Gideon - Cursed Lyrics


Just call me misery
Call me bad news
I'll bring you nothing but pain
Dragging this ball and chain
I was blessed with a curse
The devil knows me by name

You can run, hide
If it gives you peace of mind
Don't slip up
The worst is yet to come
Blame it on the bad luck baby
Stay away from me
(Stay away from me)
Got me feeling like a black cat lately
I'll bring you to your knees

[Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose:]
I'm starting to break from bending
A losing streak that's never ending
Weed out the weak
I was washed in the pain
Redeemed by suffering

Everything around me falls apart
Is this punishment or just a test of heart
Or did Lady Luck just give up
And turn her back on me

You can run, hide
If it gives you peace of mind
Don't slip up
The worst is yet to come
Blame it on the bad luck baby
Stay away from me
(Stay away from me)
Got me feeling like a black cat lately
I'll bring you to your knees
(So just) Blame it on the bad luck baby
Stay away from me
(Stay away from me)
Got me feeling like a black cat lately
I'll bring you to your knees

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Gideon Cursed Comments
  1. Dillan Carney

    🤘🏾 bryan garris has the sickest band in the netal right now Knocked Loose! 🤘🏾

  2. Phantasm

    Legendary air punch. This song makes me want to drink a cup of hibiscus mint tea and read a romance novel.

  3. memphis0

    one of my favorite features!

  4. Ciga Rillo

    Mmmm that intro. Delicious

  5. stivesyy


    It's me. I'm the bad luck baby.

    Ask my parents.

  6. Desi Thug


  7. Hollis Harris

    This Bryan guy honestly sounds like absolute shit. Rest of the song is pretty great tho!

  8. Joshua Kwayiba

    Its never to late to join the party riiight?

  9. Mike Mahn

    What's with the mix fluctuating?? The bass going in and out during the bridge?. Really makes it hard to enjoy with a legit system... dope song tho.

  10. Dandik Atölye

    omg that bass tone

  11. d_i_e_s_e_1

    Play 1:17 at 1.25 speed then give me my like

  12. Gin Hell

    Nahhh paaah I don't wanna milk the cows.i wanna make breakdowns

  13. Swarm Locust

    Can you also have a version with Ryan Kirby or the frontman of impending doom it will be great.

  14. Adamanator350

    I like the knocked loose guy but hes not even that good. Someone explain

  15. Sean Templin


  16. AlphaLeader772

    this band isn't christian anymore, and they instantly dropped the positivety, how original. Go start making music about fucking girls and hating God like Landon from TPIY did. Surely it will be much better.

    Kyle Garrity

    Heaven's a lie, just appreciate the music!


    @Kyle Garrity you wish it's a lie.

    Kyle Garrity

    The Catholic Church is the biggest wealthiest business in the world. Religion is a man made concoction, I prefer the teachings of the Flying Spaghetti Monster he boiled for our sins.


    @Kyle Garrity wealthier than those rich fucks who rule the world? Also if you wanna know i'm orthodox

  17. Maxie Koob

    got me feeling like a blackhead lately

  18. Aidon Berquist

    2019 Still massive

  19. Alex Turner

    My unpopular opinion: Brian’s feature completely ruins the flow of this song

  20. Robert Caldwell

    Thrashing track. Bravo.

  21. bakerXderek

    Holy fuck this shit hits hard

  22. Damian Manigat


  23. Reagan’s Dead


  24. clit crusader

    I still can't believe these guys are christian

  25. Kyle Petruzziello

    I just don’t get Christian bands making hardcore music with lyrics like makes zero sense...and it’s cheesy honestly

  26. SBK8 Black

    This band is DAMN!!! Have to more BIG!! With more fanbase

  27. Joshua Read

    This shit Slaps!

  28. Trav Thomas

    Roll Tide!

  29. Connor Sonnendecker

    goes hard asf

  30. Ion

    When a song screams the title of the song then has a breakdown immediately after, you know it's good.

  31. Rich Williams

    is anyone here because of the The Great Escape, Brighton playlist 2018?

  32. H3R3T1C

    Power chords and natural harmonics, huh? Congratulations... You guys just ripped-off Kittie, the most pathetic "metal" band ever conceived. It's bad enough that you guys are trying to be Djent when it's all been done already, and it's been done way better than this. I love Meshuggah, but other "Djent" bands, including Periphery, are unoriginal af. Just be yourselves, ya bunch of try-hards.

  33. DeathsEmbrace97 -

    I love Gideon but I feel like the only person in the world who thinks Bryan Garris’ vocals sound chronic as fuck... it’s cringey to listen to him scream tbh

  34. Fernando Garcia

    Arf arf

  35. Eli Gideon

    i love this song

  36. Arthur PX


  37. The ABacross

    I fucking love Bryans singing

  38. Briana Johnson

    I love working out to this song on repeat.

  39. Steve Davenport

    They still bring that old school hardcore flow, love that shit

  40. Jay Dinero

    Hands down my favorite Gideon song

  41. Glow Sticks

    I just strangled my cat with its own tail.

  42. Colton Tressler

    Is Bryan a christian?

  43. MissDahliaJack

    Bryan Garris sounds like a metal SpongeBob!! 🤘😍🤘

  44. JustAnotherMetalSinger

    just found these guys and this is awesome

  45. 18bovende

    Did they stop being christian?


