Gibson, Debbie - People Lyrics

We travel single-o
Maybe we're lucky but, I don't know
With them just let one kid fall down
And seven mothers faint
I guess we're both happy
But maybe, we ain't

People, people who need people
Are the luckiest people in the world
We're children needing other children
And yet letting our grown up pride
Hide all the need inside
Acting more like children than children

Lovers are very special people
They're the luckiest people in the world
With one person, one very special person
A feeling deep in your soul
Says you were half now you're whole
No more hunger and thirst
But first be a person who needs people

People who need people
Are the luckiest people in the world

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Gibson, Debbie People Comments
  1. ardar tung

    I want a time machine can take me back my 80's

  2. eduardo brito

    Que tiempos aquellos!!!!

  3. charmane garino

    She's like Taylor Swift in the 80's

  4. Luciana Costa

    Saudades da minha adolescência 😢🎶🎵🎼

  5. Art Ramirez

    I still playing this jam beautiful song

  6. BJ G

    Thinking of my high school sweetheart right now.

  7. Extreme Vagabond

    I wonder where are Debbie's fans now. i mean those who are in Debbie's years of fame

  8. Fresia Calle

    Jeans anchos , blusas anchas y largas, hombreras y melenas desordenadas , un conjunto q hacia una adolescencia maravillosa.❤❤😄

  9. Hanny Budiono

    Love this the sax in the beginning..

  10. สุวรรณ์ กันอบ

    และแล้วผมก็หาเพลงนี้เจอ ผมจำเชื่อเพลงไม่ได้ จำชื่อคนร้องไม่ได้เคยฟังตั้งแต่อายุ 17 18

  11. Rita Toapanta


  12. josodoyo

    1980s song is the best

  13. Francilene Miranda

    Ainda mais ,quando estou esperando o amor da minha vida volta. ❤❤

  14. Francilene Miranda

    Nossa que música linda, chega doer o coração.

    Wagner hideo huzimoto

    Pois é. tenho o cd com esse música, lembra de um tempo que não volta mais.

  15. Ricardo Silva

    Ai...... dancei muito essa música agarradinho.

  16. Vaughn Kopacz

    the musical octave drop at 1:15, then the bring back at 1:34, that was genius! this is my second fav from her...only in my dreams being the first. at 3:29 i happen to like the pop of red roses among the greyscale filmed in NYC St.Paddy's Day of '88

  17. Juan Carlos Vega

    Que buen clásico, para soñar

  18. Joann Johnson

    Brittany Spears looks like Debbie Gibson daughter .

  19. Gaming time anime time

    She sure was cute here

  20. Anna Jimenez

    Still loving all the 80's n 90's music.💜 yep im old school. 😁

  21. Pilipinong Laking80s90s

    Feb11,2020? Stroll down memory lane

  22. Thomas Hancock

    Not as good as Robin Sparkles.

  23. Howard Dodge

    wish Debbie Gibson was my wife

  24. Mislene Kelli

    Perfeita ♥

  25. Leoamaje Brito

    Musica boa do caramba seloko

  26. Migue N.

    I'm sick of these bots saying 0% shit. There was tons of sex in the 80s.

  27. Bryan Best

    It must have been something he did, a Goddess as perfect as you could never would do anything wrong. I wished I could go back in Time I would try never to break your heart I'd die first😇🙏💔🌎

  28. Lee Parker


  29. child of YAHAWAH

    yea sing it my bighead baby debbie your my sugar bear i miss you

  30. devidHeartproperty

    I could never love again the way I love you 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  31. Breno Ricardo

    Ouvi primeiro no rádio e gostei tanto da música quanto do clipe, mas nem pq gostei deixo de perceber que é algo bem mainstream e de um mainstream "farofão". Nem na musicalidade nem no clipe há algo de fato original ou criativo.

  32. fernando fernandinho

    só lenbranças dos fóras com canha e tudo

  33. Dennis Sorm


  34. daeng ณัฐพร

    infinity stupid

  35. Marcos Munoz

    #1 June 25, 1988

  36. fish man

    Awesome!!!!! February 2020. I was 18 when this came out...Amazing times and great feelings back decade ever in music as well as late 70s

  37. Aly Acvl

    Now crying like a child!! The best song 💔

  38. shawnda mccormick

    I recall a time when this represented true heartbreak, lol. Totally nasal vocals and all!

  39. Joelma Oliveira Martins


  40. Maciel Inz

    my favorite song.

  41. Em Rivera

    There was a time when
    Broken hearts and broken dreams
    Were over.
    There was a place where
    All you could do was
    Wish on a four leaf clover.

    But now is a new time
    There is a new place
    Where dreams just can't come true.
    It started the day when I left you

    I could never love again the way that I loved you
    I could never cry again like I did when I left you
    And when we said goodbye,
    Oh the look in your eyes
    Just left me beside myself without your heart
    (Without your heart)
    I could never love again now that we're apart

    When I was sorry
    It was too late to turn around (turn around)
    And tell you so.
    There was no reason
    There was no reason
    Just a foolish beat of my heart.

    I could never love again the way that I loved you
    I could never cry again like I did when I left you

    moch fadeli

    Em Rivera thanks for the lyrics and i like this song.....Debby Gibson 💓

    Em Rivera

    @moch fadeli thank you👍😉

  42. Lisa Graham

    I'm almost 51 yrs old still listing too her after all there years!!!😊

  43. Graciete Andrade

    30 de Janeiro de 2020 quase se findando o 1o mês do Ano que prevalece ,,, e Eu escutando essa Perola rara com uma voz que soa igual a uma Orquestra Sinfônica !!! Bem Feliz por esse Sucesso Lindo de Debbie Gibson !!! Espetacular !!!

