Gibb, Andy - Words And Music Lyrics

Words and music make a song for our hearts to sing along
Like a choir within the air, there'll be music everywhere
A bitter tear across your cheek
A smile from you is all I need
We'll give them cause to breathe the air
There'll be lovers everywhere

I'll be your singer and your song
for all the love you've brought along
I'll be your day, I'll be your night
I'll see that everything's all right
I'll turn the ocean into sand
Like my heart at your command
I'll make the raindrops turn to snow
And then everyone will know that we're in love
Yeah, yeah, yeah

And when the morning brings it's light
And Mister Moonlight says goodbye
My hand is shaking when you smile
You make me feel just like a child
My mind is searching for a way
so that you won't have to say
You've got to go and can't come back
But I can't think you'd make me sad

I'll be your singer and your song
for all the love you've brought along
I'll be your day, I'll be your night
I'll see that everything's all right
I'll turn the ocean into sand
Like my heart at your command
I'll make the raindrops turn to snow
And then everyone will know that we're in love

(take away the pain in me)
I'll be your singer and your song

(soon you'll see a change in me)
for all the love you've brought along

(what's the point of going on)
I'll be your day, I'll be your night (the story ends, the feelings gone)
I'll see that everything's all right
I'll turn the ocean into sand
Like my heart at your command
I'll make the raindrops turn to snow
And then everyone will know that we're in love

(the story ends, the feelings gone)
I'll see that everything's all right
I'll turn the ocean into sand
Like my heart at your command
I'll make the raindrops turn to snow
And then everyone will know that we're in love

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Gibb, Andy Words And Music Comments
  1. Fatima Paredes

    Ubiese dado mi vida x ti

  2. MeloLand

    Me gustaría dedicarla....

  3. Geraldine Galindez

    My late dad used to play this every morning. I never knew of its title but retained some lyrics in my mind and so I found it it's Words and Music Beautiful!

  4. Edda love all these shows! Caceres

    Love andy!!! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SONG!!! JUST 17 YEARS OLD!!!

    April Garcia

    Same 17 here!

  5. Val L.


  6. Carolina Rallos

    When ur inlove it so meaningful it really cuts my heart

  7. Jill HALL

    Very beautiful song 2019

  8. Jeffrey garcia

    Sounds like barry gibb and robbin gibb

  9. Lisa Elissa

    Why have I never heard this song? It's amazing!! ❤

    Bot Aco

    Lisa Elissa really? This song been around for more than 40 years

    Lisa Elissa

    @Bot Aco Yes, really. I've been around for more than 40 years too ~ but i'm more familiar with Andy Gibbs' Shadow Dancing, which is my favorite. Have a fabulous day.


    when my love sang this..i was so amazed....from now on when i have my nap in mu classroom..i always listen this nice...i am more inlove to my love upon listening this song over and over again ....but very sad andy is in heaven already....

    Romeo Du

    Alam nya kaya pins huwi nya..

  11. M. M.

    Wow! I'm blown away. I was never a fan of his international hits. To me he was a poor man's bee gees who never got to step out on his own. Well, he did it here and he should have stayed the course. Too bad he made that trip to Miami. He might be still alive if he had done his own thing and stayed in Australia. We'll never know. But this is damn good! So impressed.

  12. Loony Linn

    one of the songs i listen to put me to sleep

  13. Gideon Hernando

    Just one of Andy Gibb's Songs we have in our Songs Comfilation with my very owned band "D' Sclassicz band"...I can also easily copy & imitate his voice...and can sing & sound it as what we hears it originally .Thanks & Godbless u guys!

  14. Dawn Warfield

    thank you! so beautiful.

  15. Jose Jamodiong

    I like this song very much.l miss u Andy

  16. Thereza Dantas

    ♥️How to listen to this song without crying ? Andy, my Baby Gibb, we know you're in heaven, but why so early ??♥️

    evangeline douros

    Im crying so hard every day for Andy i discovered him on the one only concert when the bee gees sang don't throw away our love for andy 😭

  17. Adora Sandee

    I hope everything is andy boy

  18. Cecil Fuentes

    Miss you andy

  19. Thereza Dantas

    Andrew Roy Gibb. Único !!!!! Meu amor eterno. See you in heaven. 💔💔💔

  20. B RI Charloe


  21. Liza Pring

    i love andy gbbs lalu n ung song nya words and music nkka relax ..

