Ghostface Killah - Stick Up Kids Lyrics

[Intro: Sheek Louch]
Red Spyda, bring that in, son
Uh, Wu-Block

[Sheek Louch]
Yeah, keep talkin' bout that money, I'mma ("Stick 'em!") hahaha ("Stick 'em!")
Send a bitch home with him, let her tell us where to get him
Got the hollows in that ruger, I'm looking at your chain
Cuz the diamonds look clearer then that water in Aruba
You ain't even gotta jack 'em, you barely need a gun
You can walk up and smack 'em, they so soft
Then you got the rats, that fat should be up north
Donnie on his bullshit, mask and a full clip
Hopping out that whip, I'mma ("Stick 'em!") hahaha ("Stick 'em!")
Lay 'em down on the floor, my man at the door
My other homey downstairs, hand on the four
I ain't even gotta kill 'em, I'm just coming for that raw, I'mma

[Chorus: Ghostface Killah {Jadakiss}]
Brrr, stick 'em! Hahaha, stick 'em!
Yo, my daughter said stick 'em (stick 'em) momma said stick 'em (stick 'em)
My son said 'Daddy, if he move, I'mma lick him' {Wu-Block!}
My grandmother go to church to pray on my victims
She said brr, stick 'em, hahaha, stick 'em

[Ghostface Killah]
Y'all know me, I'm a slim nigga, from a large family
The burner get passed around the crew like a Grammy
My little man with autism, he looked at me
And looked at duke and said ("Stick 'em!") Why ya'll lookin' at me? ("Stick 'em!")
I help you remove the body but where we gon' ship 'em
Fuck it, I just drawed on him, he duck, cupped his jewels
And said 'shoot me, I'm not giving it up'
Aww shit, it's gon' be a long day
Hope maintenance got enough mops for this hallway
The chrome still smelling like Ajax
Rip the jew-els off his neck, like 'chill, pa, relax'
Understanding came through, C-Allah ripped him
The doc had to staple his face, a straight victim
This how we do it on Staten, we hardly get caught
With our hoodies off, let alone a ratchet


Get my hands on the hawk I'mma ("Stick 'em!") AIDS needle I'mma ("Stick 'em!")
Got the red nose off the leash and I can't wait to sick 'em
Usually make 'em take it off, slow when I'm strip 'em
Probably better to kill 'em, cuz he can't take the whipping
Consider it charity, VVS clarity
The ARA, is the Arm Robber Academy
Just put it in a bag, I don't care, whatever, holmes
The big shit, all the way down to the heroine bones
Credit cards, debit cards, everybody, get it, God
Wedding bands, birthstones, camouflage, Earth tones
Yeah, my cloth is cut different
It don't cost nothing to just listen, but if not, I'mma


"Stick 'em!" - [x4]

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Ghostface Killah Stick Up Kids Comments
  1. Nikola Sehinov

    can you make lyric video for Kendrick Lamar - Money Trees (Feat. Jay Rock)

  2. Eddie Pingelton

    I fucking love this song