Gibson, Debbie - Naturally Lyrics

[VERSE 1:]
Sorry if I didn't do this, didn't do that
It's just that I don't know you anymore
What turns you on,
What has been turning you off
'cause I hear you talking behind closed doors
What do they say all these friends of yours
And why are they no longer friends of mine
Do they remember

When we didn't have to touch
It's just that it meant so much
And all hesitation was gone
We didn't analyze
We didn't have to do anything
It just came naturally

[VERSE 2:]
Wasn't it you who used to read my mind
I'd pick up the phone and you were there
Now it's as if you are a step behind

It was an effortless affair
Under the moon I made promises
That I really thought I'd keep back then
Do you remember


I don't want to let go
I'd be letting down you and me and everyone
That hung their hopes upon
Our love and our trust
Where has all the goodness gone?
Do you remember

We didn't have to touch
It's just that it meant so much
And all hesitation was gone
No we didn't analyze
We didn't have to realize anything
It just came naturally

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Gibson, Debbie Naturally Comments
  1. Felipe Solis Cornejo

    this look like Robin Sparkles, or it's just me??



  3. Roger Murga Murga Beltrán

    Que puedo decir buena cantante

  4. Judeza Rosales

    San ka pa..

  5. Rebecca Grigoryeva

    Русские здесь есть?:D

  6. Jason Tea

    We've got the most time
    To make the world go round
    Oh, can you spare a dime?
    Place your bet on our sound
    Come back to town
    Don't lose sight of potential mastermind
    Remember when you were young

  7. 올포로드153

    Genius musician who worked with Tiffany in the '80s.I miss my school days when I was happy listening to Debbie's music. I hope you will always be happy. From your old pen in Korea.^^

  8. joelelbonito

    She is an angel! beautiful my love!

  9. Juan Vergara Silva

    Pensar que ella.llego a ser más.famosa.que masón a Pero al.entrar a ser más sexual no quiso y sufrió trastorno de personalidad por la.fama y britney spears es.muy parecida.fisicamente y al.igual.que debbie en 2003 era.mas.famosa.que Madonna y chan le.paso lo mismo

  10. 濱崎雅孝

    3:09-3:40 I love this bridge part.


    she kinda determined the future cause "the next generation, is electric". Which shows the current generation. Who is addicted to technology

  12. takemethere78

    I had the perfume to this song

  13. mr35world mer

    I love the 80s pop... it feels so innocent...

  14. Setianto Basuki

    My favorite singer since I was at Senior High School

  15. Casey Kubota

    I had crush on Deborah back then!! Now I have grown children, and Grand Children!! This song remains true!!! Remember when you were Young!!! Let`s have a bright future for our children, Please!!!

  16. ilove2929

    This is like watching Dua Lipa in 2020

  17. Hail Thor

    Na década de 80 até as músicas chatas, que rolavam direto nas rádios, eram melhores que as de hoje.

  18. Wildan Fathurahman

    Siapa yang langsung ngeliat audisi Indonesia Idol Junior Lifia gara2 baca komen disini? berarti anda oldiess..

  19. ashjudd

    And MJ 4:02

  20. ashjudd

    Lmao 2:55

  21. ashjudd

    I think this needs an anime opening

  22. Kamilq Imanis

    Look so similiar like Britney.

  23. One-Eye

    This is long for a pop song. But I guess this was the era of 'Batdance' so anything goes.

  24. Anthony P

    It’s 2020. I’m 34. Don’t know how I got here but it’s good.🤔 I’m from the future.✨

  25. Mariano Freyre

    My loveeeee. <3

  26. Marcus Cook

    The album was released 31 years ago. Crazy I saw Debbie on Regis and Kathie Lee at South Street Seaport in 1987

  27. virginia velix

    With only casual clothes and fresh face and a lovely voice ...she did it!

  28. mike yan

    She was fuckable

  29. Robert Preston

    I don't understand the concept of the stage.

    Robert Preston

    Ok., know ..., is like the primitive with a flow of youth.

