Gibbs, Freddie - Freestyle Shit Lyrics

The surgeon general has determined (Mmh, yeah)
That the sounds you are about to hear
Will always be devastating (I want it all, nigga, all of it)
To your ear
Sleep well
Kane season
Drink some of this champagne
(I love Madlib, he makes me much joy)
Yeah, yeah
I want it all, nigga, all of it
(My favorite, my nigga Madlib, obrigado)
Yeah, yeah

I want it all, nigga, all leather
25th and Jackson, I'm back in action like Carl Weathers, uh
Tryna beat the Rocky like Carl Weathers
Trap boy Kane, I club a lame, Sylvester
Crack cocaine, I was my own investor
"Could I do this shit independent? That was my only question, uh
Usher Raymond IV, Confessions
Ferra let me come through and hit when I was alone and stressin'
Yeah, 'cause when this music shit wasn't movin', man
I said I might as well be movin' thangs, uh
Uh, Joey let him shelf it
But I still put out my fuckin' debut record, for the record
Where I move when I'm with these hoes is off the record, for the record
For the social media shit I was livin' reckless
And these rap niggas share the same hoes
Gotta curve bitches, gotta cut bitches, gotta change hoes
I was reminiscin' in the Range Rove
Me and my little brother shared the same clothes, nigga, yeah
That's when this music shit wasn't movin', man
I said I might as well be movin' thangs
'Cause when this music wasn't movin', man
And I was barely even movin' thangs, uh
Said I was moving with them shooters, man
Before I barely even knew the game
East Side, Gary, nigga, I got it tatted
Virginia Street, fuck the niggas that ratted, my nigga, uh
Don't wan' hit the trap if I don't gotta
My weed habit so close to snorting powder
Niggas don't holler 'less I got narcotics
Scratchin' and itchin', he on that dog collar
Trunk full of tapes, I ain't got no dollars
By the time niggas show you love, you don't even want it
By the time niggas show me love, I ain't even need it
By the time niggas showed me love, I was on the TV, yeah
That's when this music started movin', man
But I still proceed to move them thangs, uh
Said I was moving with them shooters, man
Gang bangin' and recruitin', man, uh

Movin', man
Fuck it, keep it, I'm done

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Gibbs, Freddie Freestyle Shit Comments
  1. kramercapriati

    Spin Mag brought me here and they were so wrong...this sucks...

  2. Terrillist Reality

    Maaaan brodie...if this shit had that bass doe

  3. PlasticMany

    yooo the opening vocal sample is from the end of boom music bro that’s crazy

  4. Matt Black

    People will always thumbs down some good shit. If you don't have anything nice to say, move onward.

  5. Moderately Radical

    So frick’n good. Went to a Madlib concert in Denver last year. Mos Def showed up to his set unannounced since Black Star was in town. If that wasn’t good enough my now fiancé caught a CD Madlib threw into the crowd from his set that had his signature on it. Been listening to Madlib & MOs since 2003. Never forget that night!

  6. jengasias

    Elastic lover by relaxation funk.

  7. MrMyopinionsmatter

    Albums of the future, sold with OLED paper thin screens and animated like that


    The pic speaks volumes 💣💣💣💣

  9. Marv Aff

    East side Gary, nigga I got it tatted💉💯

  10. C_Double_4

    If u ain’t feeling this you’re prob dead! This track is spiritual ✊🏾🖤🔥

  11. Quincy

    Rap Album Of The Year!

  12. A Tribe Called Pope


  13. Michael Gregory

    I need a remix with andre 3000 please lol

  14. RainbowMangos

    Scratchin' n' itchin',
    He was on the dog collar mane

  15. Zoeforlife Zoeforlife


  16. Micahel Murphy


  17. MadeSiccSGV

    Kane season 🔥

  18. Cody Christian

    Kd brought me here

  19. Proballer841

    Masterpiece 🔥🔥🔥

  20. Spencer Curtin

    Can anyone translate the Japanese

  21. Thirty-Three Hip Hop

    Fela Kuti would be proud...

  22. Epithany Reighn

    219 In the house ! MUCH Love Mr Gibbs 💓✌

  23. tube58911985

    My weed habit so close to snortin powder🙌🏿

  24. Michael Auberry

    Madlib isn't human

  25. Asshole Mcfuckin

    XXL should just put Gibbs on the Freshman cover again lol

  26. Ginga

    The instrumental is on another level.

  27. Mr.DodgeCity55**

    This is so much unrated keep on move GangstA Gibbs from G I to The Chi

  28. Telvin Hogan

    Been a fan since I seen the ghetto video Gibbs been hard

  29. Phillip Cohen

    This beat is amazing

  30. cogito

    Is that Rico at the beginning??

