred Versaw

    @Zachary Sheets the band did say that's what is album is but I'm just curious to see if they went an anti religion route


    They do not owe you an apology. They are their own people, free, as humanity is supposed to be.

  65. Clayton Myers

    I like the nu metal vibe a lot of these bands are coming out with

    Derk Ender

    its a nice change of pace and they all make it sound like it never left.

    T R U T H

    It. Just. Works.

  66. DementedRemnant

    Heard it before back in 93 maybe 92

  67. Soul xDD

    Godddd damnnn was not expecting to break my neck when I clicked this video

  68. xSemp1ternal XB1

    Kick ass song guys

  69. letthewolveslead

    This is not what I was expecting at all. But I am fully on board for all of it.

  70. Saved By Grace 13

    So sad.

  71. Mister Xtreme

    These guys just keep getting better and better, I am digging it😏😎😎.

  72. STr!cK 09

    If they like it. They mbv made it. An album ago one of my favorites.Now not so much but who cares what I think but me

  73. Nick W.

    This band has changed...but I still love it!

  74. tenaciousjoe24

    New stray, varials and now gideon? This will help me get thru the day!

    Jackson Berrie

    And the new album by hellyeah well if you like them lol

    Aaron Walker

    Cant forget Kublai Kahn!

  75. Ele, Rafael Cruz

    Uau ♥️🇧🇷

  76. George Betinis

    not gonna lie I miss the old Gideon with lyrics I could relate too, this is too alpha im on my own shit.

  77. Boboshimmy


  78. painkiller666666666

    fucking awesome!!

  79. Parker Tietjen

    New Song?? Let's throw this neck out!

    Timothy Clark

    Parker Tietjen this ain’t even my neck

  80. Quentin Childs

    It’s hard to believe this was once a Christian Metal band. I love the song and music, but it just feels weird thinking what happened between the band having to make a fallout with faith.

    Travis Mckenzie

    Lol we should not support them because this song sucks

    Kyle Sreyas

    Imagine judging a band because they dont have the same religious beliefs as you.

    Skyler Robinson

    Allen Gonzalez nobody cares about what ur stupid ass is gunna do

    Giant Mushroom Tree

    Christ's message was about love and gentleness. Unfortunately, people are imperfect and do a poor job at displaying the love Christ so greatly emphasized. Us Christians aren't perfect, and everyone struggles, including atheists.

    What I don't understand, is how many people despise Christianity because some Christians act hateful and entitled, but in turn, make hypocrites of themselves by acting hateful towards Christians and entitled about being atheists.

    I genuinely hope and pray that everyone comes to a better understanding of Christ and His message. I feel really bad for people who miss out on His riches just because people who are supposed to display His love instead display intolerance and hate. God bless you all. Much love

    NRG jinjer

    @Giant Mushroom Tree if god exist, why do kids get bullied to death? Why do girls get raped? Why are there families starving to death with their fucking babies? Why do innocent people who want to live their life get fucking tortured? Why is there never peace anywhere along with racism? Explain all this shit and then I'll start believing your god. All of these unfilled promises are lies, lies that lives on the grass and gets watered every day just for churches to get that money. Where was god when the fucking holocaust happened? Or when 911 went down, with all the fucked up bizarre shit happening how am i or anyone including victims supposed to have faith. There's no proof that god exist but there's proof he dosen't exist. On top of that this christianity shit is so forced on everyone, and constant bragging of "having faith" is non stop. This is forced down to children, when i was a kid i was forced to go to church and get grounded if i spoke my opinion. God wasn't there for those people, he wasn't there for me. My grandpa died during my birth, my grandma killed herself the day before my 12th birthday, got bullied in school and it blew away years later and then i got a lot of best friends I'd die for and i was forced to move away, a girl i liked asked for my instagram and then fucking left me on read for a year, i got a pilonidal cyst and it was mistreated terribly at our main hospital that has 2 stars, thought about suicide then found the office ( best show ever) another girl liked me and then ghosted me because she liked someone else, thought about suicide again then i found Oceans Ate Alaska ( best band ever ) So really god was never fucking there for me. Oceans Ate Alaska and The fucking Office was. I've prayed with all my faith multiple times and got flaming turds in return. Fuck you and your god, was never there for rape, murder, torture, war, suicide, addiction, bullying, none of this shit. God is a lie for church money and i will never EVER have faith in him.

  81. grant peterson

    Bite Down > Sleep

    Alex Lobo

    Fire on a car

  82. Quentin Childs

    When the first chorus comes in, you can’t help but move your upper body up and down while strumming an imaginary guitar.

    Jason LovesABR

    Lol ig... Definitely some basic ass riffs.


    That's right there

  83. Core Community

    Wow 🖤🖤🖤

  84. James Hutson

    Best morning notification

  85. Unpopular Politics

    The music is good but their lyrics are just so empty and superficial now.

  86. Robert Porter

    Alright Gideon, I'll finally get some *_SLEEP_* after y'all get a Mike Hranica feature on the new album...


    It would be insane! <3

    Xander L.

    No, Hranica sounds terrible.

    x _ x

    Xander L. well ur black so

  87. John Frederick

    I love the instrumentals, but these lyrics are cheesy as hell. Definitely going all-in on the Limp Bizkit feel in all aspects it seems.

    Justin Gibson

    Agree and I think they are talking about assaulting fans that don't like their new shit haha

    Nathan Jones

    I love the lyrics. All about abandoning their middle-eastern, bronze age belief system and the hypocrites that they've encountered along the way. It's a big "fuck you" to all the "I'll pray for you" bullshit.


    @Nathan Jones it sounds like wigger rap compared to the stuff they put out before

    Kevin Quirt

    @Nathan Jones So they have to have poorly written lyrics to get their point (which has been quite exhausted) across?

  88. Trevor Tressler

    These lyrics are corny as fuck

  89. MrExcuseUs

    Big yeet

  90. Mikel Aurrekoetxea Penades

    This is magical

  91. Jason LovesABR

    Loving the harmonics and rapped vocals. Glad you guys are changing it up!

  92. Physyadelic Digital

    I know what I will include in NFS Heat soundtrack ❤️
    That LB and Celldweller vibes!

    Jason LovesABR

    Holy shit, seriously.

  93. guitartedoutlaw

    Man... it’s so hard to take this seriously

    Physyadelic Digital

    @guitartedoutlaw I think it's the theme of the whole album, the urban culture, you can tell by the muscle car and such :)
    They are Out Of Control

    Chris B

    Take Me was an really awesome song IMO, this and the last single were kinda whatever. I have high hopes for the album

    Jason LovesABR

    I get what you're saying. They're kinda Straying From The Path with these lyrics a bit LOL.

    Jesse Roberts

    I understand losing hope, but you don’t have to make it so cringe you know? Take me was great, these last two releases feel like excuses to say bitch and shit.

    STr!cK 09

    Different Levels artist of thought vs champion of feeling good

  94. Erkvt Cvlt

    Super stoked

  95. Dylan Digby

    Big Limp Bizkit vibes

    Tyler Dietz

    In a real good way


    I've been trying to think of what this reminds me of! Borland all day

    Majestic Aura

    I was thinking more Pantera's "Walk"


    No, LB was more hip hop

    Dylan Digby

    Christian wow that’s crazy bro, I totally didn’t grow up in the 90’s

  96. Jake Bellaire

    The best band out

  97. Foch Bailey

    Gideon season been heavy this year !

    Andrew Cepeda

    It's also Varials season too!!!

    Connor Dalrymple

    And Kublai Khan season.

    Jean Choquette

    And knocked loose, and counterparts