Gideon - Pulling Teeth Lyrics

Traitor, I used to call you friend, and I let you in, but now the ones
I love have become strangers, I will never trust again,
You won the battle, but this is my war,
It's not the end,

You won the battle, but this is my war,
It's not the end,
This is a call for revenge, I pledge my allegiance, bound to vengeance,
This is a call for revenge, you won the battle, but this is my war,
It's not the end,

This is overdue,
Don't be confused,
This is not an apology,
I want you to feel the pain you put me through,
(But you're afraid to acknowledge me),
So alone, no hope,
No peace, just cope,
You call out for help,
But no one is home,

Living in my own mind,
I've been trying to find,
The last nail in the casket,
Will I ever learn to forgive and forget,
I tried to bury the hatchet,
But it's buried deep inside my back,

Traitor, I used to call you friend, and I let you in, but now the ones
I love have become strangers, I will never trust again,
You won the battle, but this is my war,
It's not the end,

And I'll be damned if I let you win,
This is a call for revenge,
I pledge my allegiance,
Bound to vengeance,
Bound to vengeance,
I can't escape these memories,
I'm bound, bound to vengeance,

I've been trying to find,
The last nail in the casket,
Will I ever learn to forgive and forget,
I tried to bury the hatchet,
But it's buried deep, deep inside my back,

Lay it to rest,
It's like pulling teeth,
Trying to forget what you did to me,
The last nail in the casket,
Lay it to rest,

Lay it to rest,
It's like pulling teeth,
Trying to forget what you took from me,
The last nail in the casket,
Lay it to rest.

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Gideon Pulling Teeth Comments
  1. Christopher Hames

    More like pulling meat

  2. bakerXderek

    This song is literally too good for words. So fucking amazing every measure of the song.

  3. Josh Prater

    TF are you playing on strats in standard e?

  4. yoga ayom


  5. Richard Bradshaw

    This whole song is sick, but the ender is fucking incredible.

  6. Jay Roma

    Reminds me a ton of The Ghost Inside. Love it.

  7. steve davenport

    its like a mix between hatebreed and volumes...and it makes me hard

  8. Alex Dawson

    30 seconds in though🤘🏼

  9. Tom Christy

    Just like how everyone is saying the vocals are so fucking clear I love it they definitely need to be more popular they are touring with wage war atm tho

  10. Steve Zack

    This was epic

  11. Aldrek Rena

    I love it because it sounds like the old The Ghost Inside

    Jay Roma

    Aldrek Rena YES exactly like TGI

  12. R B.

    Vocals are perfect

  13. Martijn Kok

    2:47 <3!!!

  14. Trey Homan

    Easily one of the best songs of 2016

  15. DudeGerry

    Does anyone else enjoy this song more than the other two Gideon recently put out? They seem so generic and boring compared to this.

  16. Matthew H

    The vocal production here is ridiculous. the clarity is insane.


    One of my fav bands of all time !! Pls come soon to Germany again.

  18. William Hamill

    "traitor..." That riff reminds me of for the fallen dreams. awesome song

  19. Drunken Yeknom

    So when he says "lay it to rest" at the end does that mean he did forgive and forget?

    Anya Mont

    LOL I was wondering the exact same thing :P

    Storm Rawlings

    I think it's because he found the last nail in the casket, and laid it to rest. So not forgive and forget but left whatever situation made him feel that way

  20. Charlie Stackhouse

    This mix is a fucking beast.

  21. Jordan Alene Kay

    I clicked because this is the name of a Green Day song too. :)

  22. jonathan mills

    absolutely impressed as usual love this band

  23. Julius Caesar

    Holy shit

  24. Griffith Johnson

    This is the best song ever written.

  25. brandon hood

    way better than calloused, keep it coming boys!

    facelift1 johny Cash

    Calloused doesn't get enough credit

  26. David HDEEZ

    Gideon never dissapoints, this is fucken amazing.
    Come to México

  27. David Ladouceur Dupuis

    so good!

  28. Owowkiller

    Just found this band. Reminds me a lot of Upon a Burning Body and Beartooth

    Daniel Socorro

    The Ghost Inside had a baby called Gideon


    what? lmao

    Aaron Lorenz

    Owowkiller the ghost ins8de makes more sense than upon a burning body

    R B.

    more like The Ghost Inside or Crystal Lake

  29. Ziggy Rocka

    Someone is going to have a problem with it is what said,war is a miserable chose in humanity,I did not vote for war to many a family have seen the other side

  30. ITurnMyBackToTheWorld777

    Wow I listen to this band almost everyday. I'm displeased with myself that this has been out for a month and I'm just now discovering it. Gold.

