Gideon - out of control Lyrics

At the cross in the road
Down on my knees
I'm at the end of my rope
Come set me free

I've been catchin' hell
Rollin' with the devil
Heaven knows
All the pain that I dealt
Out of control
I broke out of the spell
Losing my mind
Searching for myself

No fear, no fences
Out of control
I broke tradition
Out of control
No fear, no fences

Trapped in chains, my whole life
Take me to the other side, oh
Let this fire burn inside my bones
It's hot down here but it feels like home

At the end of the rope
At the cross in the road

No longer between
Barbed wires and free
Crossing the line
'Til the day I die
Take me to
The other side
I jump the fences
Consequences never cross my mind

(When you cross my mind)

Trapped in chains, my whole life
You ain't seen the other side of me
Let this fire burn inside my bones
It's hot down here but it feels like home

Tennessee, Georgia
Mississippi, sweet home Alabama
You're the fire burnin' in my bones
It's hot down here, but it feels like home

(Feels like home)

From the bottom, of the states
I came for blood, you came to play
High stakes, you 'bout to fold
I'm here to stay, bitch
The south's got something to say

Ain't nobody
There and a damn thing
That can stand in my fucking way

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Gideon out of control Comments
  1. Darian Weatherly

    Absolute madness

  2. alec sabatini

    This breakdown hits like a fucking train.

  3. DaveD_617Pack

    How the hell anyone give this a thumbs down?!

  4. Wes Sones

    This song stands out to me. One thing I hope Gideon brings back on the next album are the clean vocals. I know they're great without them but they stood out when they did them. I wasn't feeling the nu metal direction on this album but I'm giving it another try with an open mind. Just my thoughts on it


    Jus seen you guys in south toledo #419

    You guys played at the anilation fest or something like that. You guys were my first band ive seen live. Thanks for the wonderful 1st time experience. You guys murdered it.

  6. didybopintitys

    At some parts it has a really similar tone to hot soap from my ticket home, sounds good thoughhh

  7. Charlie Kelly

    @0:40 did they last minute want to change the structure of the song? There’s an obvious cut in the track that wasn’t fixed. Anyone else hear this!?!?


    I put on nice headphones and still couldn’t hear it, it may just be a regular sound of a translation and what you’re listening to I through makes it sound like it cuts out? That or maybe I just don’t hear it haha



  8. IrishFists

    Have always been a Christian ghost inside RIP off. Now you're not Christian........but still a ghost inside Clone.

    devin johnson

    Heavier than TGI imo they always have been

  9. The Shmits

    This mans voice is SO & I mean so familiar.. am I missing anything?

    Byron Terrill

    The Shmits the ghost inside maybe a hint but I hate when people compare bands

  10. Adrian Blood

    Remind anyone a lil of bmth

  11. Michael Andrews

    I'm sex, for this is the song for music

  12. TheGameSlave2

    I think I'll have to listen to the album a few more times before it really hits me, but it's rock fucking solid. It's weird, because that 2 song EP they did before this album was like a pure, uncut drug, to me. I loved it. This will have to grow, on me.

  13. alex suketek

    mantap kali nih gideon

  14. Mark Hicks

    The reason you are questioning things is because you were raised to believe religion and not relationship. God is not holding sins against you and religion kills. God wants a relationship, not a religion. Hope that helps.


    @Bradley Arnup There's even less evidence to support the theory of evolution, so I wouldn't put much stock in evidence. I'd rather go with what makes more sense.

    Bradley Arnup

    @Jacob No, there is actually a lot of evidence to support evolution. Many priests/reverends and other religious figures such as the pope have now accepted it. It's pretty simple to understand, what part of it doesn't make sense to you?

    Marksman 5147

    @Bradley Arnup this man really just said theres more scientific evidence for jesus than evolution 😂😂

    Jeez gotta love reading entire paragraphs from religious dudes trying to convince you to convert, but they just talk down on you the entire time and think that'll work.


    @Bradley Arnup as Katt Williams said: "God made them mother fuckers, and then watched them bitches evolve just like the rest of us". What says evolution wasnt part of the big picture to begin with? If someone IS a devout christian, I implore them to explain why evolution couldn't just be part of the big picture?

  15. Joe Bartosiewicz

    I just wanna beat some ass now got me out of control

  16. HisPeopleRestored

    Daniel has a lot to get off his chest on this record. Keep it up boys 🤙🏻🤘🏻
    Edit: If he thinks the Bible Belt states are hot, come down to Florida where it’s hot year round

  17. Jon B.

    The Melodic Parts remind me of old hundredth and I completely Love it

  18. Nikolai Evans

    I’m feeling some serious The Ghost Inside in this

    Jon B.