  31. Deandre Manus

    Kant wait until Adult Swim does the cartoon.

  32. Andrew Chavez

    Anyone know the samples

  33. Michael Matthews


  34. Federico Landi

    daaammn bruhhh italy in da building


    Peace to Italy from Southern California man.I was in Milan this past May.I did 3 weeks in Europe visiting 8 countries.Milan was my last destination after Spending 3 nights in Monaco.Had a great time.Yeah this joint is stupid illll.Big ups/Peace

    Federico Landi

    @dexxhunt dope trip mate !!!!! you spent your time in best way..... i wonna do the same around States and Canada 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


    Federico Landi I appreciate it fam, it was definitely a trip for the ages.No doubt as well man,you should definitely come to North America.That would be mad fresh.Respect brotha/Peace

    Federico Landi

    @dexxhunt peace bro! nice to meet you ,really appreciate !! enjoy your life ;) and don t forget to spin that mad sound all around the globe 💣🔥💪🏾

  35. Malik Bell

    This beat would've been perfect for Some Rap Songs by Earl

  36. Roky Roks

    My weed habits so close to snorting powder

  37. Nicholas Gordon

    Why did I wait so long to peep this??????????????????????????????????

    Damien Jô

    better late than never my good man.

    Nicholas Gordon

    @Damien Jô Amen. This is the first album in a long time that I've listened straight through with no skips.

  38. Brother

    I listen to this shit every morning

  39. Aaron Williams

    This reminds me of my struggle and know I have the strength to succeed!!!!!

    Damien Jô

    you will.

    Aaron Williams

    @Damien Jô thank u sir I wish the same for u

  40. dipsetball

    By the time niggas show you love, you don’t even want it!

  41. Jason Wetou

    I'm getting Earl Sweatshirt vibes from this, "Azucar" in particular


    Jason Wetou
    a little bit. interesting you say it reminds you of that song

  42. Jason Wetou

    I'm getting Earl Sweatshirt vibes from this, "Azucar" in particular

  43. Abstruse Visions

    About to be 2020 so much finna change in hip hop feel like its moving in the right direction! gangsta GIBBZ

  44. therealjuice

    Up next


    I been listening to too much new age music, cause this don't really sound good to me

  46. Charles Bryson

    Gangsta gibbs

  47. blacqueen 87

    Oh yeah this that smoke sum s***! Madlib came thru on the beat!😎🎺

  48. yosoymejor

    Literally the best song to start your mornings with

  49. Leon Brown

    Beat so hard 🔥

  50. Llll Ooo

    Man I wasn’t sleeping on Gibbs I been in a coma. Bruh I’m ashamed of myself. Ima just go stand in the corner like I’m in timeout. This is the type of music I been looking for.

    Leon Brown

    Llll Ooo 😂😂😂

  51. PATENT


  52. drewzi


  53. Timmy ShellToe

    2019 = 219 area

  54. Bob Fole

    my weed habits are so close to snorting powder no cap

  55. Trevor Borom

    Freddie Tipton did it with this one.

  56. Jay Guapo

    Gary indiana stand up

  57. Derrick Clark

    Freddie deserves a grammy for this 🔥🔥

    Def Operator

    Derrick Clark dude how you not gonna say madlib in that sentence

    Derrick Clark

    @Def Operator Damn your right 🙏

  58. Wise Nyse

    He fuccn spazzed 🔥🔥🔥😩😩😩

  59. Shawn Golmes

    album of the year

  60. Xavier The Virgo

    Man whoever from Indiana if u know about Gary....Boy it ain't no joke out there.... #FreedieGibbs The legend💯💯💯✊

  61. Rio Rogers

    Rats keep taking the packs and cash.

  62. Stevan Arzola

    Reminds me a lot to my man J. DILLA
    thank you Madlib

  63. Lion Thomas

    Thanks Mane I needed real HH

  64. 3DPOOLL: VR

    I was he better than MF Doom not saying he's bad but is insane

  65. TheFlY ENT

    This don't make no complete sense like at all... This is just remarkable, the production, the mood, the flow storytelling is on andre 3000 just outta site show you right. Thank you for Mr. Gibbs for not giving up n showcasing your given talent, Bravo my brother 👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏💯💯💯

    Wise Nyse

    TheFlY ENT Freddie stupid hard

  66. Michael Ortiz

    Here because of the adult swim commercial

  67. SnapIndigo -

    Quasimoto on a zebra?

    Dezz Carter

    SnapIndigo - the zebra is Gibbs

  68. The Black Car Guy

    Two steppin' it out to this with a glass of henny in hand.

  69. Mr Treez

    Madlib🤝Freddie Gibbs = 🔥🔥🔥💎💯💯

  70. John Roman

    God bless hip hops odd couple, lord quas and gangsta Gibbs. Who would’ve thunk.