  31. AssassinWeed

    WOAHHHT? this guitar sound at 0:31 ?! amazing guys!

  32. Lord x elvy

    Marvin du bist dumm

  33. Marvin Emos

    geiler song👏👏👏👏👏🔥

  34. Chris Y

    Sounds like the ghost inside..

    Jay Roma

    Chris Y in a good way

  35. Derk Ender

    This is the shit for real. So damn good.

  36. Mr. Weeb[d]Weeb

    It seems in most cases these days, going back to how you sounded on previous albums is to be reprimanded, but considering Milestone was a solid 8.5/10, I don't mind the fact that they made this a Milestone song with the production toneof Calloused, even if the latter wasn't my favorite of the three (a bummer since it was, arguably, the one that deviated the most).

  37. Dillon Parrish

    saw these guys at warped and wasnt dissapointed.


    Smart guy. Main reason I'm going to warped is for them.

  38. kylerknows

    That bassline at 2:30 is DIRTY

  39. Immortal 454

    Yo, I wanna tag the people who did me wrong but I dunno how on the app

    Brett Wodon

    cuz G+ is a piece of shit

  40. Pedro

    I'm pumped for this album to drop!

  41. Sir Jebus


    Eric Sawada

    @Eric PlaysGames I guess I was surprised to see a band with an antireligious message guesting on a Christian band's song.

    Kingsfan 91

    +Eric Sawada I was too the first time I heard something like that.

    Kevin Quirt

    I know this is old, but it's good when non Christian vocalists can be on a "Christian" bands song.

    Alex Hulse

    Predicted the future O_O

    Derek Mathison

    They stopped considering themselves a “Christian band”

  42. JN Perez

    This is amazing, loving the vocals!

  43. Stevie's Universe

    I love it!!

  44. Christopher Cunningham

    I'm ready to get in the pit and roundhouse kick everybody this is old gideon and I love it.

  45. Shawn Gavin

    I am so ready for this album.

  46. Isaac Donovan

    Too repetitive

  47. Victarion Belaerys

    Whats the meaning of this?

  48. Kingsfan 91

    This is the Gideon I know! Sounds good boys!

  49. Villainous

    :02 every feminist: "TRIGGERED!!!!!!!!!"

  50. Lucas

    this is gud

  51. Ty P

    Keep it coming with the melodic hardcore riffs. Still alive is still my favorite song by them.

  52. DeadMansBallet

    Great song and love it all just wish the ending lyrics went 'the last nail in the casket, it's time to bury the hatchet.'

  53. Corey Chenard

    sounds like the ghost inside

    Alfian Banjaransari

    EXACTLY my thoughts. buying time til their full recovery i guess lolol

    Jay Roma

    Corey Chenard yes yes yes

  54. Mason Miller

    Production better than calloused, vocals still too loud over everything else. Would love for them to go back to Brian hood who made Costs and Milestone. Tones were great on those records, and instruments really stood out when they needed too. Still good offering.

    Jon F

    That's been my biggest issue. The guy who is their current producer is the same guy who has produced For Today and no knock on those guys but, their recordings are really lack luster - especially their newest album. Guitars are flubby and have no bite, whereas ALL of the recordings Brian has done are genuinely some of the best I've ever heard, especially milestone.


    agreed. milestone is the best mix ive ever heard

    Jon F

    @Andrew Monias ^THIS MAN KNOWS WHATS UP

    Brad West

    Thanks for your analysis, big boss lmao

  55. danielle luhrsen

    This song is freaking epic.

  56. Ryan Swindell

    Dang, everyone is hating on Calloused. And I'm over here like "I loved Calloused" :(
    This song beats either way, and I can't wait to hear more.

  57. Joe Lehrer

    so good

  58. Kade Sims

    Solid release.. I love it

  59. Gideon Ward

    I didnt know I released a new single....

  60. Mattlovesstuff

    the gatewatch need you, answer their call

  61. Black_Shade

    Feels like they have combined Calloused and Milestone together to form this song. Its Amazing!

  62. Freakyfyed

    Vocals are too loud, at least compared to the guitars.

    Adrian Music

    What you listen with makes a difference

  63. alphonso cino

    The best sounding stuff out there right now.

  64. Alex Gilmore

    Sounds like the best parts of Milestone and Calloused in one song. I can dig it.

  65. DJ Doom

    Can't wait to hear the rest. :D

  66. Griffith Johnson

    Gideon is the truth.

  67. Guitarist Ivan77

    so Gideon is not with Facedown records anymore ?

