Gibb, Andy - (Love Is) Thicker Than Water Lyrics

Love is higher than a mountain
Love is thicker than water
You are this dreamer's only dream
Heaven's angel, devil's daughter

Say, my mind, should I go with her on silent nights
She'll drive me crazy in the end
And I should leave this paradise
But I can't leave her
While I need her more than she needs you
That's what I'm living for

Love is higher than a mountain
Love is thicker than water
You are this dreamer's only dream
Heaven's angel, devil's daughter

Say, my thought, should I find out she don't care at all
She'll leave me crying in the end
Wandering through the afterglow
But I can't leave her
While I need her more than she needs you
That's what I'm praying for

Love is higher than a mountain
Love is thicker than water
You are this dreamer's only dream
Heaven's angel, devil's daughter

Love is higher than a mountain
Love is thicker than water
You are this dreamer's only dream
Heaven's angel, devil's daughter

La, la, la
La, la, la, la, la...

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Gibb, Andy (Love Is) Thicker Than Water Comments
  1. Magaly I. Vasquez P

    Queee hombre mas bello era mi amor platonico ANDY GEBB ,TREMENDA Y LINDA CANCION,llore tu muerte tan triste y temprana por siempre ANDY GEBB

  2. Connie Sue Abel

    I just love the song "Love Is Thicker Than Water" By Andy Gibb 💓 💕💋

  3. DADAMON 99

    Esta canción es perfecta de principio a fin 💀

  4. DADAMON 99

    Esta canción es perfecta de principio a fin 💀

  5. DADAMON 99

    Nunca dejaré de amar esta canción

  6. Stephan Le

    Gone too soon!! Amazing and beautiful artist!! ❤️❤️

  7. Favio Canabaro

    Nice song !!!!!! I miss andy

  8. TodayOnline

    Thanks Andy for this song & great memories it brings, so much bliss <3

  9. Libra 96

    Thank you Andy 💘🌌 because of you, my dad showed me a new timeless favorite.


  10. M P


  11. Metal l.a.

    Andy was a sensitive cat. Why do all of us do what we do.? Gotta be the oldest question in history ..
    Is it GENETICS and LUCK. Yeah. From our birth til we close our eyes.

  12. The Praesto

    During the 70s Andy Gibb and Shaun Cassidy were my main crushes! 💕 ❤️ 💕 💗 😘 💋 😽

  13. Rachel Hunth


  14. rockjen20

    Dang! I grew up listening to songs like this one. I haven't heard it in at least 10 years. Awesome lyrics. Rip Andy.

  15. Jonathan Orozco

    This song touch My heart and soul
    I am from Costa Rica

  16. Susan P

    Great song!

  17. Roger B

    Man, I miss those days. Life was always an adventure. Now the world is in so much trouble. I long for the beauty of life back then.

    John David Miller

    Me too!!!

  18. Laura Susana Cruz Vazquez

    I love you vAndy

  19. iLDiavollo Diavoliquè

    I beleive I was about 10 when I listened to this song on the radio. It sounds like it was yesterday. Makes me remember good family times, times that will never come back. Thanks God for all those wonderful years . And thanks youtube for these memories.

  20. Critter

    LOVE Andy's best! Thanks for posting! Rest in peace, Andy!

  21. Dave R Hunt

    How many times I've heard this song since I was a teenager! Still sounds so fresh in my mind

  22. Hank Bridges

    Barry, Robin, Maurice, and Andy Gibb! 😇

  23. aldo montañez verano

    Que rica music

  24. instructme

    Thinkyouknowmusic on Twitter brought me here.

  25. levi ridge

    just realized hes a women, wow.

    Sharon Allison

    NO.....HE IS NOT A WOMAN......HE WAS A GENTLEMAN........

  26. Susan P

    Looks like a girl; but fantastic song!

  27. Goo Goo

    R oflmao

  28. Lili


  29. frank connelly

    there was someone that i longed to hold,and when i was thinking of her,this song came on

  30. Lili Asch

    so gorgious

  31. Richard Null

    This family was so talented and it’s a shame he died so young. Rip Andy!


    I love disco music i miss the 70's

  33. Comanche ny inwood. Manhattan

    Pot dealer 70 80 inwood hill park manhattan

  34. patricio tamayo

    When you die for somebody, who don,t love you , beautiful song, I used to hear it on the radio, here in mexico, my country this song never get old, today 2019 and still is very beautiful, I like the part la la laray laray la la laray laray, sound very nice, my language is the spanish, excuseme if I don,t write fine

  35. kaito tatsuya

    Love is thicker than water.....semen ?

  36. Adriana S.

    You Are this dreamer`s only dream!

  37. Nextfactor Ph

    I love you Andy.

  38. Kari Atkinson

    He’s so sweet and handsome

  39. Kari Atkinson

    Sweet andy

  40. Joann Johnson

    Andy Gibb was my crush he was very talented all of Bee Gees were.

  41. Thereza Dantas

    No one loves Andy more than I do. I miss you so much, my baby Gibb. ♥️♥️♥️🇧🇷

  42. Zev Feldman

    andys hit

  43. Mike Korn

    Powerful song & singer & voice...nothing like this today anymore...a by-gone era

  44. Kari Atkinson

    Jimmy Osmond Andy Gibb should sing together ?

