gianni & kyle - fuckboi Lyrics

Woah now
Slow down
You thinking that you know now
Don't know now
We'll keep it on low now
Like woah now
I think he needs to go now

Sheesh, Yeah
Anything that you ever need
Imma do it for you
If you ever need a place to stay
I'll get a roof for you
Baby one day if get the money
I can go and buy a Coupe for you
Better yet I'll get two for you
Matter fact I'll get 3, 4, 5, 6, for you
Coming through with the 10 for you
Getting some things off my mind
What is you blind?
Dude that you're with is just wasting your time
You're something special the type that deserves to be taken out
Not stay home with a guy that don't try
I'll get you steak, shrimp, and lobster
He'll get your wings, a medium drink with some fries
Being a 10 won't you rather be spending
Your love and affection on more than a 5
Talkin' like oh no, oh no
He's so, so, so
If you keep acting up
Imma just sit back and let her take a L
Girl if you confused I'm a let him break it down
Girl don't you know that with me it's the truest
It ain't that hard to say: ''Fuck it let's do this''
Being with him yeah that's useless
Yeah, yeah

Woah now
Slow down
You thinking that you know now
Don't know now
We'll keep it on low now
Like woah now
I think he needs to go now
What you doing out here with a fuckboi?
What you doing out here with a fuckboi?
What you doing out here with a fuckboi?

Yeah, Imma keep it real
Imma be yo day one and
I'm staying on it
When you call my name
I'm a always comin' running
Keep you on your toes cause
I'm always up to something
If we were together
I'm say we won't break up
In the dress sweet sweats with no make up
Imma be there baby for you all night
Imma go and get this money for you wake up
Imma go get this money for you stay up oh
I know that you deserve it
Take ya to five star meal and I'll pay
I do that shit on purpose
Imma always try do better
But my girl, yeah dog, she's perfect
Any and everything she do is worth it
I ain't no liar
No, I ain't no liar

Woah now
Slow down
You thinking that you know now
Don't know now
We'll keep it on low now
Like woah now
I think he needs to go now
What you doing out here with a fuckboi?
What you doing out here with a fuckboi?
What you doing out here with a fuckboi?

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gianni & kyle fuckboi Comments
  1. Dark Espinoza

    I disliked it but it's my theme song

  2. Ellie H

    im tryna understand whether the greenscreen in the car was uses ironically or not someone help ;-;

  3. skylla tuato

    I’m here from edits

  4. Blake Steenrod


  5. freddy Krueger

    What is a fuckboi anyway??

  6. Нурбол БЕКТУРГАН

    What u doing out here with a f*ckboi

  7. Rai Gaming

    Fuck my Subscribe button. . Plz makes her pregnant . . .

  8. Rollo Pollo

    Lmao the song is great but the video

  9. Jashn Singh

    Reus + Lewandowski friendship video brought me here .

  10. Lowly

    This guy reminds me of Clay Jensen's dad.

  11. Plantboy07

    lol all these comments about poor budget but it looks like it was on purpose. That 90s vibes is an awesome throwback! Also, Kyle is giving off that Silent Bob vibe with that backwards cap; wished Gianni wore a beanie and could've been Jay.

  12. Sukbwmng Kono

    Indonesia like:v
    Lagi nyasar

  13. Ashlee Rose

    Which one is which 😂

  14. Ahhh Yes that's hot

    Dead ass yall underrated

  15. Mimi Mumford

    This song fire

  16. Vlonebuddy

    Fuck what all these haters saying this song slaps 💀💫🔥

  17. Julian

    Put in 75x speed, thank me later...

  18. — dafne ;

    i love how the title is 'fuckboi' and in the video is 'f*ckboi'
    cant understand.

  19. azaiah.

    i’m here from a edit 😗

  20. blue sky

    im fast as fuck boiiiiiiiiii

  21. alaaxte _

    white boys aren't so bad after all.😻

  22. fernando rojo

    How did this song not blow up 🤦🏻‍♂️ its fireee

  23. Stenio Carlos

    Lewandowski and reus💥

  24. Cristiano Aveiro Ronaldo

    My Friends lost my Ferrari Car.

    Me: Fuckboi !!!!

  25. Vlog_Mahfuz

    Btw who is fuckboi here?

  26. Rúnar Halldór Eiðarson

    Not even on beat half the time....
    Old school hip hop or nothing.

  27. Salesita YT

    1:40 a lo que vinieron

  28. Wantonn

    Thought y'all were black LMAOO 💀💀

  29. Hehehdjdhj Jdjjdjd

    It’s been a while and I got my old phone and I saw this song on my playlist that’s crazy

  30. æsthetic uchiha

    they look like middle aged men who have 3 kids

  31. Bill Bryant

    I just came across this song. The video is fire, the meaning behind the song is good, and the song overall to me is fire. Great job.

  32. karla R.rinnay

    Anyone here in 2019?

