Ghostface Killah - The King Heard Voices Lyrics

Yeah, this one sound crispy

[Ghostface Killah:]
Ayy yo, my glass rhymes bulletproof, my bullets got glass tips
My guns are so big that they dislocate hips
Slipped disc leave 'em mangled like gorillas in the mist
And your rib cage get caved like you was punched with an iron fist
Twisted, mind state's evil genius
And my wordplay sauté right up with the meanest slang
I drop lingo, bingo, I hit bullseye
Got your check wetter than the hands of the pool guy
Who am I? I'm Mister GFK
First to set it off, last to run away
I don't play, I'm a menace, fear like the dentist
Real street nigga, you hear it in every sentence
Whether Ghost or Dennis, I'm a legend in the hood
The Wallabee Champs still up to no good
Lay wood, sip an ice cold bottle of Guinness
And have your bitch suck me off 'til the beer is finished

[Kendra Morris:]
Far inside my drifting head
The stories that I ever read
They take me there
(This sound like I'm in a horror fuckin' church or somethin' right now)
Far inside my drifting head
The stories that I ever read
They take me there (Uh-huh)

Greatness is nothin', I'm like the next Nike ad
Define me bad, I bring all hell like wifey mad
My soul sonic force, I make the planet rock
Loud pack rap, hear it from 'bout half a block
End up the scatter shop, murder is the case still
You get your face booked for a couple face bills
The love is fake but the hate's real
And where were they before the deal?
I'm sayin', fuck how they feel
Lean on 'em, it's just routine on 'em
Call 'em supreme, my team ballin', the cream callin'
Ain't no mistakin' 'em, maybe prayin', I'm stakin' 'em
Racin' to stay on pace with 'em, paper chasin', I'm raking in
Blake Griffin how I slam, straight spittin' that piff
The bass kick, straight lift 'em out the stands
Made man hunger more, it's like a stomach raw
My lines shine on the mic like chrome twenty-fours

[Kendra Morris:]
Far inside my drifting head
The stories that I ever read
They take me there
(This some horror shit, wild shit, yeah)
Far inside my drifting head
The stories that I ever read
They take me there

Don't get dunked over beef like some marinade
Life's a masquerade, I put on a mask and raid
I smack a rapper like I'm slappin' on some aftershave
There's a wide line between bein' brave and actin' brave
Used to be up on the train bangin' Jack of Spades
Now these groupies want the D like a passing grade
Don't get it twisted like my daughter Allie's braids
Keep on talkin', that shit'll get your casket laid
You ain't a dealer, you fakin'
You flippin' bricks, you a mason
But peep it, you don't keep it a secret when hands shakin'
Your army march slow 'cause the CZAR flows bizarro
Like Superman's arch foe, it's actually Lex
Well I'm actually grabbin' and slappin' the back of your neck
For comin' out your face, I make 'em apes while you run in place
Another victim bar like I got 'em lots of prison
But the stuff I'm kickin' ain't corrupted like the justice system
Black riddle feelin' trapped in America
'Cause the cops should've been Captain America
With that iron, man, they put you in the dirt or frying pan
With no body cam, another body, damn

Another senseless act of violence triggered by the easily triggered long arm of the law
In other news, Kim Kardashian's thieves have disappeared in Tiger's woods. Now, let's get back to the real shit

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Ghostface Killah The King Heard Voices Comments
  1. meowcats210

    Esoteric, Jesus Christ. Ya mans snapped

  2. Karim Kichah

    7L definitly needs much more credits for this work shiiiiit

  3. Terrence Walker

    The beat is a throw back but all that choirs shit ass

  4. carveslipknot56 powerman

    oh snap

    Herman D3

    Hot molten lava!!!!!!

  5. Brandon Bergh

    this is so underrated it hurts

    Rhamses Acosta

    big time underrated

    Marvin Washington

    Underrated asf!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Emmanuel Wynne

    Trop bon!

  7. babycujo

    Mr. GFK🔥🔥🔥

  8. Mr1sammyd21

    What an audio ride

  9. Thomas Fredrick

    Super dope king heard voices. Ill
    Whole album rocks Rebel INS / Clark Kent

  10. Jason Speckenbach

    Gfk dont hurt um

  11. Darronn Lipscomb

    This beat is off the charts with a crazy word play Facts 💯💯💯

  12. Mr old skool

    That scratching is like music to my ears ❤️