    Here before 1 million vieewwsss this song is fucking lit

  47. Dustin Goldman

    This guy Bryan garris has a terrible voice in this. Sounds so off key and so uncontrolled. I love this song but I can’t help but to turn it down when it gets to his part.

  48. Preston Phipps

    Arf arf!

  49. jim idgaffigan

    song is amazing but does anyone else notice how the guitar thins out in the chorus then gets meaty all the sudden? what's going on in this mix? am i hearing the automation?

  50. GrowYourOwnFood

    i got the chills!

  51. Vinnie gillespie

    man, I've had bad news tatted on my knuckles for years. sing about something more meaniful you fucks.

  52. UnWorthy Band

    Fans of Gideon, please check us out at and on YouTube under "Affinity Music Production." We have two songs up now with more coming soon. For fans of Christian hardcore and metal.

  53. L8N

    Dont click read more.

    Told ya

  54. Sean Smith

    Yo haven’t heard these guys in a minute. This fucking slaaaayyysssss!!!

  55. Yoshimitsu Skill

    1.5 speed :D very amused :D xD

  56. Bingo Gango

    Lady man

  57. Jordan Rochester

    Bryan makes this song so much better. Gideon still slay

  58. Charlie Kelly

    I can't stand the guest vocals on this song


    I fucking swear I was the only one. Not even trying to be a dick but I agree, ruined it for me.

  59. DonderoA7

    Got me feeling like a black kid lately!

  60. Tyler Marmino

    Oh look, another band with solid instrumentals and a complete garbage vocalist, even going so far as to feature the worst vocalist in metal on their sickest song. Go figure.

  61. Yoshimitsu Skill

    Can you do this song again without this gaylord bryan Gayrris ... he sounds like my baby crying ....

  62. Edward Alex Smith

    Fuck these guys are sick. \m/

  63. Musical Jay

    That intro is fucking wild before he says "cursed "

  64. Jonathon Manfredi

    Fuuuck this is a banger

  65. tatt2tjm

    this gives me a boner!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna have to smash a baseball bat through someone's face!!!! maybe my my grandma!

  66. Pure Metal Collective


  67. Jordan Rochester

    this just screams "pit"

  68. Leon Ford

    Just saw them last night at New Brooklyn these dudes are sick 🤘🏽

  69. Gearvash XXX

    Knocked loose just ruins it. That dude has to force his screams and it just sounds like dog shit. Their 2 screams clash to much.

  70. Dutch van der Linde

    Bryan ruined the song for me

  71. Nick Murray

    1:40 Fucking christ.

  72. Richard Zaino

    I don't like knocked loose but I love his part in this song.

  73. Eric Colden

    Harmonics had my attention throughout the whole song. Once they left I was waiting for them to return :) Great song

  74. JustJustin

    Yo this is fucking gnarly

  75. Ocer

    My name is Gideon

  76. William Schiavoni

    Gideon strikes again

  77. PaseoDeLaEstrella

    That second vocal kills this vibe. It fucking made me laugh it sounds like a 12 year old boy ffs. Everything else is dope though. 👏

  78. Evan Thibodeaux

    Why the fuck does the dude from knocked loose bark man ?!

  79. Lucas Kruske

    How many of you fucks actually bought the album?

  80. VAL0 22

    1:17 so heavy

  81. Sam Kaeppel

    Anyone else convinced that's Jay and happy about it?

  82. My Black Minds

    Great track! Fuck these Knocked Loose haters. Bryan is a fucking legend.

  83. Nathan Howe

    Woah, wait, what? I was the 3k like? Rad

  84. Jet Trevino

    Am I the only one that noticed how bad their bass sound is? It's badly mixed. Maybe it's just the bass player. Something off tho, for sure.


    Someone get rid of that other vocalist lmaoo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he fucking sucks

    Dutch van der Linde


  86. Sacred Hatred

    Knocked loose is overrated don't lower your expectations Gideon you're better than this. Matt from kublai khan was a good guest vocalist get more dudes like devin from feign, Anthony from Rex, Andrew from I AM, the dude from left behind, and really any vocalist from the Texas/OK scene.

  87. Lucas Kruske

    Pretty sure I have listened to this at least 100 times now

  88. Are Are

    Really was expecting an arf arf

  89. godomymusic

    niemały wykurw

  90. alayah whitaker

    They played this last night at the Masquerade and as soon as I heard the intro I nearly lost my shit.

  91. John Stamos

    I dig the hell out of Bryan's voice, it's so unique. Lyrics are kinda weak tho

    clit crusader

    I don't think it's all that unique, my opinion is that it just works.

  92. Yee Nuh

    Calloused remix

  93. i eat shit

    I just wish there was a little bit more of Bryan in this song, he's such a good vocalist.

    Dutch van der Linde

    i eat shit he’s garbage wtf!

    Gearvash XXX

    His voice is weak as fuck, he has to force his screams way to much. Won't have a voice by the time he's 35-40.

    Brandon Broz

    Kevin Mullins dude that’s just the style he doesn’t even strain that bad. He knows what he’s doing or he would have lost his voice already

  94. deez skreetzzz

    fucking fireeeeee!!!!!!!! dope that it has bryan on this hes a fucking beast!

  95. Christoph D

    the evil ghost inside