  71. myguitardidyermom212


  72. Nematic

    I think madlib made that iPad....

  73. DMack4rmTheWest

    I swear I just listened to this album, 4 times in a row, back 2 back... & coming's back for the fifth, I haven't done that in a loOoOong ass time!
    Shoutout to Gangsta Gibbs yo!! 💪💪 
    💪 👽 ✌️

  74. Seminole Space Force

    This bum really think he can out rap DOOM?

    Like, nigga when?

    alex marcial

    Human Being this bum dropped a album of the year and soon to be album of the year... wouldn’t really call that a bum. Personally I prefer Freddie on a madlib beat over doom

    Seminole Space Force

    @alex marcial album of which year?

    Who gave him that title?

    I appreciate your preference, but that's the thing. Him and DOOM ain't even targeting the same market. Their audiences don't even overlap, so why he even put that man's name in his mouth?

    Their styles are a matter of preference, so what objective measures can we use to judge their poetry?

    I go with metaphors and entendres which this dude knows nothing about.

    I can get on the phone and dial up at least five rappers who can drop lyrics about selling coke, but you'll not find another DOOM bro.

    The clout chasing slander is unreal out here.


    Y’all back packers really taking Gibbs to serious he was obviously trolling

  75. Straight Talk

    Halfbaked wheres the beat or drop...............................

  76. JostenDooley2

    By the time niggas show you love, you don't even want it
    By the time niggas show me love, I ain't even need it
    By the time niggas showed me love, I was on the TV, yeah

    Damien Jô

    JostenDooley2 brilliant

  77. Quadry Holloman

    He looped a sample and y'all acting like he made the second coming foh 😪😪

    Seminole Space Force

    Production was cool, but I'm only here cause this nigga was speaking sideways talking bout he can out rap Doom.

    Lie detector determined: THAT IS A LIE.

    Ben anker

    I agree, big madlib fan but with these sort of beats It is pretty much the original, edits in the chops added some fx etc add a vinyl noise etc, its not composing its adding ontop of someone else's music

    Ben anker

    @dysperisenjoyinghimself. you dont know about production, its a very simple beat, edit original sample, make some little chops, add no drums, add vinyl noise
    its not groundbreaking, I love it tho

    Quadry Holloman

    @Ben anker thank you bro! I been making beats for years I know good production!

    Ben anker

    @Quadry Holloman same here mate, I made sample based hip hop for many years, there is an art to it, I think taking a loop and adding none of your own personality or style to it is nothing special, the worse ones are where there is everything included in the sample ie drums bass and whatever else, it just seems a bit cheap to me, only the real production heads know

  78. Evander Ramirez

    When this musis shit wasnt movin mayne i said i might as well be movin thangs

  79. krunkformula

    Freddie been bumpin Suns Tirade I see. 'My weed habits so close to snortin powder'

    Adegboyega Thompson

    I thought the same thing but its actually a bar from Silkk the Shocker lol


    @Adegboyega Thompson peeped that haha makes sense that song called silkk da shocka

  80. A. T.

    It's sad to see this at 99k views only.

    BLACK Mon

    A. T. It’s more now but you’re right this shit is soulful this man preaching


    Nowdays kids don't appreciate good music, they just want Drake and migos crap


    “By the the time niggas show you love you don’t even want it”

    I felt that

  82. Tyronegaming236

    this and Revenge of the dreamers 3 in a 7 day span damn thats crazy


    igor and injury reserve released on the same day.

  83. Robbin Hatchett

    Spitta would've Killed this joint!!! We Stay Flying Jets over Here, No Commercial Flights boy!!✈🤙✈

    We Major72

    Spitta would’ve went right to work on this shit

  84. main source

    Currently my theme song..

  85. Tony Moze

    Sound like Cardi B in the beginning?

  86. Gabriel H

    This album is Dooope!!!

  87. Mr. Freeze


  88. nelson

    me wondering how many times madlib's going to blow that mansion

  89. JASE-_-FACE

    Madlib is a genius

  90. Michael Jordan


  91. Leo ConsciousVibe

    Man lately I been going thru shit. This album came out in a perfect time. Thank you MadGibbs. My soul needed this.


    Leo ConsciousVibe me too brother 💯💯💯

  92. Killa'

    Dope! 💣🔥👁️

  93. Anakin Cloutwalker

    Freddie Gibbs the most underrated of his generation . Just like Nip never truly got the love till he pass smh . Let's appreciate a great MC while he's alive and well because some music just can't be replaced


    they dont hear you though!

  94. brian cywan

    The only excuse for not having heard this track/album is that you're being held hostage by ISIS