Gibson, Debbie - Goodbye Lyrics

Darlin', I was hoping that we could pretend
And make believe that we could still live happily
And start again
Seems like you and I, we've been caught up in your world of lies
I kept believing you could start anew
And be a friend
Well I've got something I wanted to tell you
And it's the last thing I wanted to say
But I think I must go therre anyway...

How do you say goodbye?
Do I just look you in the eye,
Shake your hand,
Wish you well
After all this time...
I never wanted for goodbye

Don't let go
I was devoted to your heart and soul
And then we took a turn
And I had to learn
What I tried not to know
Seems like yesterday
I'd give the world just to hear you say
A simple word or two
Like "I love you"
Breaks my heart to see it end this way


Can it ever be the same?
Did we lose more than we gained?
There's nowhere to hide
Baby I feel it inside
As my heart cries out your name

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Gibson, Debbie Goodbye Comments
  1. hk532030

    Thanks! Appreciate your view and comment.

  2. Morten Amager

    One of the most beautiful songs in history!!!!