Ghostface Killah - Powers And Stuff Lyrics

Your best shit ain't better than his worst verse, and
CZARFACE a triple threat, he rhyme in first person
And he's a cannibal, about to eat his third person
You as genuine as "Pony," the karaoke version
Now you're 'lone, don't give a fuck if we connect
I'll bet you with a dying phone, I dust brothers like early Beck
I'm comfy on my iron throne
Word on the street that the god you pray to
And kneel to's an Esoteric clone, but I feel you
If he tax human, education against lies
Do it in here, you shot the K, harass you
The more Supreme made his Mona Lisas
CZARFACE loyal, stick to my guns like Batista
PTSD 'cause my son writes my features
I'm kidding, settle down, but up the bidding
I'm wig splitting, I'll chop your head quicker than troop does
You're washed up like bedtime kids, you're useless
Electric toothbrush, the level your buzz be
I do it on my own, you need a clique like Buzzfeed (CZAR)

Be up in the house like domestics
I wreck shit, then shit on shit that's your best shit
(CZARFACE, Ghostface, CZARFACE, Ghostface)
Yo, man, yo, man
Oh, yo

Ready for action like I was shootin' a movie scene
Rebel lyin' at your highness, star of your groupie dream
Fire fighters struggle to put my flames out
Murder verse workin' your head like takin' braids out
More smoke than the weed man, indeed, man
Even Doc Strange fascinated with these hands
My alma mater from the school of hard knockers
Today's special, grilled medulla oblongata
Like Harold Melvin, I'm always with them blue notes
Rappers get exposed to the waves from standin' too close
When I spray the gift, the pavement split
Such an anomaly, I'm still bein' chased by Agent Smith (Praise God)
Still major in this, still dangerous
Still get the bills in the mail, y'all still paperless
No need for mollys and Percs 'cause I'm already gone
Peaky blinder on, a born soldier like Freddie Thorne

(CZARFACE, Ghostface, CZARFACE, Ghostface)
Yo, man, (CZARFACE) yo, man
(CZARFACE has got the powers and stuff)

[Ghostface Killah:]
Son, I walk through the night with a cat-like vision
Precision, you get smashed like a head-on collision
Only division starts, enterprise, you built machinery
Woo Goo pharmacy, burnin' that greenery
Check the scenery, one point five at the jeweler
Slick like Rick, Rick slick like the Bueller
Chain is off the cooler, charm look like a shrunken head
X-rayed your cheap ass chain, it came out lead
Code red, we settin' off alarms, verbal bombs
First bitch is a floozy, second's a charm
We bear arms, burners like Battlestar Galactica
Prison mentality, we do more dirt than (Attica)
Rahway, Sing Sing, Auburn, Mohawk
Loudmouth niggas get murdered over a phone call
Still gettin' our burgundy and gray on
We colorful like that box of 64 crayons

It's a small island
He's here somewhere
CZARFACE has got the powers and stuff
He could be anywhere on the island or in the island
But I'm going to find him
What happened? He slapped me in the face

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Ghostface Killah Powers And Stuff Comments
  1. Pablo Rodriguez

    Czarface meets deltron 3030......

  2. Louis Low

    I LOVE IT!

  3. Pavlos Pavlidis

    sooooo dope!

  4. Brandon C

    Can someone please tell what that sample is from in the background? It’s bugging the shit out of me that I can’t find it. “It’s raining it’s pouring......the sound of rain?”

  5. pkap617

    Is this Esoteric??

  6. Hyram Gonzalez

    Quick what is the sample from? Not the kids but the VO?

  7. jus jon

    Song is sick but video does not match at all lol

  8. scrs10

    Just the album we needed in this horrible time in hip hop. Amazing

  9. Beat Grinder

    Bomb Thrown! This track is so hot it's lightin' fires in your home, homes! U Can't extinguish this heat... not even with 1000 pounds of liquid chrome... or Mercury... it's so hot, it's almost hurtin me, Freddy. When this album drops, u can bet the farm that I'll be ready... pay for it in kryptonite; you take that instead of credit cards, right?

  10. jus jon

    Yoooo you guys need to do CZARFACE VS the Genius!!!

  11. Capitao Nascimento

    INS straight up murdered that verse. He just gets better and better

  12. Kenny C

    I almost shat myself when I heard "dust brothers like Earth Bet" but then I realised I misheard the line. Yeah, read Worm.

  13. Star Tsar

    I do it on my own you need a clique like BuzzFeed....