    Nikolai Evans i think the Melodic Parts also feel alot like old hundredth

  19. AWP Photography

    Hey tooth and nail---Ligma

  20. A Spicy Dank Meme

    I'm here from a Spotify ad, and holy shit am I glad I'm here, love this

  21. Nick Kanalas

    The same riff to the comedown by bmth

  22. Chiefs Cock

    R.I.P Gideon

    Dylan Wilson

    Chiefs Cock in what way did they “ditch” their authenticity?

    Dylan LikesOAA

    Chiefs Cock i cannot stop laughing because you make absolutely no sense. if anything, their music is continually progressing FURTHER from that type of shit. i have no idea how they made an album that is lower, heavier, and more aggressive, and you’re complaining that they’re turning into a pop band?? if you don’t want them to turn into a pop rock band, then this album should make you happy lmao because it shows that they’re doing the opposite of becoming that.

    Chiefs Cock

    Look. Clear as day they are degenerating here. The past releases were improving and maturing the sound theu initially created. Each release adding to the excellence they previously did. Then comes this album which is definetly steps backword and into garbage festival butt rock. This album is not progress.

    Dylan Wilson

    Chiefs Cock There are hardly any similarities between this and what you call “butt rock.” If we were talking about Of Mice and Men or something along those lines, then I’d agree with you. But butt rock does not have breakdowns. Like when was the last time you heard a super detuned breakdown in a Godsmack or Shinedown song? Most of the vocals on the album are screaming and that’s not a characteristic of buttrock. If you’re going to compare it to ANYTHING, it’s nu metal. The sounds/riffs they are creating sound like they could have come off a Limp Bizkit or Korn album. But they’ve been writing these kind of riffs since Calloused and some on Milestone. Is this my favorite album from them? No, but to call it buttrock is not accurate.


    @Dylan LikesOAA that dude must not have listened to "bite down" yet...

  23. German Correa

    Thnx so much to Gideon .. that's wht I call Warcore

  24. Matt Swensson

    Besides the vocals and I know it’s been said a million times already but there’s lots of Limp Bizkit in this. Thank God for that nasty breakdown at the end🤘🏻

  25. Matthew Cota

    We've been trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty

  26. Joel Ingalls

    I hate to say it but this one and a couple others are the only ones I like. But I’m going to listen to this whole album more because I love Gideon but is anyone feeling the same way?

    Michal Staněk

    It depends on my mood personally. I love most of the tracks because Limp bizkit vibes and guitar/drum work (big fan of LB here, but sometimes I only listen Take me.. Out of control or Life denial because of their beautiful melodic parts and powerful choruses that are melting my heart. needless to say.. I am happy about new Gideon record! gonna support them on the upcoming EU tour.

  27. James Hutson

    I fuck w yall TOOOOO hard

  28. Zachary Cieszinski

    Pretty good, i dig it

  29. CLOWN Bein

    TGI is gonna be so mad

  30. Adam Apocalypse

    Bringing that fucking heat!!!!!! All the love from GA!

  31. Gabriel Peters

    Is that Deans car?

  32. Corin Rauschmann

    This Album is soooo fuckin great

  33. Ian

    Now this is how to start your weekend!!

  34. Andrew Sisson


  35. Salt_Fist

    Every song I hear it's like the angels are delivering me the devils in real time

  36. JoeyBurger121

    Dirtiest breakdown of 2019. You filthy bastards

  37. oldmetalfart headbangin

    Tip top again!

  38. Dylan Wilson

    This album has literally everything Gideon has done on past albums with some added flavor thrown in and I fucking dig it.

  39. tenaciousjoe24

    The pit is gonna be out of control

    Shane Pealow

    hurrr hurrr hurrr

  40. Devon Kelley

    Hope my co-workers like hardcore. Cus thats whats on the menu today

    Desi Thug

    wish i was your co-worker

  41. Deppy

    Bringing back the old Gideon <3

  42. Sebthespooky

    Gonna drink a Bang & blast this album \m/

    Cuisse RS

    ​@Sebthespooky just as soon as you crack open that Bang


    @Sebthespooky what flavor? Had the rainbow unicorn at work today


    @tenaciousjoe24 purple guava pear for me this morning. I love the unicorn one

    Matt Lackey

    Boomer comment


    what a statement

  43. michael

    Work is not ready for me today

  44. Greg Krauth


  45. Jordan Heigle


  46. Jes Schwartz

    This is fkin out of control.