  45. Kari Atkinson

    Jimmy had Andy Gibb blonde hair ?

  46. Kari Atkinson

    Donny Andy gibb sings together ?

  47. Luci nln

    R.I.P. beautiful Andy (1958 - 1988)

  48. Jeanne Marie

    I had such a crush on him in 77...i was 13..sweet memories

  49. nisa

    1st crush favorite song miss my posters & lunch box & records & you

  50. John John

    I didn't know that they had rope lights back then.
    Can't stop listening to this song. Brings back so many great memories from that time.

  51. joao antonio

    Muito bem pra minha alma, faz a imaginação ter vida

  52. Jacks Bouler


  53. palomo plomo

    RIP for Andy Gibb and wonderfull thios song like if you are listening at

  54. Chelsa Bailey

    As I write this, it is March 5th, Andy Gibb's birthday. Had he lived, he'd be turning 61 today. I thought that he was a great talent. While Barry was my favorite Bee Gee, Andy was my favorite singer from that talented family. Andy always came across as a nice and approachable person. I can't help but wonder what he'd be doing today if he were still with us. Sadly, I'll never know! Happy Birthday, Andy! You were 1 of the best!!!!

  55. madkittyjoey70

    This song is a tear-jerker

  56. HrglassHealer

    So talented/tortured...simply innocent music...sorely missed RIP AG.......🕊🎼🎤

  57. Dave Wollenberg

    Actually, Joe Walsh played the guitar solo.

  58. standrew

    I was eight years old, had just gotten my my first dog and was going to ballet class every week when this song was popular.

  59. Robin

    Still have Andy's album on vinyl.

  60. Albert Martinez

    Joe Walsh on slide guitar.

  61. Judy Goldthorpe

    what do i have to live for nancy acepcion? i live to kill war machine acdc.

  62. Judy Goldthorpe

    had makeup on blak n blue starved fist fighting broken bones by the way

  63. Roberto Seaturd L

    A1, what great music in those times!! Sad to say I didn't like it at that time?? But,,, always heard it, now, it is so clear how talented Andy was, so bold and pleasant are his songs~ RIP Andy and thank you for the music you left us with.

  64. Jerry Huffar

    Such a great talent at a young age. Saw him live in 1978 at the Wisconsin State fair in Milwaukee. I was only 10 and remember bits and pieces of it. It's a shame drugs took over his career and it fizzled pretty quickly after the first 2 albums went platinum.

  65. Carmencita Espada

    Look like Paul McCarthy

  66. Carmencita Espada

    Mini Paul McCarthy

  67. Jackie Mason

    Miss you,andy,greatest

  68. Terri Hinton


  69. susan lee

    My crush for Andy 1980's!

  70. Shelley E

    Beautiful song with a tricky time signature!

  71. Shannon

    I sure do miss the late 1970's!

  72. JulesJewel

    Andy, you're with the angels....

  73. Lidia Juarez

    Este chico guapo, bonita voz, letra y música me hacen suspirar cada vez que la escucho.

  74. Ricardo Jorge Silva

    Cantava muito , excelente cantor as músicas são maravilhosas


    I love this song, is amazing!



    Roberto Seaturd L

    Really,,,,, Satan always makes great songs!!
    That don't end...

  77. John Snyder

    He was really talented!

  78. Nancy Almendra Marcelo Guevara

    In love 💘 Andy Gibb te extraño más que nunca y mi generación te admira mucho que sublime y tierno al cantar eso es amor dios🙊🙉🙈

  79. jazmin7034

    amor andy

  80. firstbornjordan

    I recalled this beautiful song this morning, not having remembered hearing it since 1979. How is it that a song lies dormant for 38 years? It's refreshing to know that our hearts yearn for authenticity; where are these songs today?

  81. Benito Luengo

    Para mi inmortal grande andy

  82. Ral Ba

    Like the way he fakes the guitar playing with gusto!

    Hank Bridges

    I think there's somebody playing background guitar also.

  83. timothy myers

    They're still playing Andy's songs on classic hits stations.......WLS FM Chicago, Earth FM Greenville SC just to mention a couple.

  84. Mario Kleif

    Andy Gibb è grande come i suoi fratelli Gibb. Canta benissimo! Peccato che sia morto così presto.

  85. Anibal Ortiz Morales

    excellent song

  86. tim ovel

    Love is, higher than a coke pile
    Love is, higher than a coke blizzard.

  87. 飯Saturnian24

    So bootyful

  88. Goo Goo

    Los Angeles

  89. Mario Martinez

    One of the most beautiful songs from the 70s !!

  90. Austin Klein

    I had the biggest cruch on him

  91. Erickson Laguna

    Canciones de oro

  92. Natacha D Diaz F

    Feliz cumpleaños!!!! amor eterno, te mando muchos besos para el cielo, hoy celebramos tu vida que aunque fue muy corta en esta tierra, será infinita en la eternidad

  93. M Turner

    Had the biggest crush on him ! So sad he’s gone .. this is REAL music !

  94. mark Hernandez gregoriano

    😍😍😍😎 liikeee 2014

  95. Advocacia Rampazzo

    The best music of the best Gibb Brothers!

  96. sandinyourshoes

    I need to order a copy of Andy's greatest hits.

  97. Laura Hause-Funner

    Andy Gibb <3