  14. Awesomeness4U

    Was NOT expecting a peaky blinder reference but I'm so happy

  15. Timothy Martin

    Dope song should have done a cameo in the vid.

  16. Geoberty Gómez

    I heard Peaky Blinder and Freddie Thorne and I like it

  17. David Gonzalez

    Reason 10000000 why I love underground hip hop

  18. In Sync with the Infinite Tundra

    All we missin is Scarface and that'll be the Hat trick.

  19. Mihael Majetić

    Damn, what a fine verse from Deck!

  20. Diablo TV

    CZARFACE is Top Hip-Hop group for years now, last to hold the Title was Jedi
    Mind Tricks, before that Wu-Tang, before that Onyx, before that EPMD, before them Public Enemy, as I see the history of Golden-era Hip-Hop...

    Maximum Respect to Czarface from Diablo TV and Miami-area Golden Era Hip-Hop Fam...

    Yodie Yuh

    Seems like people forgot about Onyx.

  21. Gang Of One

    Wu Tang Killer Bees!

  22. LongIslandADED


  23. Grand Viceroy

    Damn. That’s some hot 🔥🔥🔥 I just heard. Great stuff.

  24. Timofi Lace

    Holy shit anyone else get that peaky blinders reference?!

  25. Isi Edeoghon

    Dope! "CZARFACE got the powers and stuff😝😝"

  26. Mike Wheeler

    GFK 1 of the best to ever do it! Rides a beat like a bike! True legend! Hip hop cant die bc Wu-Tang is FOREVER!!!!

  27. Abnorm

    Einfach sehr gute Musik, thanks for this amazing music

  28. shmokey341

    Loud mouth niggas get murdered over a phone call. Das a fact

  29. Crystian Alvarado

    Czarface is what we need right now

  30. Crystian Alvarado

    You guys are too underrated

  31. Wesley Joel Clarenbach

    Raw track, love this

  32. Mario Calabrese

    Such a nasty track. I can feel myself getting wet

  33. Look Here

    How can nu school gay rappers even compete

    Eat Cheap Perth

    #wordup G!

  34. GaZm_OG


  35. Barry Jordan

    Really creative!

  36. - Oiduakni -

    That was Ghost?? That sounded like Cappadonna..

  37. 850iStyle

    a ridiculously awful and corny video with great pretense that fails to succeed in any visual way. This video takes away a lot of the toughness of the actual track with its absurdity. A good example would be AZ and 38 Spesh's video "Honest Truth". That is a good mix of illustration and reality. None of the lyrics line up with anything in the actual video we are watching, which would be so much cooler to see than a dog running around town?!

    Sam C

    This is officially the stupidest thing I’ve read all day


    @Sam C you obviously have bad taste.

  38. Michael Branagh

    Outstanding song! Total Dope

  39. Henry Mendez

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  40. Bert Robijns


  41. The Pickle

    Super dope jam

  42. squizzums

    Hope Slick Rick coaches 21 Savage on how not to get deported or that DOOM has a couch made up for him in the UK. The US stay trying to deport British-born MCs.

  43. Dangerz Own

    There should be a franchise for MFU movies too tho on some real shit! Where that DOOM v CZAR movie at?

  44. Kryciss John Quincy Grizzly Sam Adams

    Cza face vs run the jewels.

  45. Kryciss John Quincy Grizzly Sam Adams

    Czus Christ! Eso still got those heavy battle rap bars on deck. "You as genuine as pony... the karoeki version." Rofl. we ain't forgot your days at the Boston Superbowl battles brother.

  46. Dyvo

    God damn this shit claps! Love it. Czarface let’s get some KRS-one or some onyx! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  47. Jay Smith

    rebel I N S

  48. Phil_A

    Could you imagine how the youth would be and how better things would be if the music industry would stop promoting these sissy rappers and get back to the real shit.. even if it is not like this Hip Hop ( as far as the industry) is absolute garbage. I have friends that I grew up with saying Kodak Black is one of the best rappers they've heard that's when I knew something is terribly wrong! There is nothing anyone can tell me that would make me give him or a lot of these other current rappers any type of respect it's good they're making money but as far as the culture the message in every damn thing else they are literally making things worse as a whole

  49. Edward Cranium

    Real hip hop

  50. Tmath

    GHOSTFACE is one of the very few rappers from the 90s that can sound sick af today still

  51. Lord Lucan

    Great album, terrible music videos

  52. landmine lieutenant


  53. chris oseland

    I love that they're doing a project, but I wish they could find a good producer.............