  44. José Almir Souza Barroso

    Algum brasileiro escutando essa linda música?

  45. robert manga

    He is the same guy from her other song

  46. Marcone Longaray

    Simplesmente um dos temas do Love Sons da Radio Cidade!

  47. Miguel Zarate

    Saludos desde Lima Perú

  48. Sandra Hawes

    This is amazing writing frm. Debbie Gibson

  49. Luis Alejandro

    welcome all of you music addicts

  50. Anna Lisa Campo


  51. Mariana Cristina


  52. Vitinho GOMES


  53. Vanderwesley Silva

    O sax chega a chorar no começo da música top faltou no final

  54. Susanne M N

    This song is still very good

  55. Tomasnok

    Idiota vc 🤣👌🤣 She's a genious composer producer, Singer etc...

  56. Bonbon C

    When singers can actually sing! Look at the generation of singers today! Can't even carry a decent tune without autotune! I just wish Recording Companies support real talent, instead of manufacturing talent-less people to even have some semblance of singing talent.

  57. Kaycie Mallari

    we love you debbie😘😘😘

  58. Brandon Bowles

    Tameka Tiny Harris would kill this Debbie Gibson song if it was remade

  59. Jimmy Rodríguez

    Pensar que yo tenía 13 años cuando salió esta canción, la misma edad que tiene ahora mi segundo hijo, como ha cambiado el tiempo, como ha cambiado la música....como ha cambiado la vida

  60. SOYCD

    2:40 i love her style. They dont dress like that nowadays


    Me encanta esta canción, lo mejor de lo mejor

  62. Agan GS

    Lagu kenangan terindah tahun 1987

  63. J L

    This song gets me every time

  64. Mônica Cavalcanti

    "33 years have passed and I still can't love someone the way I loved you..."

  65. เสถียร ผาภุมมา

    นานแล้วนะ ที่ไม่ใด้ฟัง20/01/20🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭

  66. Patricia Alcantara

    Linda música

  67. Myrko Olmos Muñoz

    No se como hay gente que no le puede gustar este tema... es genial

  68. manoli pelaez

    Debie. Love ❤️ you. I. West. The. Power rangers he alive too. Saw him perty sara pelaez

  69. Maria Regineide

    Love love

  70. Mark Christopher

    One of the great teen age singer-songwriters.

  71. Marite Gonzalez

    Excelente tema !

  72. Michael Ricco61357

    She was amazing!

  73. Josh Lewis

    This is one of my Dream Wives of the 80's I was in the 4th grade John Marshall elementary in Anaheim CA this is one of the songs I didn't care if my guy friends heard me bumping on my boom box! She came to the Idaho center last year I could hear down the street cause I lived around the corner but just couldn't get tickets but Im still gonna marry Deb unless Suzanna Hoffs or Martika ask me first!!😉👍😁😎👍👍👍✌lol👰💍💋


    Ela era muito gata!


    Essa era aquela que tocava na sessão de lentas!

  76. francisco lima

    ela tinha 16 anos quando compôs essa canção

  77. alfenas45

    quem nunca foi a uma festa de casamento e ouviu essa musica ,que atire a primeira pedra kkkkk

  78. Lucia C. Lima

    Cadê os Brasileiros 2020💞

  79. Brennen Wilson

    AMEN!!! SHE WAS EVERYTHING TO ME AS A GAY KID!!! Debbie has no idea the positive influence she had on me as a kid. I came out at 15 in 1992. Debbie instilled a lot of the self confidence I needed to come out. She will always hold a special place in my heart & mind!! XOXOXO

    Mimi Ramone

    Brennen Wilson awwwww 😊 this makes my heart smile !

  80. thelucy53

    No one is still even in her league!

  81. Bruno Cardoso

    Clássico dos anos 80, foolish beat

  82. Mario Torrez Quant

    Take me back to the awesome 80s!!!

  83. Rossigamer team

    Αφιερωμένο στην Όλγα.... 1990

    γιαννης διονυσιου

    @stefanos kritsimis γεια σου ρε μαγκα

  84. Samson Delilah

    i listened this song over n over again in year 1988
    so much memories brought to my youth day through this song

  85. Inácia Galdino

    Ouvindo em 2020❤

  86. Sammy Perez

    Wow Debbie Gibson is in real tears while she sang this song 😢

  87. Tyran Mathurin

    One of the things that made 80s music so great....SAX

  88. Alexandre Gomes

    Que mulher linda,que música linda!

  89. José Ibañez

    Saludos gente

  90. Rodolfo Bermello {Rodo}

    Anyone 2020 pretty musik... 🎶🎼🎵⭐🌠

  91. Mellyssa Rangell

    11/01/20 ? Alguém curtindo 💕💕💕

  92. Andrew Cw

    Isn't she a little young for that green outfit????

  93. Reginaldo Codonhoto

    Cara , como eu amo esta música 🎶 ❤❤❤❤

    Geoadan Gomes

    Eu tbm🥰👍

  94. Hershey

    Youth is such a wonderful fucking thing! I will always live in the past.. Unhealthy or not, I prefer it.

  95. Giorno'sMusic


  96. Donny C

    2020 bitches lol

  97. Dauane Mello

    Quem está ouvindo em 2020 euuuuuuuuuu

    Elyomar Júnior

    Opa rsrsrs!!✌✌Brasil está em todo lugar rsrsrs!!!Abraços!!

    Casa Nova


    juliana tavares

    Essa canção é eterna! Clássico dos clássicos...