Gideon - BITE DOWN Lyrics

I'll show you pain
Bite down
Dig deep when you taste defeat
Bite down
Dig deeper

The thing about life is
It don't owe you shit
All the way down
Turn this shit up
I've given up on
Giving a fuck
Can't stop won't stop
I'm bout to go in
Start up a mosh pit
Shut down the function

I did it on my own
It wasn't given
Fuck you if you think I'm bout to give in
You wanna know what it took to make this
Fall, get up, repeat

I'll show you pain
Bite down
Dig deeper...

All the way down
(All the way down)
Turn this shit up
(All the way up)
I've given up on
(I've given up on)
Giving a fuck

Talking about the misery and pain
Let me show you what it feels like
Talk is cheap
These are words that I live by
Bite down or quit
But dig deep if you think that you can fuck with this

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Gideon BITE DOWN Comments
  1. Jess Freeman

    Is there even guitar in this song it just sounds like bass to me lol

  2. Edge Krusha 47

    The coldest line " I giving up on giving a fuck!"

  3. PrimitiveAK

    At this point they are all just bassists

  4. PrimitiveAK

    What in gods name is this tuning? It’s good don’t get me wrong but I haven’t heard tuning this low in ages

  5. Michael Yeager

    The issue with Gideon is their lyrics are always so corny dude. The shit is heavy but, "I'm bout to go and start up a mosh pit shut down the function." That shit just kills this song lmao

  6. Tom Guerrero

    Navi be like “HEY, LISTEN!!”

  7. Dr Wonkey

    Drop Hell

  8. Wyatt Montelongo

    This is what I call lifting music 💪🏻🎧🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  9. Nick Santini

    I'm getting a wholesome Supernatural vibes with this song.

  10. Templar Bob

    What a crummy noise?!!

  11. Kyle Furtwangler

    This is down tuned to Hamburger Helper

  12. Asparagus

    it’s been done. Someone finally tuned lower than black tongue.

  13. O Certo é o Certo Deus é MAIS

    Flow at 1:55 for real

  14. Adam Wood

    I'll take 3 please

  15. Dylan Diel

    Well no more listening to Gideon with my boys☹️

  16. Joshua Boucher

    Bad ass! Such a welcomed break from ra ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta on the drums. Love the high hat

  17. Davy Jones

    I've given it three different listens, but I can't get into the double drop A tuning. The guitars have no real individual note clarity. Not to mention isn't an 8 string traditionally tuned to Low E (E1)?? And unless they changed it up they have always used 6's... How could you possibly tune that low and maintain tune on a traditional or even baritone 6 string?

    Tommo W

    I'm guessing that they're using a pitch shifter to drop it an octave.

  18. Icy Em

    *Mosh pit erupts out of nowhere*

  19. nUk3M -

    Had me head Bangin all the way to work with 💯 Rock never dieS!!!!!!!!!

  20. jim idgaffigan

    Why did I think these guys are Christian?

  21. timmylee1974

    Guitar Strings, Ernie Balls, Extra Beefy, Super Chunky, Mega Hearty, Bang Yo Momma Gauge In select stores!

  22. grant peterson

    Seen them Saturday in StL with Norma Jean and The Devil Wears Prada. Place was outta control.

  23. Mark Hicks

    Were they a Christian band?


    Yeah but they lost their faith. It was obvious after they released Cold. Listen to "Watch Me Sink" it kinda hints to it but I guess they were scared of coming out since they knew most of their fanbase listened to it bc of their christian lyrics but with Out of Control they don't give a fuck anymore because of course you gotta keep it real and that shit they did deserves mad respect.

  24. DiamondLifer

    Sounds like F to me.

  25. Kyle Petruzziello

    Gideon: “we just wanted are tone to sound just like Korn pretty much”

    NRG jinjer

    @Gabe Kennedy HA NICE

  26. Popcorn Sutton

    he said bad werd

  27. Matthew Centilli

    Great album!!


    Jeez you guys suck now

  29. Devon Kelley

    I think Gideon just learned what curse words are. Everything seemed so clean and uplifting until this album, i kinda knew em as a posi-hardcore band but it seems they've flipped that notion on its head. odd but cool

  30. Eko Yogi

    1:09 i can't handle this

  31. No Name

    In all seriousness, they’re just tuned to A# but have digitech whammy on low octave mode, right?

  32. Dj Gatlyngun

    Heavy primus all it is

  33. Zerrick Hilliard

    That riff is one thicc bih

  34. Joshua Wilson big bird

    Love music. Hate the lyrics. Why'd y'all change?

  35. KD&BabyG

    They said the fuck word.

  36. MyNameIsRedundant

    Major TRAITORS vibes of the new album so far. No issues with that but damn with that Glass Cloud tuning

  37. Paynis

    I think it's hilariously sad that stopping the belief in Christ to some people just means giving them an excuse to curse uncontrollably and unnecessarily. This band is literally juvenile.

  38. Spider B

    Song is hard for Gideon but honestly they’re just a shittier try hard knocked loose at this point

  39. SixString

    Jeez what happened to the meanings of y’alls songs it’s just hatred in which I stand against I mean what happened to milestone, all your old fans have left you because we all miss the old y’all, I loved hearing y’all sing about God even if it was screaming and stuff, but as a 14 year old I guess I’ll never understand, so y’all can keep doing y’all

    Tanner Gilliland

    Dude quit typing nonsense.