  33. Adam Bell

    This is 🔥

  34. Jay Cookie

    I saw a lit ass edit with this song so I came on YouTube and this what i get :/ I like that song it’s just the video .-.

  35. Rheza Haryo Hanggara

    i'm a fakboi

  36. SamQuinn 707

    Okay so uhm my ex is called Gianni and my boyfriend now after him is named Kyle.... oh god

  37. Sypan

    Why is my name in title again

  38. Mvnuel Jesus


  39. xoHorror Girlxo

    love this song

  40. Fate Lazo

    People be saying they tryna look cool or dad that tries to be cool? I mean dads can be cool and they're cool than other whack rappers like XXXTENTACION or Travis Scott etc

  41. ツval

    Whitest thing I've seen/listened to all week

  42. Putra Ramadhan


  43. Martin Mercado

    Coscu yo te invoco para que reacciones a este temon


    Jajaj q active el rancio de una

  44. MR Devestate

    These motherfuckers hating can go some asian dicks. Motherfuckers you aint even 00000.0000001/2 if what they are

  45. 이크람

    Who is here because of Reus and Lewandowski?

    put republik_


  46. Septania

    2019? 💖💖

  47. Chris Di

    This song is literally a fuckboy song

  48. ImZurix

    The video clip I'm just surprised that it is that bad sorry
    , But about your voice man, it's one of the best I've ever listen to,
    and the song itself words are so great
    EDIT: btw I know that this comment will never be read but i just really wanted to share my opinion about your song again i luv your voice dude

  49. fyi cohen

    this was posted on my birthday.. i just realised that, and this is my fav song.

  50. FleshWorm

    Fucking epic song

  51. Ashton Garn

    Ah, the Nintendo 64 nostalgia is so good!

  52. Citronnade rose

    I’m probably the only one here from a bts edit

  53. Jacob Hernandez

    *N o i c e.*

  54. x Nameless


  55. Luis Haro

    Making it happen 👍👍👍

  56. Luxfier snow

    Did he just say nigga

  57. dragular

    lol i thought dude was black before i saw the vid

  58. Kanye West

    Anyone 2019?

  59. Ibrahim Ehmedov


  60. Nthegrape Neanderthal

    Go with lyrical lemonade this music video is very low quality

  61. Callme Jina

    2019 🤙!!

  62. Maya Valencia

    Damn they’re both so fucking hot I can’t wait for the music with hoodie

  63. Jma J

    Who is here after the Hoodie Allen Pre Show in Europe?

  64. Federico Q.

    Reus y Lewandowski song? xd

  65. leelee m.

    came from dolan twins edits

  66. First Name

    Legend has it... to this day that Nintendo 64 still doesnt work...

  67. No Thing

    Where are her pants?

  68. Way2cool4u FTW

    get that “one hit wonder” shit outta here


    Love this song rn

  70. Mr. WasGehtSieDasAn

    What you doing out here with a fuckboi?

  71. Amelia

    Am i the only one who came here because of the instagram edits?

  72. toogaytofunction 95

    oh no...

  73. vincemortuus


  74. Danny

    Shit remind me of 11th grade good times

  75. Niaomiツ

    okay jeeze get out my recommendations anyways this went hard

  76. TSM_Mith 2.9

    They look so different then I expected

  77. Sebastian Angrisano

    1:31 💥💥💥

    Mauricio Olivares manquean

    that's my favorite part🔥

  78. Pavan Krishna

    Good song, bad video.

  79. mαttч murdєr

    Y'all freaking out about the video being bad or good while I'm over here tryna figure out the girls name

  80. Gateno

    Lewa and Reus.❤️

  81. GTKTW Aris25

    το βρικα ψαχνωντας για τον weird whisper αν είναι κανείς από weird whisper ριχτε ένα λικε

  82. Only the best

    Imma duck boi

  83. Kamiha Helberg

    I love this show song still iv listened to it sense it came out and I still love it never gets old💓

  84. Jovic


  85. Ezra Angulo

    One like equals hope for gianni & kyle to be famous! In the driving part I can tell u used green screen there are black particals in the back of the car.

  86. Jack Malone

    Who needs ten coupes

  87. Kenza bouayad

    I don’t care what y’all think this shit got me moonwalking in my bedroom

  88. gยt๏ gค๓єг ッ

    3 years

  89. Thom

    q bosta

  90. GamerSe7en

    Gianni and Kyle you guy's are soo underrated... let the flame grow and grow till the world is on FIRE!

  91. Loser Litzy

    Lol that green screen tho

  92. Julia Johnson

    i love this song so much <3

  93. gianni & kyle

    Appreciate y'all posting the video! Hope you enjoy, much love 🙏


    2 years later this song is still on my playlist and i love the new song's u made too.


    gianni & kyle I hope you realise this is still my favourite song ever 🙃

    Alexander Cervantes



    Loved it


    gianni & kyle aye make more lit music, hiphop and hip hop r&b. 🖤😍🙏🏻