Giardina, Tiffany - Life Is A Fairytale Lyrics

A simple form, the perfect line,
It's coming together in your mind.
A satin bow, electric blue,
Isn't it something?
Just like a dream come true!
A ruffle there, magenta here,
Feels like magic in cashmere!
Pop it with a pair of neon heels!
That's how fearless feels!

Change the colors, change the lines,
Life's whatever you design.
Oh oh, oh oh oh,
Oh oh, oh oh oh.
Choose the fabric, own your style,
Make it sweet or make it wild!
Oh oh, oh oh oh,
Oh oh, oh oh oh,
Life, life is a,
Life, life is a,
Life, life is a fairytale.

A bubble skirt, a sequin top,
A feather belt, try it.
Well, why not?
A different look, you're free to choose.
Isn't it something? Loving the crazy shoes!
Your hair is up (your hair is up),
You've got it down (down, down),
You're revving up, ready to fly now (fly now).
Shining from your head down to your heels,
That's how fearless feels.

Change the colors, change the lines,
Life's whatever you design.
Oh oh, oh oh oh (woah oh),
Oh oh, oh oh oh (woah oh).
Choose the fabric, own your style,
Make it sweet or make it wild!
Oh oh, oh oh oh (woah oh),
Oh oh, oh oh oh (oh oh).
Life, life is a,
Life, life is a,
Life, life is a fairytale.

This is just the beginning of
Something better than I imagined,
And I see happily ever after
In every day!

Change the colors, change the lines,
Life's whatever you design.
Oh oh, oh oh oh (woah oh),
Oh oh, oh oh oh (woah oh).
Choose the fabric, own your style,
Make it sweet or make it wild!
Oh oh, oh oh oh (woah oh),
Oh oh, oh oh oh (oh oh).
Life, life is a,
Life, life is a,
Life, life is a fairytale (life is a fairytale).
Life, life is a,
Life, life is a,
Life, life is a fairytale (life is a fairytale).
(Woah oh, oh oh) Life, life is a,
(Woah oh, oh oh) Life, life is a,
(You know) Life, life is a fairytale.

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Giardina, Tiffany Life Is A Fairytale Comments
  1. John Carlo Jordan

    Seriously Barbie is the Reasom why i want to be a "Fashion Drsigner" 👗👠💎👑


    That's amazing! Stay strong and be super!

  2. Bhaswati Saikia

    *The Evergreen Barbie song*

  3. ChattyCat

    I’ve always wanted to watch this move omg!

  4. ass puffs

    I watched this when i was 4.... BRINGS BACK GOOD MEMORIES I LOVE DIS

  5. The white gamer

    i love this song. they put a lot of effot into this

  6. Kyla Gaming126

    Wow it been a long time that I love this Song a lot I was like 7 years old and now that am 14 I still love it 👏👏👏

  7. El Camarón Uma


  8. Evelyn

    This song reminds me of my childhood💕

  9. Adidasjack

    I love it ❤️❤️❤️

  10. keuriseutineu nikkol


  11. Aysha Hamna

    omg i miss childhood days. i used to be very excited when a new barbie movie releases. i hope they would release more movies like before....... ^_^

  12. felipe leite

    Gostei muito💜😻🎶

  13. Charmaine Lumelay

    I am 12 years old now! But watching this just like i want to become a kid again..i love this song so much

  14. Jagath Jayakody

    nice song

  15. kelebek kızlar

    Yaa çok güzel

  16. Melina Greece

    I know this song and movie in Greek

  17. Jallene snapple

    me and im 15 year old and i still love the movie and the song XD

  18. may queen

    This song is very2 beautiful

  19. Marta Cunha

    Sou a rainha da dança

  20. Frederik Strauss

    I love the song

  21. Lucy Heartfila

    My childhood

  22. mun yih wong

    Love this song and this movie!!!!

  23. Rumi Barman

    this is my favourite favorite song and I like this song so much

  24. princess Y

    My childhood! I will always watch this when I come home from kindergarten. and It’s my turn to pick a movie it was always this movie my mom, dad and my siblings is always mad when I choose this like every time😂 this will never be old.

  25. A S H

    After 8 years I still so in love with song

  26. Esoo Ahmed

    I like it

  27. Tilda Kumudini

    I love it

  28. Shashi Prabha

    I love this song and it enspires me to a fashion designer

  29. Malk Ramadan

    اعشق هذه الاغنيه

  30. Everything Channel

    I have the barbie Doll in this movie and I like it

  31. Arriza Hassan

    This is my favourite Barbie movie

  32. yume chan

    Is it really ur voice or u dubbed it

  33. black pink and bts R

    ilove it😍😍😍😍

  34. Geetabelle Rodrigues

    Still my favourite song 💞

  35. Unicorn Sparkles

    This is my life

  36. Evans Castro

    *one of the best movie of barbie, I want this contents*


    I can't believe that this movie came out 8 YEARS AGO!!! It seems like yesterday I was at Toy Kingdom(Toy store here in the Philippines)Looking at the Fashion Fairytale Barbie and my Grandma bought it for my 9th birthday.