  30. Cori

    Belissima 😍

  31. marvin silverman

    look the baby she knows must to remove the hand when close the Clapperboard
    intelligent child

    she look similar to the sisters olsen

    Meredith Grey

    That's because it is.

  32. J L

    This girl can sing, I love her voice

    marvin silverman

    she have a voice very particular
    dont you think???

    J L

    @marvin silverman yes she does

  33. Para Noya

    Yang kesini bukan karena indo idol junior tapi karena nostalgia masa muda siapa? hayo ngakuu.. gue doang? syit

  34. BT Z

    Electric old , is what she is now

  35. Jacob Hidalgo

    Ya veo a quien le copio Britney Spear jiji besos desde Uruguay. Muy bueno me encanto . me sume a tu canal

  36. S.E Lee

    Who January 2020?

  37. Erick Gaudreault

    Debbie is so talented, she has an amazing voice, she writes her own songs, she can dance, and on top of that shes incredibly wonder i had such a huge crush on her!

  38. Erick Gaudreault

    Am i the only still listening to this great song in 2020?

  39. Ray Cusicanqui

    3:41 effects 😆😆


    Ela tem uma voz deliciosa!


    E o rosto dela parece um pouco com a Britney.

  41. ray bon

    this was the strongest time of our life.

  42. Matt Albrecht

    My first teen celeb crush....

  43. racingrb

    So, this where N*Sync and the other boy bands copied her dance.

  44. Jose marie Escalada

    This the original and the ancestor of britney spears..moves in the past are this is the future..always debbie wins

  45. Lando Caciano

    Janeiro de 2020 Brasil 🇧🇷

  46. Enrique Eloy Caballero Churata

    Debbie gibson looks like cynthia rothrock

  47. Karen Pallotta

    I still rock out to Debbie. She was the best and still is. Better than the pop crap that's out now

  48. Timothy Pierce

    Guys, we gotta face it. We're not electric anymore.

  49. Isabel Lopez

    La mejor. En el Colegio se hacían las coreografías de Debbie Gibson una voz espectacular, los mejores momentos de nuestra juventud, todavía escuchandote en el 2020 han pasado como 30 años, parece que fue ayer, te queremos.

  50. Reflita1pouco

    Se esse vídeo fosse hoje em dia todas as dançarinas estariam de biquíni ou shortinho enfiados no rabo e com decotes profundos, rebolando e se esfregando nos dançarinos com cara de tarados

  51. wawaron2788

    Le da un aire a la Grimes 😆

  52. britneysprsfan1forever

    Debbie Gibson and Tiffany they are like = Britney spears and Christina Aguilera from the 80s cool!!😀

  53. waz 312

    Let's go to the mall

  54. gisele campos

    Brasil 2020

  55. fred stamatatos

    I miss these songs!

  56. Mikel B

    2020 Anyone? 31 years after...

    Marcus Cook

    What an original comment! zzzz

    Anthony P

    Don’t know how I got here but it’s 2020 and I’m 34 and I like it!🤔✨...I’m from the future⁉️

  57. Music 37fid8

    Talented singer. Wayyy better than Britney Spears. They are not even in the same league, why compare them? Lmao.

  58. María Alejandra Sandoval Mantilla

    Top 10 best opening

  59. Guillermo Tongson

    High School Days Special Number Classmate Dance Events

  60. マサmasa


  61. Milton Alcantara

    Very very 😀 ótima música

  62. sean ingram

    She looks like a more wholesome Brittany Spears in this video

  63. pete jones

    Tiffany was hotter
    Debbie was the better vocalist, performer, writter, and she was still super hot.
    Basically Debbie is better

    Nick Speranza

    pete jones you are nuts

  64. Alicia Alejandra Ruiz Formantel

    Mi idola cuando era adolescente. Imitaba sus coreografías. Que nostalgia!!!😍

  65. Casey Kubota


  66. Giliard Correa

    The 80's! Good times! Brazil🇧🇷

  67. Eugene Lizalde

    I was just curious who this was, shazaamed this song and now I'm here in 2020. It looks like the dab was born at 1:35 😂


    Not an actual dab but I'll tell you who I think did it first ... 1) the rnb group called Troop did an actual dab in their video for " Spread my wings " check it out you'll like the way they did it in the dance break down part . 2) I think Janet Jackson did a dab in her hit song " Pleasure Principle " I could be wrong but check those videos out.