  54. Otaku Desuka

    Esoteric kills it

  55. J Vengeance

    Yo this is epic WU-TANG over everything !!! Stop by my channel if u can

  56. EarthOne UPC

    This deserves more views!

  57. zonkldz LordamianZoN

    Amor Jesús ley hip hop mandato divino Dios rap

  58. James Phoenix

    2:48 I feel like they've played Megaton Rainfall

  59. JiveAt5

    This looks like some fan made shit video, love the song but truly hated the video if I had extra set of hands I would give it 4 thumbs down


    @yo momma luckily we don't, I'll leave all that good tasting to you fella go ahead and knock yourself out

  60. Dmaccabees

    Deck been Nice🔥🔥🔥 I would do a Deck album any day..Peace Ghostface 🔥🔥🔥

  61. Рукопашный Бой в Условиях Невесомости


  62. imnotcalledbob

    This is soo dope
    Czarface vs Dr. Octagon would be unreal


    Never heard of him—what albums do you suggest I listen to first?


    @Cockroach Dr. Octagonecologyst
    by Dr. Octagon (AKA Kool Keith)
    I would also check out Black Elvis/Lost in Space - Kool Keith
    He has so many sick albums under an array of alias' which all intertwine in their stories

    Diablo TV

    Holy shit, you're right, didn't think of that. Good one m8, genius it would be.

    Use your Telepathy Powers brother, send them them the Psychic Signal.

    Mumfnah tha evurliving

    Yeah that would be a great next collaboration.
    Poppa Large

  63. Aneese Hamudi

    Wicked video

  64. Bobby Beretta

    Goddamn this fuckin’ Rocks!

  65. Walrus Life

    That Karma sample though!

  66. trickeynoncrew

    on repeat

  67. Vincent H.

    Any other old school 7L and Esoteric fans from The Soul Purpose here besides me??

    Vincent H.

    @ΒΞΔΝ It's kinda weird how these classic backpack rappers like Eso and El-P are finally getting the props they deserve but it took a collaboration group with a rap legend for them to make it . Just kinda odd .


    @Vincent H. Well I was never much of an EL-P fan until the RTJ stuff, but they both have something in common that held them back a bit from making then. They are both very artistic, and would make some out there stuff. Eso has the voice issue as well. Most common thing I hear from ppl that dislike him is due to the pitch of his voice alone. Eso criminally underrated tho for lyricism alone. He always has some unique creative bars.

    Vincent H.

    @ΒΞΔΝ i agree. I used to hear the same thing about Celph Titled. People didn't like his voice but he's another top notch lyricist as well. Personally I've always loved Esoteric's flow and voice. Only difference is he was slightly higher pitched on the super early stuff and a little faster. I think his writing has gotten even stronger over the years actually.

    Kryciss John Quincy Grizzly Sam Adams

    And let's not forget el p and eso were rivals. Linda trip


    @Kryciss John Quincy Grizzly Sam Adams Linda Tripp was towards Sole not Esoteric. 7700 Year to Date was the Eso diss.

  68. Zero_fux_ Given

    Deck too good

  69. David Murray

    Me & my kids say Czarface Ghostface back n forth since i heard this song 2weeks ago 😂

  70. Chris Ryan

    Pretty fucking dope!

  71. da zurp

    All' about It is fuckin 💥

  72. Beaye Malphas

    South London Represent

  73. Ryan R

    Calm Peaky Blinders ref 😭 havent seen that shit since september

  74. Avant-R

    holy shit this video is AMAZING

  75. Olympian Genesis


    Sam C

    That was Czarface’s mask not DOOM’s

    Olympian Genesis

    @Sam C oh my bad lmao

  76. Trevor Baker

    Super damn dope. Czar, MF, and Ghost need to hook up the world with more dopeness

  77. jbquigley2010


  78. crazyalcayne


  79. Santino -

    That old boom bap...

  80. Brian Grisham

    Ghost flow is stuck on uncreative

    Frank DaGod

    Uncreative? Are you dumb🤦🏾‍♂️

  81. Roll Tide

    Dope!!!!!!!!! Watch out kids this shit will getcha hooked!!!!!

  82. Jack Hedges

    is this scotland? probably london but some bits look like glasgow or edinburgh to me

  83. POP Vulchurz

    Why make a video if the artists wont be in it?

  84. Christian Elias

    illest track on the album

  85. Roh Roh

    OMG this shit is fire!

  86. Harp Dog


  87. Magneto Kwa

    Peace to my boys C and Ghost

  88. Das Solo Syndikat

    lol czarface always with these weird ass videos hehehe i like it

  89. Ayatollah Khomeini