    Tanner Gilliland ooh you got me

  40. Atheist Mind

    Listening it lots of time before liking it! 🖤


  41. A Bro

    Those last couple lines he spits go especially hard! Can’t stop rewinding!

  42. cory mathson

    Who else is getting some limp biscuit vibes?

  43. bbq seitan

    Guitar strings? Nah.
    Bridge lines!

  44. wearyourskin


  45. Spirit And Strength

    The old Christian lyrics were meaningful and poetic. These lyrics sound like they were written by an immature 15 year old. But hey, whatever wins you favor with the world.

  46. Sentanyl3

    Holy shit this is so different but so goddamn sick

  47. ReaperWithManyNumbers

    Did anyone get the license plate on that truck?

  48. Joey Wheeler

    God those lyrics are painful to listen to.

  49. nil ortiz fernandez

    It feels so fucking heavy!!! I think its one of the best songs of this band, more good shit like this is whats i need to hear to get forces to be good person everyday

  50. Andres Flores

    What a great way to say fuck Christianity lol amazing song!


    Who came here from Andrew Baena's FAQ video?!

    dan mayhew

    Me hahahaahaha

  52. Andrew Brannon

    I am so confused... I don't wanna like this, but I do?? Idk?

  53. CJ Studios

    Did they add distortion to a suspension bridge to get tuned that low?

  54. LessOfMyselfToKill

    Sounds exactly like I wrote a few years ago. Same tuning and everything!

  55. Anthony Inglish

    Tuned to "wet spaghetti noodle "

  56. Thisgirlashhley

    This is the ANGRIEST song they have ever done and it brought me to life

    Tom Guerrero

    Thisgirlashhley absolutely

  57. jvstndrvms

    The hip-hop flow in this is a whole vibe.

  58. Jozer

    Is that a 68 challenger? Now that’s g ride banging to Gideon .

  59. 4TuneBeats

    I didn't know I needed bass breakdowns, but now I want more, damn it!

  60. Salt_Fist

    Scientist's believe the soul has a measurable weight of 21 grams.
    Gideon makes a soul weigh 21 cannon balls.

  61. tranq

    God damn this is NASTY

  62. Logan Fish

    I'll show you "PAIN"

  63. Joel Lee

    Ages I’ve not heard Gideon but am I glad I heard/discovered this.

  64. Atla

    You know, I'm getting some Deftones vibes. Like a heavier, slower version of Doomed User and with no clean vocal chorus.

  65. Dana Bryce

    remember continents... almost the same tone lol miss those guys love these ones too lol

  66. golf Wang 505

    On this day drop Q was perfected and gifted to us

  67. Freezetyle

    Wait so why the sudden change in lyrical content? Did they pull an AiLD/Crimson Armada and abandon the Christian side?

  68. 907Norseman

    If you have kids and they don't sing 1:29 with you, you haven't raised 'em right

  69. .::METAL.MATT::...:

    Didn't know Navi liked heavy music.

    Daniel Fountain


  70. Ty Fox

    Thank you Gideon v cool
    Breakdown heavy???
    Def came thx

  71. Awkward Gabe

    But actually what’s the tuning?

  72. Awkward Gabe

    But actually what’s the tuning?

  73. Jason Brown

    Wasn't exactly a fan to this point. Even less now. Video art is cool, music's kind of generic, lyrics are juvenile. I guess I won't be bothering at all.

  74. Wesley Caspers


  75. Eddy Metalbeast

    I want my string guitar with extra T H I C C

  76. The Grappler

    Best song I’ve heard by Gideon. Could make me fan this year

  77. Rudeboy Stfk

    Drop Z Guitar Tuner

  78. Reece Bannister

    Fuck me, that tuning is lower than my self-esteem.

  79. NergalOnFire

    Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal fighting for the right to use this as their future entry tracks!


    Imagine Khabib rolling out to this.

  80. Lyqwid Metyl

    Fuckin' slapperrrrr

  81. Luke Dixon

    Gideon: "Wonder how low these guitars can get tuned?"

  82. Alexander M.

    I listened to this with my all black bombay cat, now she's a puma

  83. Impractical Toker

    Just throw the whole fucking guitar out and use the bass as a replacement lol. Jeeeesus this is nuts

  84. Colton Schuchert

    Couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. Replay, replay, replay.

  85. Nick Kanalas

    This has to be like the first song off the album


    It's the 12th song on the album

  86. Bradley Stiers

    Fuck. Yes.

  87. aKitchenChair

    2019 For Albums \m/

  88. RetroMatt

    Apparently, when you drop Christianity from your songs, you get even heavier and have the sickest most dirtiest guitar tone imaginable. Man this is great.

  89. bobby corwen

    Take back the throne KINGS🔥🔥🔥

  90. Grey Shadows

    Wish they could come up with something better than swearing! Something a little more clever instead of just filler

  91. Jason Gutierrez

    Survive was favorite song this is my new

  92. Jason Gutierrez

    Holy shit fuck yeah

  93. Core Enthusiast

    Dang this really ain't good

  94. P3ckehBoysETC

    I dont care if they're christian or not anymore but you gonna have to write better lyrics than that lol

  95. Nightmare Actual

    How does one go from christian hardcore to fuck shit fuck? Gideon. Was with yall since the beginning favorite album costs but now smh..

  96. mike honcho

    Think this is just a bass in this song

  97. Jaden Mattox

    All I can say is damn, just damn