    Jason Hulsey

    Also check out the music video for Smooth Criminal. There's a dab in there, too.

  68. jeffrey abatayo

    Whos watching now 2020😎




    This is soooo 1989! (LOVE)

  70. Mikeycrzed

    Remember seeing that on TV.

  71. Mark

    Those still count as jorts

  72. Victor Gonzalez

    Debbie in my dreams...2020 desde 🇨🇱

  73. atimtg

    The dancers though... lol

  74. rafizi Sruz

    Its now 2020 but I am still love to watch this Debbie's in 80's

    Debbie Gibson is my 80's 'britney spears'

  75. Patty Rios

    2020 💐💐💐😊😊😊❤❤❤

  76. Sk Y

    국민학생때 중학생누나가 테잎사놓은거. 늘어지게 들었는데. 이노래들으니. 뭐랄까. 반가우면서. 뭔가 울먹해지네. ㅠㅠ
    다신돌아갈수없는 10대때. 이젠 50다되가니까.
    내아이가 엑소나. 방탄지금 좋아하는심정이겠지.

  77. Generation Fail

    Those clothes do nothing for her

  78. Juana Viera

    Buena musica😇😇😇😇😇😇👌👌👌👌

  79. Adan Mancilla Tobar

    Tiene un aire a la actriz emma roberts.

  80. sivy PM

    Antes pensaba que Debbie Gibson cantaba las canciones de Jem🌟

  81. Piagabriela Vianavelasco

    Siempre me gustó está cantante😍😘

  82. Aldo H

    When my sister in her mid school year, she used to dance cover this song 🤩🤩

  83. Leonardo M Quispe

    Súper temones de los 90's

  84. Edward Valentino

    Is that an Olsen twin at the very start of the video?

    Ali Alibaba

    No. That is Debbie Gibson's baby cousin. 🙂

    Edward Valentino

    @Ali Alibaba
    The older child.
    Not the baby she was holding?

    Ali Alibaba

    @Edward Valentino Are you referring to 0:02 and 0:04? It is the same child. The boy next to her is also Debbie's cousin.

    Edward Valentino

    @Ali Alibaba thank you

    Ali Alibaba

    @Edward Valentino You are welcome.

  85. Brent Eamer

    @56, I love it. And she still looks attractive. I'm in, Good on ya girl. We all get old. She has aged well, fuck I wish I aged as well as her; alas we all get old, unless we die a tragic death

  86. Metta Kindness

    Such a great song but this is a really great music video too.

  87. James

    I believe i just completed Senior High? Listened to this like everyday.

  88. alexa tejada

    Alguiennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn diciembre 2019?

  89. blueeses

    Wow all of a sudden this pops out

  90. Syed Shiekh

    Bring back my memory

  91. Maple Woods

    debby gibson.😍😍.. wow..she so fenomenal when i was child 😍😁😁😁..i saw like britney spears..😁

  92. Joey B

    It's hard to believe that this song is 30 years old, but it still sounds great!

  93. Yo Burgs

    2019 here ❤️❤️

  94. kevin sifuentes andrade

    Futuro 2028 ..este tema le gustaba a mi gran hermano Salem .. atte : Kevin Idol Sifuentes Andrade... Trujillo_ Perú ..

  95. Vinny Itallo

    Voz linda, doce, e, principalmente, feminina, Debbie Gibson, não importa quantos anos você tem hoje, você sempre será a minha eterna princesinha dos Anos 80, te amo. Como eu gostaria de entrar numa máquina do tempo (e nunca mais voltar). Hoje temos tanta tecnologia e não conseguimos dar um bom dia aos vizinhos ou em um elevador de hotel, aos hóspedes.

  96. khalel khaled

    I love this lady and the one named Tiffany, they're awesome!

  97. Bernardo Purizaca montes

    I love you Debbie Gibson forever .

  98. sandro guimaraes

    she looks like britney from 80's