  22. Thereza Dantas

    Oh Andy my sweet Angel. Why ? I don't believe. 💖

  23. Thereza Dantas

    ANDY GIBB. GREATEST !!! 🎼🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠

  24. Alisa


  25. Arlene Serrano

    When i've heard this song for the first time,,i can't help myself ,,,but fell inlove....much more to the singer... ILOVEYOUANDY

    charlz reden

    Arlene Serrano hello arlene, I love u for loving this song ummmwah

  26. Alyssa Baligad

    Miz u andy

  27. Mhay Delos Reyes

    I love this song and its very sad song

  28. kat lover

    Is that his brothers singing in the background

  29. Nat Fletcher

    R.I.P. Andy

  30. joshua gabasa

    It really touch your heart very nice song.

  31. Emelita Perez

    april 2019 🌹🌷

  32. jane fonda

    2019 april❤

  33. Germaine Sampere

    Anyone Who Says Andy Wasn’t Talented is a complete Idiot ! Rest In Peace Sweet Angel. At Least You Are In Heaven’s Palace without The People Who Tried to Bring You Down! 💕

  34. Abby Fortuno

    I'll be your singer and your song 11:11

  35. mercy mallari


  36. Shanikka Jasmin Albacete

    my goodness, this song is so sooooo sad

    Orland Casimiro

    yes so good ....can I sing it for you?

    Neita James

    No its beautiful. Sad he left this world sooner than we wanted him to this show how beatifully talented. He was..hes at peace and his beautiful soul is indeed. In a better place.afa love. N.a.jj.

    Romeo Du

    Why..what problem..

  37. Andrea Jelic

    I want to get a tattoo of the first two lines of this song

  38. Lea Miranda

    A man's great love and sacrifices just to make everythings all right❤Great job Andy Gibb

  39. Orland Casimiro

    pure love ....

  40. Mariclar Osorio

    Makes me cry.....I heard this song when I was a child...

  41. Yap Yudelito

    Soothes every nerve..deepest part of heart..echoes forever..words of love heart and soul..thank you for this song..thank u Andy u are real legend of love songs..

  42. cindypollyanna

    Fell in love with Andy the night i heard his 1st hit song, not knowing there was another Gibb brother, already loved his brothers.That night was my wedding reception.

  43. JoAnn Lehning

    Andy singing a beautiful song. Love the Lyrics and Andy's voice.

  44. Brenda Orvis Shay

    Something to think about.

  45. Teresa Rudolph

    Wow, I've never heard this song before. Thanks for sharing this.

  46. Jurila Detablan

    A perfect harmony,

  47. Esmeralda Marquez

    andy of my favorite singer since when i was young.

  48. Ms Puerto

    forever fan of andy gibbs

  49. maryori natori

    w\what a great song singer

  50. Malavika Mahesh

    This Song and Our love Don't throw it all away and many more romantic songs of Andy depicts my unconditional love for Andy. I feel that way.

    Hai Fernandez

    Don't Throw it All Away is lovely❤ Thanks for reminding me of that🦋

  51. Malavika Mahesh

    RIP Angel... ( Remember you Inside this heart our Precious love)

    Lea Adriano

    Bee Gees and Andy Gibb karaoke

    Malavika Mahesh

    Lea Adriano

    Janie Johnson

    My precious Twin Soul 💜

  52. aj aj

    one of my fav...

  53. Jocelyn H


  54. Maria Luisa De Jesus

    love so much this song!

  55. mercy mallari

    Can't find the words to be thankful to somebody up there for bringing you into my life my doux bèbè 😎😍💕💕💕

  56. Lisa Scott

    Love Andy's voice and this beautiful song. Miss him💜💟💞💝

  57. Rhianna Barr-Beaumont

    One he wrote entirely on his own.