  38. Lora16 and her LR and MEH super videos

    Love this song and beautyful movie soooooo much !!!!!😍😍😘💕❤💖

  39. rhiannaaa

    ....just realised how many Barbie movies I watched I’ve listened to all the songs for the first time since I was 6..and yes I remember the lyrics.. 😂❤️❤️

  40. Fatima Luz

    Alguém aqui fala português

  41. Anime vampire Doll

    I remember this when I was younger

  42. Sana Fazarally

    Watching in 2018 and am turning 19...
    Ahh childhood...I grew too fast

  43. Jess Deni

    I'm 14 now and I still love this song since this move came out... Omg miss it to be little😧

  44. ADM BCA

    Meu publico vê meus vídeo que eu fiz com minha amiga keyla e se VC gostou não se esqueça de aperta gostei e deixe seus comentarios

  45. Hannity doyou

    Lol I was 4 when this came out lol no I am 10

  46. Ashwini Fulzele

    I most like this song.& love also 😘💖💞💝

  47. Raeigne Vindric

    I'm a kid when I watch this and it is inspired me to become or I will want to become a designer just the will!😩😀😊😅😆

  48. Huy Le

    Because of this movie I look like barbie now yeeeaahhh yay

  49. Elizabeth A. Jolie

    THE MEMORIES when I was in 3rd grade and we were in the computer lab and I was listening to this with the headphones and I was yelling/singing and I got in trouble

  50. F O O D I S L A Y P

    My childhood😍😍😍😌😭😭

  51. Kaia S


  52. Neon bat

    i want to be like barbie. And i love this song very very much, Wonderful song.

  53. Munique Mu

    Did you make Barbies voice?

  54. Ayse Hasan

    I miss my childhood 😣

  55. Mary Papadopoulou

    so lovely song

  56. strawberry bob

    dont sleep on this song, this is a true bop

  57. Erika Agueenko

    piirä uusi polku on elämä taikuutta ja jotakin every day on elämä taikuutta.

  58. Fa Mulan

    Keira is a great singer.

  59. phineasferb445

    The song is great, but she's just silly acting like a 5 year-old....

  60. Tori Does Everything

    Me and my Mom are having a Barbie movie marathon XD

  61. Barbie pink Life

    ❤❤❤❤ amei amo esse filme Barbie moda e magia ❤

  62. Armeen Sultan

    Forever my favorite Barbie song

  63. CattSmiles

    My fav barbie song


    My childhood

  64. Amia Ma

    I'm gonna need to buy all these movies again

  65. Thelma Margret


  66. KPOP 4EVER

    super video

  67. Ida Wik

    I Love vozoe make so strong

  68. Candice Westbrook

    Ah,dude! I remember watching this movie when it first came out (my older sister has every Barbie movie that's ever come out) when I was a wide-eyed little ten-year-old girl. When this song came on,I got so excited,and when it was over,I made my sister rewind so we could sing it at the top of our lungs together until my mom yelled at us to be quiet.

    This just makes me really nostalgic. :')

  69. It's _N.19_

    Best barbie song ever!

  70. Fastreviewdolls - review dolls

    ed io ho scoperto solo ora la canzone completa :-)

  71. Kayla Maryam


  72. barun khangembam

    Tiffany r u a friend of Rachel bearer

  73. Narosan Aziz

    keira is that u?

  74. Luan Macêdo

    Amo essa música uma pena que o Clipe Flopou

  75. Phoenix Princess

    this is what made me want to be a fashion designer so glad it did :)

  76. Evelyn Tette

    i cant believe how old this is and it still good.

  77. Sofia Uzumaki

    the singer plays keria

  78. Muhammad Zubair

    i wish I have a closet like that

  79. Diana Ramirez

    what happened to her she doesn't sing anymore does anyone know

  80. Pin Pin


  81. Amberger

    this is one of the first songs i bought for my ipod nano 😂❤ i still love it!

  82. Aventure 99

    I watched this movie when I was 5 years old CHIDHOOD .

  83. Aventure 99

    who are watching this in 2017.

  84. SkylarJork VEVO

    Barbie full my soul and inspire me to believe in myself, thanks to Barbie, I know I can be anything I wanna be, because Anything Is possible!

    Sarah Konate

    SkylarJork VEVO yass go girl this inspired me so much and everytime I listen to barbie songs I feel like a princess that can conquer the world lol I'm begin honest barbie is life

  85. catherine and wade

    i need to sing this for my gymnastics group

  86. sadquarius


  87. زهرة الأنوار

    I LOVE this mouvi

  88. Clueless Jones

    I remember this before 6 Years When i was 7 now i am 14 😦😍😭


    Famous CHANEL Same😍😭

    Princess Sin

    Famous CHANNEL same

    Johanna K

    Famous CHANNEL same 😭💖

  89. Helena Pattison

    Dear Barbie... I used to always watch your movies and all the careers you've pursued just amaze me and inspire me. Thank you

  90. Imma Mess

    I'm 17 and I'm so in love with this song. it makes me feel like a kid again

    Keikun Official

    Jada Howard Same here- this is my favorite Barbie movie of all time 🙄

    Imma Mess

    My favorite is rapunzel or however you spell it

  91. L Lynn

    You know I won't be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll

  92. Aisha wasti

    I am a Muslim and I can't wear skirts😣

  93. nostalgitoons

    My childhood 💗💗 Im 14 and I remember that one friend of mine had the doll that her dress light up just like in 2:20

  94. Naqiya Africa

    I love this song


    I have the barbie doll in this movie but my dog ate her arms

  96. Egyp Godlike

    I'm a boy

  97. Hady Hatterson

    cool song

  98. Keyuri Gurayah

    I just love this song. Life is a Fairytale

  99. 韓商言

    Who are still listening 2016?

    catherine and wade

    Amphon Roikaew 2017

    LELIE 203

    maddison games and more me too

    Kathleen Walsh


    Neon bat

    i am listening


    2018 ANYONE?