    Guitarist Ivan77

    +Dustin Higginbotham I never heard of equal

    Michael Gonzalez

    +Ivan Flores you're missing out. lol

    Brett Wodon

    +Ivan Flores equal vision is badass

    Jeff Bays

    +Ivan Flores coheed and cambria was first on equal vision.

    Dustin Higginbotham

    Yeah, definitely missing out. Some big names got huge there, such as We Came As Romans. This'll help Gideon with bigger opportunities.

  68. xCoryxEvansx

    Listening to this, I think Calloused was their quick attempt to make their 3rd record so they could get off facedown records and move on to bigger things. Hearing melodies reminiscent from their first two albums but there's some heavy riffs in this that made Calloused sound different from their first two records. I think this will be a hell of a record if I'm judging just based off of this song.

  69. Morgan detgrt

    I love their first two albums sooooo much. I didn't like the sound of calloused and that's fine not every band can make consistently great albums. Now it just seems like they don't know what to do anymore so they're just ripping the ghost inside and doing the same chug patterns they've always done.

  70. Leo Foote


  71. Judah

    lol my opinion already changed

  72. Judah

    everyone saying this is better than calloused... besides the quality, it sounds like calloused 2.0 mixed with milestone. but that's only my first opinion. my first opinions always wring

  73. PureEarthBand


  74. HostileKid54

    Better than anything off calloused. Happy to hear heavy from this band. Milestone and Costs are what made this band who they are.

  75. Elijah Kay

    Gideon back at it again with the sick jams. Roll tide!

  76. abg nbd

    Yessss!! So stoked!!

  77. Jason Rodas

    that bass.

  78. Cult Music

    This is back on some powerhouse Milestone shit. The last album was just hot trash. I'm so glad they brought that shit back. They really excelled at this sound.

  79. Alex Mitchell

    This was ear candy

  80. Rizz3n

    This sounds sick! Probably even better than the stuff on Calloused.

  81. Shawn D.

    Back to old melodic HC Gideon!

  82. Neal Kleren

    So much better than Calloused, the production on this sounds so much better too.

  83. Gustavo Gamez

    drums guitar vocals heavyness groovy it sound very old school Gideon can't wait for the the new album BTW now a days bands going to their old sound I don't mind ✌✌

  84. Andrew James

    deep lyrics, love it.

    Bryce Walburn

    Deep - You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    Andrew James

    +Bryce Walburn I keep using that word? wtf?

    Bryce Walburn

    Do yourself a favor and go watch The Princess Bride.

    Andrew James

    +Bryce Walburn alright professor

  85. Cameron Kosak

    Sounds like all the other Gideon songs

    Jeff Bays

    @Aaron Smith
    I do not understand your question here.

    Aaron Smith

    +Jeff Bays "the song just doesn't seem to have a Christian theme" who said it had anything to do with being Christian?

    Jeff Bays

    @Aaron Smith
     Well the band regularly plays christian festivals, does tours with other christian bands and has had christian lyrics in the past. My question is if they were totally moving away from it now or if I'm reading into the lyrics in a way I shouldn't be. 

    Aaron Smith

    +Jeff Bays ahhhh okay got you. my bad homie I had no clue they had a Christian background in the past

    Jeff Bays

    @Aaron Smith
     Gideon is a dude in the Bible as well.

  86. Jon F

    That end is where it's at; DAMN.

  87. Andrew Paul

    Better than Calloused. Love it. Sounds like it could be on milestone.

    Chris B

    word, I gave Calloused a cursory listen, and while some songs/parts were sick, I couldn't fully get into it

    Kingsfan 91

    Wasn't really a fan of calloused. This sounds much better to me too!

  88. Luis Becerra

    Tight sound. Can't wait for the new ep.

    Christian Metal Source

    not every single end up in an EP...Peace.

    Jeffrey Adami Drums

    +Jcampdpeter I know that. That's why I said EP/album

    Christian Metal Source

    Greetings from Bangalore, India.

    Equal Vision Records

    new full-length coming soon! :) Just a single for now with details on the album coming later. Press release:

    Christian Metal Source

    great, that's good news....

  89. Matthew Klein

    Sick jam.

  90. Josiah Gibson

    Sick song!!!🤘🏼

  91. Kyle Inman

    Gideon for president

    Andre Dallas

    he died 3000 years ago lol

    Tyler Scott

    +Andre Dallas the tehedi project bro

    Josh Prater

    First pick up some 7 string ibanez's. Those guitars sound like strats.

    Marina King

    My ex husband's name 😂💀

  92. Patrick Robertson

    So ham. Love it.