  58. Rj Golibat


  59. Steven Russell

    Never heard this before. Really beAutiful.

  60. Eric Medina

    Superb song. This is really a masterpiece. I do think his bothers' background vocals at the end are a bit much, as much as I love and respect the Bee Gees. It just saturated that a bit and it just feels like too much is going on, taking a bit from the simplicity that made this song, but still a great, great song.

  61. mercy mallari

    Thank you so much my DOUX BÈBÈ 😎😍😙😙😙💜❤💝💕 you always brighten up my days even were far apart 😔

  62. mercy mallari

    One of my all time favorite singer nd his songs 😎😍❤💜😘😘😘thank you so much!my doux bèbè 💕😎

    Nina Mendoza

    mercy mallari 🤪😚🤩😊😆🐞👻🤪🤪🤩🦂🐞🤩🐝🙃🙃⛔️❌

  63. Just me

    Please Come back Andy Gibb

  64. Areopagus Network

    I like it very much this song

  65. auxilio olaer

    meaningful song for me

  66. Maria Luisa De Jesus

    so in love w this of my all time favorite!

  67. Zacharenia Dimitriadou

    i loved the moment i heard it; i didn't know he wrote the words, too. Great!!! Such a pity he "went" away so soon

  68. Edith Liggayu Maniago

    I love this beautiful song. One of Andy Gibbs Best Ever.

  69. Arlene Rosado

    Thank you, just shared January 2018♡

  70. เชี่ยวชาญ โพธิ์พุ่ม

    ผมชอบเพลงนี้จังเลย สบายหู

  71. Hayashi Jmegan

    I miss you honey

  72. Den Lazaro

    andy gibb is one of the most talented in his generation

    Preethy Mahesh

    Den Lazaro
    Sure he was and still nobody till is able to sing like him and his awesome, great brothers, the Bee Gees

  73. Pecson Mario

    I love this song..

  74. Mary A

    beautiful! i can't believe this is the first i've heard this song. thanks for uploading


    you're welcome @Mary A

  75. Vine Vine

    i love this song so much, miss you bee gees

  76. Anka 27Ch


  77. Eligio Lagasca

    R.I.P. ...yes, Andy Gibb you are the singer!
    we're in love...
    you are loved.❤

  78. Ruth OH

    Thank you cyberman for sharing this song. It's beautiful and my favorite Andy song. Heard this first when I was a kid not knowing who sang it. Thanks also YT!!!


    yo're welcome Ruth Oh

  79. Miss Ocean

    Loved Andy - he left this world way too early. Thank you for bringing this to YouTube.

  80. noli cayetano

    RIP Andy thank you for this beautiful song .

  81. Grace Hamlig


  82. Alan Diwata

    R.I.P Idol Andy and the Bee Gees. I will not forget their songs in my entire life.

  83. Ma. Luisa Bundoc

    very much love i loved andy gibbs.. rest in peace..andy.thanks for your songs

  84. jiun yan chin

    still loves this song in 2017

  85. Bernadette Permejo

    Andy gibb youre truly passionate artist i can sense the way u write and sing your songs..your song is love❤

    Nicole Lord

    Bernadette Permejo

  86. Manoela Manuca

    Andy Gibb, para sempre.

  87. Daniels Daddy

    I was listening to AG and was thinking about my girl and a few tears fell

  88. Julz

    Voice perfect true beegees style

  89. noli cayetano

    i love this song thank you andy rip

  90. minnie Mencia

    Thank you so much for keeping his music alive!

  91. minnie Mencia

    We still love and miss you Andy...this song he wrote by himself was on Flowing Rivers...he was my teen idol and on my wall.....he has so many fans that still think of him! A great talent...if he only understood how wonderful he love you Andy.

  92. Nikki Berbano

    moms fave

  93. Cristina Gomes

    Andy pra sempre

  94. Homer Robles

    one of my favorite song... love it...

  95. Mayabelle Miciano

    Pls upload more Andy Gibb songs, I love you Andy Gibb.

  96. Maria Teresa De Leon

    Love this song...thanks for uploading :-)


    you're welcome...